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    Actualy, i think you should try making this deck to utilize soul shave force and Full Force Virus. 

    Force Strix has 2000 def and its dark, full force virus is incredibly destructable, for example it can destroy opponents hand completly, even field, and you will get rid of every monster they draw for the next 3 turns, this means you can basicly kill zoodiac players. since you are going to try getting rid of strix, you can use shave force to go for cyber dragon infinity and further lock down opponent from trying anything else.

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    I'm assuming this is a pure Raidraptor deck which is why the Extra deck doesn't have many of the staple rank 4s that can get you out of tricky situations like Number S39 and Castel. Even Soul Shave Force could get you Cyber Dragon Infinity. I'll try to work with your deck and keep it pure. The primary goal for Raidraptor decks should be to summon Ultimate Falcon and now - Final Fortress Falcon asap. We all know the two card combo which is Last Strix + Rank-Up Magic Skip Force/Rank-Up Magic Astral Force. RR has so many searchers that it is easy to get this 2 card combo within the first 3 turns of the duel if not the first turn.


    I would normally say three allure might be banishing monsters you may need but since there is Final Fortress Falcon and Raidraptor nest, you have enough recycling ability.


    -2 Rank-Up Magic Double Doom Force (Situational and Astral Force is better)

    -2 Raidraptor Call (While you have many multiples and targets, I just don't like to use this card unless the target is in the deck.)

    -1 Raidraptor Readiness (Do you really need this card to protect monsters from battle or damage for one turn?)


    +3 Rank-Up Magic Astral Force (use above for the 2-card combo for ultimate falcon or final fortress)

    +1 Twin Twister (can be used to discard Lanius to search and destroy.)

    +1 Crush Card Virus (there are soo many targets available and this card can be a game changer.)


    There's a lot more that can be done to make this deck competitive but since you want to keep the deck a pure Raidraptor, this is the best I can do. You want to side a 3rd Twin Twister. The weaknesses for this deck are basically Kaijus. Side Mask of Restrict or Fog King for that. I also like Booster Strix which are like Honests and help protect your RR monsters from battle. Something worth siding or considering.

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