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  1. Anime Banlist Discussion

    OK here they are, i will post the full lists including the cards already posted above. I will attach a zip containing the lists of currently forbidden, limited cards, and lists of the cards listed below all in ydk (deck) format. Also added lists of good cards that can be reason of discussion (again in the zip in in ydk (deck) format). Also again bugs that are currently on the lists (updated). ==bug== ==Anime Cards to Add to forbidden list== =Anime Cards to add to Limited/Semi-limited= ygopro anime banlist.zip
  2. Anime Banlist Discussion

    Thanks for the notice, i have done further researches, and i have posted on official forum of ygopro, but if needed i can repost here the lists. Just let me know.
  3. Anime Banlist Discussion

    Hi everyone, premised that actually no one cares of the anime banlist* , i have done some research about cards that can fit here. Also reporting some minor bugs about cards that appears in current list. Also sorry for the english. *(because i see no one using that, for some reason everyone that plays custom anime deck must draw 20+ cards x turn, summon immortal monsters or let you without anything). From Unlimited -From Banlist to Banlist -"Bug" reporting More to come (probably). Also would like to know a way to make this list be more used. My Best regards