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  1. OCG Single Elimination 7/17/17 Hosted by Vanitas Rules: 1.Register here: [Hidden Content] 2.Submit your decklist in .ydk format by pming me, Vanitas on Percy Discord. Your deck is final and cannot change once the tournament starts. This includes side deck. You may re-submit deck up to 30 mins before the start of the tournament. 3.BOTH players must record replays of all rounds and the winner uploads all replays to me in Discord PMs. (Ex. Yugi vs Mai 2-1, Yugi vs Mai 2-0) 4. This tournament will be NON-LIVE. Each round will last 48 hours, and you and your opponent may duel anytime during this period, but the duel must be completed in the 48 hours given. If by the 48 hours the duel is not completed (while you're not dueling), the win will be given to the most active player. Forbidden List: OCG (Most recent available ), Post-Link Format* (If available anytime before the tournament) Allowed : OCG/TCG + Korean exclusives Format: Single Elimination (This is subject to change with the number of participants/extenuating circumstances) Begins: Monday, July 17th, 2017 (5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time) Check-in 30 mins prior on Discord. Duel Mode: Match Location: USA Server, Percy Bracket: [Hidden Content] Discord (Chat here): [Hidden Content], FAQ: [Hidden Content] Participant Cap: 64 Additional Information: Back after a very long hiatus period, but for those who still want YGOPRO tournaments, I am here to grant your wish. Prize pool is TBD, if there will be one, but be sure to stick around at the end for some post-tournaments Board Game Online, if you want. Happy dueling!
  2. Board Game: The Pilot Game It's finally time, the moment you've all been waiting for! BGO! BGO BGO! Here is the link to join: [Hidden Content] Once you've won, stick around for the afterparty so I can get your Discord/DU forum name so I can properly congratulate you. Failure to do so may result in missing out on said dedicated post and potential prizes in the future. There's a entrance cap of 16, so it's first come first served! The link to the ruleset will be down below. Have fun!
  3. Board Game Online Welcome to BGO? Are you ready? Board games are a novelty that most can enjoy, regardless of age. Card games can also be really good, and tournaments/wars can stimulate high levels of play and fierce competition and make for some great matches to see, but sometimes, you just want to relax and enjoy an exhilarating (and sometimes random and wacky) experience in between. Board Game Online is perfect for that demographic, and really anyone who enjoys board games. A good deal of BGO, makes zero sense. In fact, it wouldn't be a stretch to say this game is almost entirely random. You could be using an Improbability device and eat people with Pac-man, travels to the wonderful worlds of Adventure Time, Dr. Who or even game of thrones. You could be traveling through a deadly maze filled with mummies, spikes and walls closing in. You could square off with a cowboy or join up with indians. You could get a visit from Gandalf the White, and you can even travel to the future or the past with no idea where you'd end up. It's a mashup of wackiness, trials and tribulations as you race against other players to reach the finish line and stand on top as the King of BGO. Luckily, there is a bit of strategy to this game, and it's not hard to figure out, but very hard to explain unless you experience the game for yourself, so come do so! You can create an account here in order to get achievements and even host your own private games: [Hidden Content] . Most Board Games will be done via forum, with a post for details and starting time, most likely a registration. Unofficial games, however can be hosted spontaneously, as in right on the spot, same time as announcement. Standard Rules include the following: Regular forum rules are all applied in this section. If any of the rules I point out conflict with the rules of the forum, forum rules take precedent over my rules. Regular Board Game Online rules are the following: Game mode - Classic. Finish Space - 250 spaces. Team Mode - varies with preference, mostly Free for all. Player Cap - 16 (maximum). Action Timer - 25 seconds. Reinforcements - Every 5th round. Disarming - Everybody Disarmed for one turn. Wildcard: Shops - Every 10 rounds. Expert, Survival, and Instant Classes all active. Starting classes are 3 classes. Subject to change depending on what type of game the host decides to do. Board Games may be hosted by the playerbase unofficially, or by any of the staff officially. Whether or not the staff decides to incentivize said games is to their discretion. Let's keep non-board game content out of the board game section please. Make absolutely sure that the game, if making one is PRIVATE so outsiders can't take spots from you. Above all else, this is purely for fun. So let's keep it that way for everyone! Disclaimer: This game contains mild/moderate coarse language, suggestive images and/or themes and violence, to some degree. In other words, this game in particular is aimed for more mature audiences.
  4. I see. Welcome then, fellow veteran.
  5. Start of TCG Highlander

    The TCG Highlander starts this day!
  6. TCG Highlander Format Tournament Hosted by Vanitas Rules: 1.Register here: [Hidden Content] 2.Submit your decklist in .ydk format by pming me, Vanitas on Duelist Unite's Discord. Your deck is final and cannot change once the tournament starts. This includes side deck. You may re-submit deck up to 1 hour mins before the start of the tournament. 3.BOTH players must record replays of all rounds and the winner uploads all replays to me in Discord PMs. (Ex. Yugi vs Mai 2-1, Yugi vs Mai 2-0) 4. This tournament will be NON-LIVE. Each round will last 48 hours, and you and your opponent may duel anytime during this period, but the duel must be completed in the 48 hours given. If by the 48 hours the duel is not completed (while you're not dueling), the win will be given to the most active player. Highlander Rules: 5. This format uses a modified banlist of the TCG banlist in which all cards are limited, with the exception of banned cards. Any card banned in the regular TCG banlist will also be banned in the Highlander. 6. Regardless of if a new banlist is released during the duration of the tournament, we will be using the TCG banlist as of right now for the entire duration of the tournament. 7. Link summoning mechanics, if implemented before the start of the tournament will be allowed. Forbidden List: TCG Highlander Format: Swiss (This is subject to change with the number of participants/extenuating circumstances) Cutoff: Top 4 Entrance cap: 64 participants (Also subject to change. Other applicants will be placed on a waiting list) Begins: Friday, March 10th, 2017 (3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time) Check-in 30 mins prior on Discord. Duel Mode: Match Location: USA Server, Percy Bracket: [Hidden Content] Discord (Chat here): Duelist's Unite Discord FAQ: [Hidden Content] Additional Information: Working on incentivizing this, will be updated if I do.
  7. Skull Servants, interesting. Welcome.
  8. Our mission: We here at Magical Arts are building a monopoly that will change the face of the war scene. We are contracting some of the best and finest young talent we have available, with the continuously exuding confidence that we will define the scene itself and shape it into our own hands, raise our profits and becoming the most prosperous sole proprietor/cooperate industry in all of Duel Monsters. Qualifications: -You are expecting to participate in an entrance exam consisting of a mock duel and 10 question ruling test administered either by myself or one of our esteemed Hiring Agents. Your score and integration into the company depend solely on your score on both parts of the exam. Those with an exemplary score have the chance to become a hiring agent themselves. Failure to take this examination will result in the termination of your application. To apply, PM either myself or Quattro (Myura) for details. Rankings: Janitor - The default and starting ranking for anyone who joins CPU. The lowest overall ranking in the game. Trainee - The second ranking for those who have earned an advancement beyond Janitor. Still new, but has warred and had experience before. Experienced - The third level ranking. Seasoned and regular war competitors fit for any team. All-Star - The fourth level ranking. Truly a war veteran, is a go-to jack-of-all-trades options and fits well on any team. Warlord - The fifth level ranking. A rare breed of war elites that have gone above and beyond the average War duelist. Exalted - The final and highest achievable ranking through warring. Praiseworthy war duelists that have become the face of the company itself. Hiring Agent - Moderators with the task of managing the CPU Discord and hiring potential recruits. Reserved for those who scored outstandingly on the entrance exam. CEO - Quattro. The highest level Admin, moderator, and lead Hiring Agent aside from myself. Second in command of all, and any and all decisions made by the CEO are final unless overruled by me. Owner - Myself. Roster: Owner - Vanitas CEO - Quattro Janitors: Man With Eyes of Blue, Supergodivan CPU Team Discord: [Hidden Content]
  9. Great. Welcome to DU.
  10. Favorite Pokemon in general: Victini, easily. It's one of the cute- I MEAN most handsome pokemon I've seen, it's an all rounder, with a solid base 100 across the board, it can learn the signature moves of the legendary dragons who created an entire region, aaaaand... V-create. V-create, the absolutely dominant move that's so powerful, even resistances don't want to switch in on it. Favorite non-legendary pokemon: Garchomp. As with most people that have come across Garchomp, it's been by a royal thrashing from it at the hands of the famously adored yet imfamously hard Cynthia. Then you get your hands on that first Gible, and you evolve it and maaaan, does this thing work wonders. First of all, it's a fire truckin land shark Dragon! It's literally the apex predator of the sea on land. Secondly, it's got a 600 base stat total, much superior to most pokemon and even some legendaries. It's got high power and speed backed by Earthquake, Outrages, Dracometeors and anything to obliterate the competitions to cinders. Absolutely amazing pokemon and remains dominant regardless of generation. Oh, and it gets a Mega Evolution to boot, which turns those Earthquakes into Hulk smashes, especially in the sand. Favorite Starter: Chimchar. This monkey was clutch during my playthrough of Pokemon Platinum, but also was my first true starter of the Pokemon franchise, since up until that point I had never actually had a Pokemon game (to keep, anyways). Of course, this means my bias might be a bit bigger with this one than any other pokemon, but it IS a favoritism thread, which is asking for bias. Give this monkey a mega evolution. Please. Favorite Baby Pokemon: Pichu. All baby pokemon are pretty bad, but if I had to pick it would be Pichu, since it's easily the most recognizable of them. Favorite Ultra Beast: Nighlego. It possessed a human and turned her into a Dark Super Saiyan. If that's not amazing, I don't know what is. Outside of that, in competitive battling despite this one being just "ok" it's still very fun to play around with. Plus it gets the unique typing combination of Rock-Poison.
  11. Great. We look forward to having a friendly face.
  12. Guide to Kozmos (TCG) Ever wanted to be a pilot and destroy your enemies with multiple crashing rockets in succession? ... No? Well how about if I told you that you can with 2 simple inputs? ... That's the spirit! Now, on with the deck guide. This is a deck that revolves around summoning big, higher leveled Kozmo monsters in general by banishing the weaker ones from the field. The best part about these guys though is that not only can the weaker monsters banish themselves at ANY TIME to summon these behemoths, but almost all of the higher leveled Kozmos, when destroyed can banish themselves and summon a weaker-leveled replacement from the deck instantaneously! Now isn't that neat! The Focus: The goal of this deck is absolute destruction by any means necessary. You use the utilities you have to clear out the opponent's field as fast as possible, then abuse the ever living life out of the Kozmo's banishing abilities to keep a string of attacks going until you run out of life points. It's a very simple, but also satisfying formula to use and is hard to mess up in the wrong hands. Of course, with the increasing pace of the meta and the string of new viable decks coming in with impressive deck speed, Kozmos has trouble keeping up sometimes and getting that opening becomes increasingly harder. But for the most part, it's definitely not impossible and once that opening does come up, it's usually the end of the game in your favor. Key Cards from the archetype: Kozmo is a special case, being that it has 2 mini archetypes of monsters within its own: Pilots and Ships. Pilots are the lower-leveled Psychic-Type Kozmos that you can banish at any time to summon a higher leveled Kozmo, while ships are the big Machine-type Kozmos with the special effects and the ability to banish and replace when destroyed. For this reason, I'll be using these two categories to separate them. The Ships: Kozmo Dark Destroyer : Oh Dark Destroyer, how much you've been spat on by the tournament scene. Yea, despite arguably being the most useful card in the entire deck, TCG has limited you to 1. Still, even at 1, Dark Destroyer is an amazing asset and a must-have for any Kozmo Deck. It's a level 8 ship with 3000 ATK that can't be targeted by opponent card effects and can destroy any one monster on the field when normal or special summoned. It's high power along with its destruction effect sets up for so many combo plays that it's almost ridiculous what you can achieve when you get the chance, which is likely if Dark Destroyer is on board. If you need to play it safe, spamming Dark Destroyer and other ships can help form a powerful force, with fields of monsters exceeding 2.5K ATK each. And to top it off, its destruction gives access to 3 other Ships and all the Pilots. Run this at as many as TCG allows. Kozmo Dark Eclipser : This one is should be run at one, or maybe even 2 due to the hit on Destroyer. With access to Kozmo Tincan and Kozmotown, searching the monster shouldn't be too hard, and since this deck uses quite a bit of graveyard control in later variants, this one won't be too tight of a fit over your other ships. Its effect, which negates the activation of a trap card on the field once per tern by banishing a Kozmo from the graveyard is situational at best. It can have its niches against very certain decks, but it's not really worth it compared to the meta now. In addition, for 1 level higher it not only recieves no attack change from Dark Destroyer (3000), it's one of the 2 ships that doesn't instantly summon a monster on destruction: it instead lets you search for any but one of the Ships and all the Pilots from the deck and add it to the hand, which can ruin a lot of the momentum Kozmos are known for. However, it's untargetable, and with a nice attack stat this thing is still great for keeping big attacks going. Kozmo Forerunner : This is the last of the viable untargetable Ships. Forerunner should be run at 1, though some builds may include 2 to compensate for the lack of Destroyers. It's a level 7 Ship with a 2800 attack stat that once per turn recovers you 1K Life points during your standby phase. Again, it's effect can have it's uses, but with the way the meta is progressing, using it might be a bit of a challenge. Much better than Eclipser's, but that's not saying much. Luckily, it works just like a regular ship, so you can destroy it yourself with Dark Destroyer and use its replacement effect to get extra attacks in or keep field presence and banish the Pilots into this for extra damage. In addition, running multiples (if you are) gives access to Rank 7 XYZs, including Number 11: Big Eye, who is the cream of the crop when it comes to rank 7s. Kozmo Landwalker : Level 6 Ship with 2400 power. This card is mainly good in conjunction with Kozmotown to simultaneously protect your ships and get extra searches. Not much use for it beyond that. Run it at 1. Kozmo Sliprider : Level 5 Ship with 2300 ATK that destroys an Spell/Trap card on normal/special summon. This card is absolutely worth it. First off, it gives Kozmos and option to take care of backrow, which is excellent in a format with Solemns/Twin Twisters, but more importantly, Pendulums. Being able to cut off Pendulum summoning and effects in a great tool to have and Sliprider is that tool. It's got a nice attack power to boot, good for crashing into life points directly when you need it to. You can combo it into Kozmotown, using it to get free searches off of other ships and Pilots. Most importantly though, it gives you access to Rank 5 XYZs, which is arguably the second best XYZ ranking in the game. Volcasaurus, Durendul, you name it and and he can go into it. He can even go into Cyber Dragon Nova since he is a LIGHT-attribute machine, which of course leads to the infamous Cyber Dragon Infinity. Run this guy at 3. The Pilots: Kozmo Tincan : This deck's key card and what gives you access to most of your options. Putting what I said into effect, you can banish this card at any time to summon into a higher level ship, but that's not where it sells. At the end of the turns, you can pay 500 life points to search up to 3 Kozmo cards of any kind, your opponent randomly chooses one, the chosen gets added to your hand, and the rest go to the graveyard. This is where the graveyard control/searching comes in. This card is great for setting up combos and getting the upper hand early into the game, so don't hesitate to use it. Run at 3, of course. Kozmoll Wickedwitch : A Lvl 4 DARK Pilot with 1900 ATK that can, during either player's turn, pay 1000 life points so it can't be destroyed by battle or card effects until End phase. This card can definitely have it's uses and is great as a high powered LVL 4 and protection card. It's also a great option for attacking chain, as it is a LVL 4 Pilots, meaning lower level Pilots like Farmgirl can summon it, and Wickedwitch can promptly summon into a ship after attacking. It's also good for giving access to the ever-powerful Rank 4s, which has cards such as S39 and Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer. This card can be run at 1-2. Kozmo Goodwitch : A Lvl 4 LIGHT Pilot with 1800 ATK. You can pay 500 life points once per turn to flip a face-up opponent's monster face-down. Ultimately, this card is inferior to Wickedwitch. It's attack power is slightly lower, it's ability is less useful, and it has fewer options in terms of Rank 4 plays. However, its effect still has its uses, and it can do the same job Wickedwitch does in terms of chain attacking. Run it at 1, no more. Kozmo Farmgirl : Oh man, how far this card has fallen from grace. This one use to be a staple in Kozmos decks, as landing in attack with one usually meant the game was over. Now that the meta is advancing with strong decks like Metalfoes, Farmgirl doesn't get the opportunities or raw power to get that job done anymore. Simply put, it's a Lvl 3 LIGHT Pilot with 1500 ATK that, when it lands battle damage, you can pay 500 LPs to search for any Kozmo card from your deck and add it to your hand. Any of them. Farmgirl is still a great card when it can get in, but now that things have changed since release and the limiting of Dark Destroyer, it's past its prime. Recommended to run this one at 1, though if you really want to you can run it at 2. Kozmoll Dark Lady : This is a strange one, as it's the only Pilot above lvl 4, meaning you need a sacrifice or a Pilot to call it out. It's a Lvl 5 2200 ATK DARK Pilot, and once per turn during either turn, you can pay 1000 LPs to negate a monster effect and destroy it. Initially, this card wasn't met with much expectation, but it's surprisingly useful. On top of being at Pilot, meaning it can continue chain attacking with 2.2 K under its belt, it's good for field presence, and that negation can come in useful, especially when paired alongside Cyber Dragon Infinity. Run this one a 2, as it has a tendency to clog, but it's a great card nonetheless. Kozmo Strawman : A Lvl 2 Pilot with 500 ATK. It has an effect that lets the player pay 500 LPs to summon a banished Kozmo, albeit with its effect negated and it being destroyed at the end phase. This is a great late-game card for closing out by reviving banished Ships to run over the opposition with high power. The fact that the monster gets destroyed EP means that you can also use the ship replacement effect to maintain field presence. It can also be great for combo plays and getting powerful XYZs out on the field to close out games. How many you decide to run it at depends on how much you think you need. It's a great wild card, so go wild! Archetype Spells/Traps: Kozmotown : RUN AT 3, RUN AT 3, RUUUN AT 3! This field spell is so important it's not even funny. Not only can you once per turn, add one of your banished Kozmos back to your hand (taking damage for that monster's level x100), but you can also reveal and send to your deck any number of Kozmo monsters from your hand to the deck, shuffle and redraw the same number of card. This is vital for controlling and getting access to those banished monsters and is one of the reasons this deck shine. To top it off, when the card is destroyed you get a free search on any Kozmo card of your choosing from the deck. Don't ignore this card. Kozmojo : It's a trap card that lets you destroy one of your Kozmo monsters and NON-TARGET banish one of your opponent's cards. Please use this. Non-target removal is amazing and the destruction effect is negligable and can be actually helpful for chain attacking/replacement. I would run this at 2-3, unless your deck is very solemn-heavy. Outside-archetype options/techs: Call of the Haunted : This card is an amazing option for being able to revive various Ships and Pilots in the graveyard and is great not only for setting up some insane combo plays, but also getting back the units that were dumped by Kozmo Tincan, including Dark Destroyer. Highly recommended that this card is run in any Kozmo Deck. Cyber Dragon Infinity (and beyond)/Artifact Durendel : Great Rank 5 cards that fit well into any deck that can summon them, but especially in this deck. Cydra the infinite is pretty self-explanatory. As a standalone card, it may not work as well as it use to, but its effects are still amazing and when pair with Kozmos can be devastating. Durendel also offers protection to your cards, but also lets you get searches off of Kozmotown, which is a nice plus to have in critical moments. Cyber Dragon/Chimeratech Fortress Dragon : This is mainly either for the mirror match or up against ABCs, Metalfoes and others. It's an ok just-in-case option to have if your ships alone can't do the job, though it's probably best to have this in your side deck, as a back pocket. Honest : In conjunction with Kozmo Farmgirl, there was nothing this combo couldn't get over in the early days of Kozmos. No monster was safe - once Farmgirl hit the searching and chain-attacking began and that game was over. Now that Farmgirl isn't the cream of the crop anymore, every single Kozmo player has dropped this conniving little yellow fairy back down to the depths of obscurity. That's not to say it can't still have it's uses - Farmgirl + Honest still gets over most things, but it's not as optimal as it might've been before. Run this if you really want to. Card Of Demise : Due to the nature of Kozmos abilities and the running of Call of the Haunted, Card of Demise suddenly becomes a lot more of a viable option. You either get a couple of free S/Ts to set for next turn or you get some monsters to use for Call of the Haunted targets. Regardless, it's a great card to give just a bit more in terms of draw power/controlling the graveyard. Kozmo Variants: Fire King Kozmos : The use of Fire King Island to trigger Kozmo effects and search works well enough in the deck that it placed consistently high for a while. I don't play this variant too much myself, but it's definitely one worth checking out, as it's the most successful as of today. Metalfoe Kozmos : Ah, Metalfoes. One of the most splashable, and the best deck to date. There are so many decks you can slap Metalfoes on to make it better than it is. Kozmos work particularly well because they can use their pendulum effects to destroy ships, with leads to setups for a myriad of different options. It's made all the better by the chain attacking and increased XYZ access. Do NOT run: Kozmo Dark Planet : This card is one with the potential to change the game that's just not worth it. First off, in order to summon it in the first place, you have to banish Kozmo monsters from your hand only until their combined levels equal 10 or more, so you're practically guaranteed to go -2 right off the bat to summon this guy unless you're running multiple copies, which would clog the deck. It's a 4000 ATK and DEF untargetable DARK ship that basically has the same effect as Eclipser, except it negates spells instead of traps. Again, an effect with some uses, but not many, though it could be seen as a semi-hard counter to pendulums. The sad fact is that it's a boss monster, which means that it's not that useful, as Rank 4s are very prevelant, and thus so is Utopia the Lightning, the boss monster killer. On top of that, just like Eclipser, this thing does not replace itself instantly when destroyed, but searches instead. Rather disappointing. Kozmo Scaredy Lion : .... No. Just no. Everything about this card, from it's stats to it's effect are lackluster and can't be used for combos or consistency. Stay away from this one.
  13. Sucks to hear, I can relate. Regardless, we sincerely hope that you enjoy the forums and have a better experience than you did with the community from back then. On the flip side, you get to be in the presence of the greatest man in the world.
  14. IMPORTANT - Tournament Guidelines and Crucial Tools Hello there! This is your trusty tournament host, Vanitas, here with a guide for you on how to enter Duelist Unite-hosted tournaments, rules and guidelines when entering/participating in said tournaments and some crucial tools that will make your job (and ours) much easier. My hope is that this thread goes over all the general information needed so that confusion is minimized about what exactly we're talking about and can be used as a reference whenever you get lost. Entering Tournaments: So, you want to be the at the top of tournament leaderboards huh? Well to do that, you need to know how to enter tournaments first. But before you do anything, make accounts on the following websites first: Duelist Unite (obviously) Challonge: [Hidden Content] Discord: [Hidden Content] Making accounts here are necessary to being able to sign-up for tournaments, as most, if not all tournaments will require registration from each. First, post your Challonge and Discord name with Discord number (if you don't know how to get that, look toward the bottom left of your page, which should have your name along with #XXXX directly beneath it, which is your number) in the tournament thread. In the same thread, the host should have put a link to a sign-up page on Challonge, which you will sign up on using your Challonge account. Unless the tournament is given a special gimmick or is explicitly stated by the host that you do not have to send in anything, you must send your decklist in .ydk form to the tournament host through Discord. This is the way you will become a confirmed participant. If you don't complete these steps, your registration isn't complete and is subject to removal by the host. So do us all a solid and get those accounts ready. DU Tournament Topic Rules and Guides: -This should go without saying, but this is a TOURNAMENT section. Do not post non-tournament related content in the tournament section. AntiMetaman went through the effort of making multiple sections for most conceivable topics in other sections, so you should be able to find one to post in. This isn't the place for guild wars, Donald Trump debates or the ever elusive MST negation question. -I know some people have had problems with this already, so I'll get it out of the way. Please don't post your replays on the tournament thread. PM them on Discord or attach them on Challonge. If you post them here, more than likely, it will not be read, and will be forever lost to the winds of time when the thread is locked and moved. Do us both a solid and don't be that guy. -More often than nought, duels have often been ruined by a factor we cannot control: distance. So be sure to read the timezone for when the tournament starts so that you're not missing out on important duels and you can schedule properly. There are plenty of sites, including Google that allow you to convert time in your timezone to time in another, and I plan on putting up a timezone guide so that the process can be made easier. The Tournament: Ok, so you've freshened up, put on your best cologne and readied that fabulous suit, tie and corsage for some lively, rousing rounds of duel monsters, but now you're at the Discord and you don't know what to do. Luckily for you, I'm here to save the day! So, here's a brief rundown of what you can expect at the tournament. For tournament rules, AM has already put up a helpful little guide, so if you want to check that out instead of this section, there will be a link in helpful tools. But basically, In the DU Discord, there is a channel for tournaments. The host of said tournament will make announcement saying the first round of this tournament has begun. This is the time in which you contact your opponent and get to dueling on YGOPRO. After finishing said duel, SAVE THE REPLAYS, then report your win along with the replays to the tournament host/co-host so your score can be recorded. If for whatever reason your replay got lost or you cannot record one yourself, your duel will be spectated live by one of the tournament moderators at disposal. In-tournament Rules/Guidelines: -Replays are needed in order to to confirm your win, so be sure to send them to the appropriate mods. -Obviously, be on time and active to each duel. The tournament doesn't wait for you, you wait for the tournament. So please give us the courtesy of not having to fill out 50+ empty spaces with byes. If the duel doesn't happen within the given time period, the win will be given to the most active player on the Discord/forums. -If for whatever reason you need to leave during the middle of the tournament, have a valid extenuating circumstance or reason for needing to leave. We understand that not everyone has the time to stay committed to the tournament and sometimes other factors may interfere with the process. The only caveat is that we ask you to explain this situation so we can deal accordingly. Quitting for reasons like "I'm bored" or "He beat me bad" is actually pretty disrespectful and won't be tolerated here, and will be dealt with. -Obviously, no cheating of any kind in any form. This includes, but is not limited to, unknown 3rd party tools, backseating or intentionally breaking the rules or misinforming your opponent. If evidence is found supporting any of this, it will result in an immediate disqualification. -Most tournaments will be non-live, but in the rare case it isn't, we will be following KDE's official rules for round length and End of Match Procedure, which there is a link to in the helpful tools section. -All tournament duels are matches, meaning they will be best 2 of 3. -Duel using the correct decklist that you gave to with the correct banlist. If for any reason you are caught in the middle of the tournament using incorrect decklists/banlists for one or more duels, you will be disqualified. Helpful Tools: For getting the .ydk from a replay: [Hidden Content] For getting the decklist from a .ydk: [Hidden Content] As you've noticed, we give our players a lot of the responsibility during our tournaments, so we expect you to use these tools wisely if you suspect any cheaters. For KDE and Non-live Tournament Rules: [Hidden Content] It restates a lot of the points made here, but also has the EOMP, ruling choice and a Swiss Round guide, so that would be helpful to have on you at all times. To become a tournament organizer yourself: [Hidden Content] If you've ever wanted to host tournaments yourself, this article is your best friend. Annnnd that's it! Hopefully you'll be much more comfortable when going into tournaments now. Spolier warning though: I will win them all.
  15. I hope we get along as well. Thanks for joining and enjoy your stay.