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    Demise True Draco

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      Author: potton Event: The 6th Hatch CS Date: 05/14/2017 Participants: 112 Location: Japan Placement: 1st (B-Block)



    YDK: OCG The 6th Hatch CS (B block) 1st place.ydk


    Yet again another True Draco deck tops an OCG tournament. However, this one may seem completely unusual to TCG players as they may notice the Extra Deck is completely unplayable. The strategy behind this is to trick the opponent with regard to what kind of deck is being played. 


    In my opinion, a good tech that this deck would've perhaps appreciated is Domain of the Monarchs. With respect to the TCG, Domain True Draco has shown itself to be extremely potent as it gives you the lock that you appreciate against the current meta and really against links in the OCG which slow down the extra deck game enough to make Domain potentially a meta-level tech to put into True Draco. Locking out the extra can be absolutely fatal to much of the current OCG metagame and fomat with links, especially at their infant state. At the same time, this is a healthy tech to insert as there are plenty of S/T removal in the OCG that the TCG don't have access to.

    I'd recommend running 2 Domains if you want to maximize your chances of seeing it being played while keeping a respectable deck size for consistency (I have a firm belief that for a non-60 card deck, you should keep the upper limit as 43). However, running it at 1 is fine as well.


    What are your thoughts on the deck? Comment about it in the thread!

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