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  1. Let me see, I made the Japanese Update files in the YGOProES discord. Therefore you can download the Japanese files and cards from there. but you can also use Ja_177x254 cards for YGOmobile if you place them to "pics" folder.
  2. Yes, you are right but we have to change the way to update. I'm sorry but you can't download the old one. Please tell me in the discord if you have any questions because I'm active there.
  3. Você pode baixar arquivos em japonês a partir do link MEGA em welcome_downloads na minha discórdia. Eu não falo português, então uso o tradutor do Google. You can download Japanese files from the MEGA link at welcome_downloads in my discord. I don't speak Portuguese so I use Google translater.
  4. I am neither an engineer nor a programmer. I am an artist, so I do not know the details. I'm sorry, I can not do anything more. Why not consider using different ADS? Or maybe you should advise from an expert in "help_ruling_bugs" in "YGOPro Percy"?
  5. You should go to discord of "YGOPro Percy" if you use "YGOPRO 1.034.0 Percy Links". The bug is reported there and you can improve that.
  6. ??????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? Discord ? edo9300 ? Steeldarkeagel ?????????????help_ruling_bugs?????????? ?????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. ????????YGOPro Percy?? Discord ??chat_japanese??????????????? ???????????
  8. Thank you for posting my topic about Creation of Anime cards. I'm sorry, but I don't have time to make them in Japanese. I wanna edit Anime cards if I finish my duty. YGOPRO LINK can use them which texts written in English. I'll inform you to start Japanese Anime Cards when my work is over. Jam Balaya
  9. Yu-Gi-Oh series 10 HQ Japanese image 9347 cards "Structure Deck: Master Link" (SD34) updated ! Added Japanese translated file & Beta images for KoishiPro , G2Pro , MyCard , YGOProES 1.034.2 Mobile , YGOPRO 1.034.0 Percy Links & YGOPRO2 1.6 ! ??? ?10??? ??? ????? ? 9347 ? ??????????????????????(SD34) ???? ! KoishiPro ? G2Pro?MyCard?YGOProES 1.034.2 Mobile?YGOPRO 1.034.0 Percy Links?YGOPRO2 1.6 ??????????????????? ! DISCORD 1. Update Log / ????? 14/07/2018 NEW! Add new cards of SOFU to Beta cards. / SOFU ???????????????? Add new cards of CYHO to Beta cards. / CYHO ???????????????? Add "Orphegor Orchestrion" to Beta cards. /??????????????????????????? Add "Cyber Dragon Nächster" and "Bearrier" to Beta cards. / ?????????????????????????????????? Add "Kaminari Summer Vacation" to Beta cards. /????????????????????? Add "Gravekeeper's Esper" to Beta cards. /????????????????? Add "Sky Striker Maneuver - Vectored Blast!" to Beta cards. /????????????????????????? Add new cards of SOFU to Beta cards. / SOFU ???????????????? SD34:??????????? 18PR:??????????? ? Notes on "Cyberdark" archetype / ????????????????? We are changing "Cyberdark" archetypes for use "Cyberdark Claw" effect in YGOPRO 1.034.0 Percy Links. Please note. YGOPRO 1.034.0 Percy Links ??????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????? 2. Full card images / ?????? : 12/07/2018 NEW! 177x254 Recommend for YGOPRO 1.034.0 Percy Links and YGOProES 1.034.2 Mobile / YGOPRO 1.034.0 Percy Links ? YGOProES 1.034.2 Mobile ??? 322x433 Only for YGOPRO2 / YGOPRO2 ?? 3. Update date of each folder / ???????????14/07/2018 NEW! BetaCards 14/07/2018 The prelease card images are updated in BetaCards folder. / ???????? BetaCards ????????????? cdb 14/07/2018 cdb folder has Japanese "cards.cdb". / cdb ???????????cards.cdb?????????? config 12/07/2018 config folder consists of "strings.conf" , "system.conf" and "translation.conf". / config ???????strings.conf???system.conf???translation.conf??????????? deck 13/07/2018 The latest pack recipes are in the deck folder. / ?????????? deck ??????????? 4. The way to translate YGOPRO2 into Japanese / YGOPRO2 ?????????? 5. The method to translate YGOPRO 1.034.0 Percy Links into Japanese / YGOPRO 1.034.0 Percy Links ?????????? 6. The procedure to add Japanese cards to YGOProES 1.034.2 Mobile / YGOProES 1.034.2 Mobile ??????????????? 7. How do I use these pics in YGOPRO / ??? YGOPRO ??????? : 8. Japanese Cards Samples / ?????????? : 9. Credits / ?? :
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