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  1. updater will not give new cards

    i understand that they dont post the updates here on the forum but on discord... how crap
  2. Invalid Deck

    did you used odd eyes arc pendulum dragon?
  3. updater will not give new cards

    nobody answer.... i need to know if now updater works or not. Because Odd-eyse Arc pendulum dragon make an invalid deck error and i need also the new link monsters for testing
  4. ODD-EYES ARC PENDULUM DRAGON Bug "invalid deck"

    i have the same problem
  5. Hi,

    i downloaded the leastes versione of ygo pro 2, the version of october 17 with the new banned and new cards. But then, i used the upgrade function and the game returned to the old version with old banned and no new cards. Why this happened? now do i download again 3 gb of the game?!

  6. Hi, in YGOpro 2 i cannot connect to link beta server. can you repeat the coordinates for the connection

    1. Wyrm Emperor

      Wyrm Emperor

      when i try t connect the game tell me: the version number entered does not match the server