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  1. when is ygopro get links ?

  2. Where can I find the card pictures for the latest YGO Pro

  3. Post a screenshot of the deck in addition to attaching the ydk.
  4. Post a ydk and a screenshot.
  5. Nice!
  6. Hi , I'm new here . Could you show me how to update ygopro percy to ygopro 2? Thank you

    1. AntiMetaman


      Yea you can talk to me on Discord:
      I can walk you through it.

    2. Musicode{


      I go to like the ygo 2 forum and you cant like it anymore... am I to late?


  7. hey im new. please treat me well ^_^

    1. AntiMetaman


      No worries, welcome to DU!

  8. Where is the link or the download for the YGOPRO 2 with the link summoning mechanic? Please respond!

  9. Hi 7oDa! Welcome to Duelists Unite!
  10. To play with a friend, connect to the mercury server. Then type anything for password. Your friend types the same password and then you can duel each other!
  11. Hi MeKenzo, welcome to Duelists Unite! Look on discord for help and support. This isn't the right place to be asking. If you're getting disconnected from the server, maybe something is wrong in the way you're putting in the config. Look on discord to see the right ip address, port, and version number.
  12. Hello Az! Welcome to Duelists Unite! If you need to find people to duel, ask in the discord.
  13. Hi welcome to Duelists Unite root! Enjoy your stay.