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  1. Welcome to duelist Unite @Genexwrecker
  2. The PSCT can use some fixing but I like this card quite a bit.
  3. Ozone Live #258 [OCG/Meta] Ozone Live #258 [OCG/Meta] Signing up: Post your DB username in this topic if different from Duelists Unite Name or directly message Zepharos. This Ozone Live will start when we get 8 people or more General Rules: OCG Banlist TCG/OCG Cards [No TCG Exclusive cards allowed] All duels are hosted Match All duels must be hosted without watchers password Deck changing is ALWAYS allowed after a won match Remember that you must be in constant contact with the Tournament Hosts via DB or Discord If you're waiting and you contact your opponent and he doesn't respond in 10 minutes, it's game loss for that opponent. If you're waiting and you contact your opponent and he doesn't respond in 15 minutes then it's a match loss for that opponent Prize: 3 day code
  4. (SoS) Sexually Oppressed Slaves vs DS Dueling Squad SOS vs. DS WarBook Link: http://duelistsunite.org/War-Rules.html Format:TCG Double Hearts Deadline: 21 Days Client:DB/ygopro percy Max Subs: 2 SoS 6 hearts Muda Solemn Kid BenjaminX Ridotz Tidus DS 6 hearts Minato98 ahmed04 yami_king Masquerad Mostfa_itachi Subs: SOS -Mudaman +Zepharos SOS -Ridotz +Johnnyphoenix DS -Mostfa_Itachi +Dark Sasuke22 on Discord Matches Zepharos vs Ahmed04 2-1 Solemn Kid vs Minato 2-0 Solemn Kid vs Minato 2-1 Solemn Kid vs Yami_king 2-1 Solemn Kid vs Ahmed_04 2-1 Johnnyphoenix vs Minato 2-0 Solemn Kid vs Sasuke 2-0 Solemn Kid vs Ahmed 2-1
  5. Alright cool cool good luck everyone.
  6. DU Live War #1 DU Live War #1 RULES TCG Cards only using the current ban list unless specified here :http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/limited/ all matches will be best of 3 if you lose your match you're eliminated from the war. the Host of the war will assign your opponent via thread topic. Use ONLY the simulator designated for the current live war. Do not cheat. WAR INFO AND HOW TO JOIN Simulator: DuelingBook Ban List here: http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/limited/ Live wars take 45 minutes to 3 hours roughly do not join if you cannot be active and free for this amount of time. How to join type: In it to win it. Team A @Gracco -Member 2 -Member 3 Team B -Member 1 -Member 2 -Member 3 Match Line-up @Gracco vs ????
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