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  4. Got the new Structure Deck R: Surge of Divine Light and not sure what to do with EBE? Here’s a deck recipe that you might want to consider! Deck Concept: This deck aims to actively utilise the effect of “EBE” from the Structure Deck: Surge The post EBE & Winged Kuriboh Deck Recipe appeared first on Beyond the Duel. View the full article
  5. Thanks リンク切れみたいです
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  7. This is pretty awesome art work.
  8. The HQ Japanese Card (日本語) 遊戯王画像 – Projects – Duelists Unite
  9. why did you ban me on discord??? come on tell me, all i did was helping people, so why did you ban me? btw my discord is GOD VIMIC PLEASE #8657
  10. uhuh
  11. why did you ban me from the discord??? GOD VIMIC PLEASE#8657

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