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  1. [BC] Bullet Club vs [LC] Legacy Crusaders WarBook Link: http://duelistsunite.org/War-Rules.html Format: TCG Deadline: 21 Days Client: DB Max Subs: - [BC] Bullet Club [2] Hearts Barron [TheOld]R.I.P Qlip's rbf (Akatsuki) Maestro [ Jujuuu. ] [LC] Legacy Crusaders [6] Hearts tjarkvos Jukebox M0N0KUMA Jay Sin of Lion Escanor Subs: Match Ups: rbf 1-2 Jay Maestro 2-0 Jay
  2. Update [10/2/2017] War Format with 2 win cap: Teams now have the option to place win caps on players in a war. If Player A has won 2 matches in a war they will automatically barred from continuing to war in that same war. Any substitution of that player will not reset the win cap even if attempting to sub that person back in. Remember, this is optional with any war format you choose to select.
  3. Current Teams & War Rosters [Season 3] [BC] Bullet Club Barron - Leader Shamzan - Co-Leader [TheOld]R.I.P Qlip's (Akatsuki) Maestro [ Jujuuu. ] rbf Milk blader98 Minato98 [F] Fang KingWolfy - Leader Gamefreak1650 Element Deadliar RalphHibikiKnight (TLB) Team Limit Break Lelouch (Lightsworn Emperor) // (TLB) Leon Soryu - Leader (TLB) Chaos_Breaker - Co-Leader (TLB) Order_Breaker (TLB) MoeFoe (TLB) MoonSet (TLB) Ultra Plant (TLB) Nelz (TLB) Darkness King (LAN) The Lancers Oran Asora - Leader MajesticReaper05 - Co-Leader Jacob Younge CyberAngel Crystal M1ka MochaLove Hatter (OTF) Only The Family KingDeeJay - Leader Heavy Weapons guy ahmed04 KurtCobain-AcMilan BenjaminX Death. Aaron // The Pro Slayer Peter Quercia Zac [BB] Black Bullet [WOH]logan - Leader Trishula~ - Co-Leader ! Kim Kardashian <3 ZirBani Suou Pavlichenko Zondek Lionheart [GOD] Gate of Duel Montblanc - Leader abc04251 - Co-Leader [Shade] xenoburn Lefteris_{Raich}_ aka Raich in DB Playmaker aka ReSTART in DB August 02 Vins [LC] Legacy Crusaders Tjarkvos - Leader Jukebox BenGGie M0N0KUMA Flashandretti Lop Koala Jay [LPG] Lemo Pear Gang NearX / Lee hwak on db - Leader Oscardelahoya / kendrick lamar on db - Co-Leader rip kid no cry Lazerman33 Arc V shun / Yang Xiao Long on db GarryGamer-7 Miralem Pjanic Samoopusteno the ice queen Smiddy topdeckedbls0_0 JR-AndreaZanotti [SF] Society of the Forbidden -SF-Shadic - Leader -SF-Infidel RNG - Co-Leader -SF-Jaden -SF-AloeOfAnathema -SF-Marik Ishtar -SF-GalaxyDevPro -SF-Barbatos -SF-RaceAngelz (TDS) The Dark Side DevilsLettuce - Leader Hashx - Co-Leader BlueFlameAlchemist iryuk Chrolos BCC wring Disturbed planet god pandora (TNT) Team No Teamers Gohan - Leader Nimue Legendary Duelist SurpriseDriveThanatos Zoodle [SOS] Sexually Oppressed Slaves Zepharos - Leader Mudaman - Co-LeaderFallen From Grace cloudstrife189 Tidus YuuchyHongroy Death. ursus N3sh Kralj Univerzuma re-Qliate homeab !lighty (SPA) Sky Parameters Koma - Leader Rize Kamishiro - Co-Leader D5rkUnl0ck3r [SPA] Spawny unnamed senpai Ithi Tennyo Draco {RPZ} Reapers {RPZ} Demonic {RPZ} Ironwind {RPZ} Belphegore {RPZ} Minimania {RPZ} Molag Bal {RPZ} TheBoos2569 Disturbed
  4. Barron

    [BC] Bullet Club

    [BC] Bullet Club »»Bullet Club »» Barron »» Shamzan »» [TheOld]R.I.P Qlip's »» (Akatsuki) Maestro »» [ Jujuuu. ] »» rbf »» Milk »» blader98
  5. In, Barron Trump on DB
  6. Update [08/05/2017] Default Rules: I have updated the actual text to edit War Gods to War Adjudicator & the rule listed in the prior post of this one along with the allowed subs. Also, you cannot sub people who just joined during a war in progress unless the opposing Team Leader approves of it. Forced Substitution: This war rule has be taken off where we don't want people to falsely get into a war and punish people who were a victim of it. Instead, if you purposely do this or impyou'll be getting a strike & potential get a war ban forever at the discretion of the Warring Staff.
  7. Similar to the Creating a Free Agent Thread you'll be using that example there or whichever way you wish to alter it to what you're looking for by your team's standard. Here you'll also describe your team and/or post a link of your Team Hub thread so they get to know your team! Here are some example threads: [GOD] Recruitment Thread [TKD] Recruitment Thread
  8. Hey, so you want to get in on the warring scene here? Come join & bring your teammates to the Battle Arena Discord Server [https://discord.gg/j4pUtPx] In this Discord Server we have all the Team Captains, members & War Staff where we all can communicate with one another. We also keep you up to updates w/ Announcements & Leader board for the Warring Seasons. To get you going with your tell lets start with the following: First, you need to create a team that consists of at least 5 members registered here. The limit of team members for a team is 13 registered members (including the Team Leader & Co-Leader). Then in the Battle Arena Discord Server go to the #officialteams channel and post your roster there and tag a Record Keeper. They'll tag you once they get your roster recorded & your roles will be given. Once that is settled you can create a team thread in the Team Hub for people to see! If you're looking to find more members to add to your team you can create a Team Recruitment thread. If you have any questions you can message a War Adjudicator here or on Discord!
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