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  2. I downloaded the program today and experienced the exact same issue. Any idea on how to fix it, anyone?
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    I looked upon a comment from a recent player that requested the ygopro 2 link and the replies that followed where single letter and numbered replies, I've tried for almost an hour and a half to download this super secret file that nobody is willing to share out.. I've seen others going on about having to dig and replace through files to get it running and the vid above is just the dude playing the game not actually telling you how to install it. There fore, my frustration deems a rating of 'waste of time' And I'll be looking for another program that runs much smoother than this 'chinese whisper' game that hopefully will cull and run this business/program into the dirt ! 8000 dloads... Try more like 800 I believe...
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  6. I need help :c I have a problem with YGOpro 2 and that is when I open the game a gray screen comes out and I can not play please thank you very much for helping me with this problem thanks
  7. [GOD] Gate Of Duel vs (SoS) Sexually oppressed Slaves [GOD] Gate Of Duel vs (SoS) Sexually oppressed Slaves WarBook Link: [Hidden Content]: Double Hearts Clients: Dueling Book Max Subs: 2 per Team Gate Of Duel (10) Montblanc abc04251 Arion Playmaker Pendulum King, Yunta Sexually oppressed Slaves (10) Umbreon/Fallen From Grace lighty Kralj Univerzuma/Akeno Irl Re-Qliate Natalia
  8. Can some one help me? i can not start Updater. It does not open( also try as admin but it does not help).
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