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Official Wars

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Duel against other official teams and go for gold!

War Rules

War Rules

Duelists Unite's Team & War Guide

I.                   Teams

    A.    Creating a Team

1.      Teams must consist of at least 5 members to register for and participate in wars.

2.      Teams cannot exceed a maximum of 13 registered members (including Team Leader).

II.                Wars

     A.    Creating a War

1.      Create a Declaration thread for the team you are warring against.

2.      The Declaration thread must include the following:


·     Insert Your Teams HereTeam A vs Team B

·     Deck Format: Banlist & Card Pool

·     War Format: Hearts (Double); Crossfire (Double); King of the Hill

·     Platform for War: DevPro, YGOPro (Percy), DuelingBook

·     Deadline Date

·    Team A Roster and Team B Roster (Rosters must consist of players registered to your team)


3.   A War God will approve and move the thread to Official Wars after the rosters for both teams have been confirmed.


B.     Default Rules

1.     All wars are 2/3 matches.

2.     All wars have a 15 day deadline[1].

3.     All Wars are conducted using the most recent TCG Banlist Only.

4.    Cards are considered TCG Legal upon their release in any region.[2]

5.  If the banlist changes during an on-going war, the war must continue with the banlist it started with, until finished.



III.             Disputes During A War


A.    Disconnections/Crashes


1.    If a Player disconnects during a match when the score is 0-0 or 1-0 (opponent has 0), then both Players must rehost the game with the player who disconnected surrendering. Then the match will proceed to side deck. All disconnects equivalent to a player losing that duel. The only exception to this rule is when a tournament organizer is spectating the duel and it was evident who the winner was.

2.     If a system crashes a screenshot is required for verification. If no screenshot is provided, then it is treated as a disconnection and Rules 1 and 2 are applied accordingly.


B.     Substitutions

1.     A team can substitute up to two times without approval from the opposing leader. After that any substitutions have to be approved or denied by the opposing leader.[3]


C.    Inactivity

1.   Due to war deadlines being 15 days a match must be played every 3 days. If no match is played both teams will receive an inactivity warning. 24 hours after the activity warning has been given the war will be ended by a War God and the win will be given to the leading team.


D.    Cheating

1.      Any player caught using illegal cards or cheating of any sort will be given a match loss and receive appropriate punishment for their actions. This is at the discretion of the Teams & Wars Staff.



Note: Replays and Screenshots should be saved to in order settle all war disputes. If a dispute occurs and replays are not provided, then it is likely the dispute will not be ruled in your advantage.

IV.             War Formats


Crossfire (Double):


This is a Free-For-All Elimination-type war format where each player has 2 Lives. The war continues until a team has no more available players to war. (Note: Due to this format using multiple lives there are special substation rules. Any player that is subbed out cannot be substituted back in regardless of the opposing leader approves it. Also, any eliminated player cannot be substituted into the war.)


Hearts (Double):


This is a Free-For-All-type war format. In this format there is no elimination or individual lives. Instead teams are given a total number of Hearts times the number of participates in the war. (i.e. 5v5 = 10 Hearts per team). The first team to reach 0 hearts loses the war.


King of the Hill:


This is an Elimination style war format that with an assigned playing order. Each player is assigned a position 1-x (“x” being the number of players used in the war.) The war starts with the players in Position 1 dueling. The winner goes on to duel the player in Position 2, then 3, and so on. Once all players have been eliminated from one side that team loses.



Team A vs Team B

1A vs 1B = Winner 1A
1A vs 2B = Winner 1A
1A vs 3B = Winner 3B
2A vs 3B = Winner 3B
3A vs 3B = Winner 3A
3A vs 4B = Winner 3A
3A vs 5B = Winner 5B
4A vs 5B = Winner 4A
All players have been eliminated from Team B’s team. Team B loses the war.

[1]See Inactivity Rules. Extensions (via request) can granted by War Gods.


[2] If the selected platform has not given released cards their updated TCG-Status, then matches should be hosted under TCG/OCG. However, it is the responsibility of the players involved to know what cards in their deck would be considered TCG and OCG if the platform were updated.


[3] There are special substitution rules for Double Crossfire.


Forced Substitution:


If a player from Team A requests a War Match with a player from Team B and the match is accepted/played, the player from Team B is automatically substituted into the war. The Team Leader of Team B may pick who is substituted out. Note: The Forced Sub is NOT counted toward your 2 Free Subs.

Platform Allowances and Team Limits:

  1. Dueling Book is officially an acceptable platform for wars. Understand that you are playing at your own risk when it comes to disconnections, but all rules will still apply.
  2. Crossfire (Single) has been removed as a War Format.
  3. Team Member Limits have been dropped from 20 to 13.

Wars & Punishments:

DU will operate off of a 2-Strike Punishment System. It will all be categorized under: Cheating, which is defined below.

  1. Using Illegal Cards
  2. Coaching
  3. Multi-Accounting*


  1. Using Illegal Cards is defined as using OCG-Cards in a TCG-Match.
  2. Coaching is defined as conveying to a player what moves to make.
  3. Multi-Accounting will result in 1-Strike and an instant war ban.

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