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  13. Ozone Live #135 Signing Up: -Post ''in'' followed by your Dueling Book username. -First 8 players will be added to the tournament. General Rules:: -Failure in starting your match will lead to the winner being the person who was less inactive. -You must follow the June 2017 Banlist [Hidden Content] -This tournament is TCG only. OCG cards are NOT allowed in this tournament. -Changing deck is ALWAYS allowed in an unlocked tournament. -Cheating or any form of unsportsmanlike behaviour will lead to disqualification or further appropriate action -Disconnection is a game lose (NOT a match lose) Overview: -Format: TCG -Siding: On -Deck changing: Yes -Match: On -Disconnections: Game loss Thanks to our donation team for sponsoring this live! The prize will be a 3 day donation code
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