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  1. sup... don't eat me please.
  2. hatman? How do you respond to this?
  3. Nice to meet you to Big. ???????????
  4. The Play, A Gust, Duel the Blue EYES. "So how is it," a girl with blond hair, golden eyes wearing a shrine maiden outfit asked the silver haired girl who was standing on a small pedestal. The blond moving around the girl fixing every small imperfection she saw on the yukata. The yukata itself consists of a black color with a red dragon running from the bottom to the top of the coaler. A blue bow on the back as well as one on the left hand. Before Adeza could speak the blond spoke out, “it needs one more thing. Don't move, OK!" The golden eye girl turned to the door and walked out of the room. "Sarnia can really get into her work when she gets going don't you think." A girl knows as Minerva walked in. She also had on the shrine maiden outfit as the other girl. “You do look cute by the way, a little too cute. I might just steal you away!" Holding her hand so that the silver hair girl could use it to step off the pedestal. Doing just that Adeza stepped off. "I don't think she would like that very much." Adeza spoke out as she looked at herself in the mirror on the wall. The mirror the size of the wall reflected the entire silver hair girl in the new yukata, her blue and green eyes almost glowing with the black and red color on the yukata. Minerva was right she did look cute in the outfit she had on, almost like she was a different person, Adeza thought to herself. "I'm back!" The blond girl named Sarnia walked back into the room with a red and black dragon hair pin in her hands. "Adeza, can you sit down so I can do your hair" Adeza sat down on the pedestal in front of the mirror. "This will look really nice on you." The girl said as she did the girls hair, picking it up into a ponytail and attaching the black dragon pin to her hair. "Did you guy here the news; they say Seto Kaiba of KAIBA CORPORATION will be coming today. He will be at the Kaguya Dance this afternoon as well. “The blond haired girl stepped back. “All done!" "Good work Sarnia, as always." Minerva looks at the silver hair girl. "So Seto Kaiba you say. Well then that just means we have to do our very best this afternoon won't we, my little princess?" Minerva walked over to the door. "Now get changed, both of you can have some time off until the Kaguya Dance this afternoon. Don't go too far though; and don’t forget be back before six. That should give you some time to get ready before the Dance starts." "You’re not coming with us." Adeza replied with a said look on her face. Sarnia just giggled, "it ok little princess, you'll still have me to keep you company." Taking off the dragon hair pin off Adeza’s head. “Now go get dress, and meet me outside, I be there in a bit." "Now get gaining, ok." Minerva said. Adeza go up from her set, and walked out of the room and down the hallway. Both girls looking at the silver haired walking away. "So, what do you think?" Minerva asks Sarnia once the silver haired girl was out of the room. "Don’t you think Adeza has been acting a little stringed since the other day?" "Now that you mention it, she was spacing out a lot lately, more than normal if anything." Sarnia said, now at the door herself. "Well I got to go, don't want to leave the princess by herself for too long." She smiled “don’t worry to about it too much, she probable nerves about the dance. You know her; she'll tell you about it when she feels like it. Well see you later." Sarnia walked out of the room. Minerva with a worried look on her face smiled. I hope you right, and I'm thing about it too much she thought to herself before walking out of the room. Out in front of the temple it was livelier than normal, the sun at its heights for the day. Store vendors were out in full, games and food till the eye could see all the way thought the temple path and into the streets. It was a sight to see, and for good purpose. Funding form the feasible brought in most of the source of income for the orphanage. At the front of the temple Adeza stood by one of the dragon statues, her silver long hair let loose only a part way and was tied by a blue bow near the base of her neck as the rest just fell freely. She wore a one-piece light blue dress with a pair of blue sandals, as well her cards, she had them in a black deck box that had a black cord so that she could hang it around her. It was a nice gift she had gotten from the brown haired girl. Adeza rarely wore anything else other than her usual shrine maiden outfit. But this time was special, she had some time off. Thinking to herself about the other day; and the talks she had with the Chaos Dragons. When the Eclipse wyvern appear before her stunning her for a bit. "Do not be scared little one" it Spock out, "and do not worry, they cannot see Me." he said once he saw that the girl was looking around. "What is on your mind my master? The larger dragon was right, no one even notice that he had appeared. Adeza who was now somewhat calmer. "It's nothing, just space out a bit." She said, "It’s just, no never mind." Looking around one more time just to see if her blond friend would show up around the corner. "Um... Eclipse wyvern, is it ok for me to use you guys in a duel? You guys are real duel monster cards right? Then why were you guys locked within the temple?" She spoke out, a little more seriousness tone in her voice. The Dragon chuckled, or what seem like one. “Yes, yes we are real duel monsters, I can assure you of that, and we are the Chaos Dragon. Do not worry about where you found us or how, just know this, you are very special." The red dragon now standing on top of the dragon statue when the blond girl came walking around the corner. “I’m here. Princess, I didn't take long did I." The blond hair girl now standing in front of the silver haired girl. "Adeza, earth to the princess." She continued, Adeza still with a daydreamer’s face on her and only after a few seconds did she snaps out of it noticed the girl she responded. “Oh... Sarnia I'm sorry I didn't see you there, “with a stun look on her face that she was trying to keep covered up, thought she could never do so.” I'm ready to go when you are. "Sarnia move to huge the silver haired girl, “You’re so cute when you do that" Acting like everything was normal, she didn't want to get into a kind of conversation with the girl, it was there time off, and they rarely get time to slake off. She didn't want to spoil it with talking about that. “Ok! Let get going princess." Sarnia now holding the girl's hand pulling her through the crowd of people. “I have some where special that I want to take you to, you'll love it. I know you will." As the two girl walked by the crowed of people they made their way to an open area. The silver haired girl stood in awe, there was a duel going on; not just a duel but one using Kaiba Corps new duel disk. The silver eyed now with a brighter look on her face could just stand there as the projected duel monsters did battle. The golden eyes girl let out a small laugh. “What?” Adeza replied. “What is it, what’s so funny?” “Nothing much.” The blond spoke out, pulling the girl along with her through the crowed. Adeza could only follow as she was being guided by her friend. “Let’s go somewhere less crowded.” “Where are we going?” Adeza pleaded. Once the girls left the crowd the came to a stop, to Adeza’s surprise they were at the back of the temple. The blond girl now standing across the girl. “So how about a friendly duel, you seem to be a bit out shorts lately. So I was thinking that a nice duel would help you out.” Sarina asked as she pulled out her deck from her bag. Setting her deck on the old tree stump that they use whenever they dueled. “So are you ready.” The girl a bit confuse couldn’t pass up a duel. So she did the only thing she could do at a time like this, she pulled out her deck and set it on the make shift table setting down in front of the golden eyes girl. “Was I being that obvious about it?” The girl asked with as small frown. The blond quickly moved to huge the smaller girl. “Oh you! You’re just so unbelievably cute, I think you might just give me a heart attack one of this days.” “No please don’t,” the silver haired girl quickly spoke out “I mean.” Adeza now flustered, she wasn’t very good at handling jokes like this. She would reacted too quickly and stumble on her words. Not knowing want to do next she returned the blonds huge. “I’m sorry, it’s just you're so cute. I can’t help but tease you every now and then.” The blond return the jester. “I won’t be going anywhere any time soon so you don’t have to worry you little head. Now let us begin our duel.” Both players drew their opening hand and with a quick rock, paper, scissors game the duel began. Elsewhere, the priest of the temple, or orphanage, was preparing to receive a very important gest, Seto Kaiba himself. “Hurry!” He ordered the shrine maiden about. “We have to get this perfect; Sir Kaiba is a very important gest we cannot get this wrong.” He continued, when suddenly one of the shrine maidens called out. “Mister Kaiba has arrived.” As Seto Kaiba along with the priest walked about followed by a couple of shrine maidens made their way around the temple. Discussing little things here and there. Kaiba himself not paying too much attention to the current discussion made there was around to the back of the temple; where the two girls were playing there game. When he made a sudden stop which was a surprise to the head priest in deed. With the group now at a standstill, everyone fell silent. But before anyone could muster any words a group of kids came into view, two males and a female. They seemed like they were enjoying them self. You could hear the female talking about how one of the males destroyed his opponent in a duel. The other boy would go on to how his opponent didn’t have a chance in the world. The group came to a stop when one of the boys, the one who the other two were talking about spoke out. “What this? Playing on the ground what losers.” He laughed the other two followed shortly. Both girls turned to look at the group who seemed to come out of thin air. Sarina the golden eyed girl looked a bit annoyed. “Who are you? You’re not from here and cannot be hear, this place is for staff and us only. Get out!” The girl spoke out now on her feet. The boy just laughed at the girls, he was having fun. The duel from before was too short and boring. He needed something more, something that could quench his hunger. “What’s this, you’re a little fire cracker. How about you two come with me and I could show you a real duelist.” The boy was boosting like he owned the world. Adeza no on her feet as well could only stand behind the blown. She was too scared to speak. But her friend was in danger. What could she do, they were much older than they were. If only she had power, then she could teach them a lesson. Please anyone help she thought to herself. That is when it happen the Chaos Dragons with in her took over her body. Her green eye turning gold “Then why don’t you prove it in a duel? Show me how much of a duelist you are.” She asked. “YOU! What’s a forgotten trash like you think they could talk to him like that? You’re no one…” The second boy shouted only to be stopped by the other boy. The head priest quickly tried to step forward but was stopped by Kaiba. “One moment, I wish to see how this plays out” Kaiba insisted. The priest could only think to himself what in the world could someone as important as the CEO of Kaiba Corporation can be thinking. “Why not, I’m always in the mood to trash want to be duelist. Oh! But where is your duel disk, you’re a real duelist you should have one or are you too poor to afford one.” The boy kept ranting “Don’t waste my time rejected.” The girls could only stand there speechless, he was right. They didn’t have a duel disk let alone a full deck to play with. The cards they had were old cards forgotten long ago. What could they do against someone who was a pro duelist? “Real Duelist you say. Don’t make me laugh.” A voice could be heard. The group quickly looked around. Kaiba pulled out a brand new duel disk from his brief case and presented it to the silver haired girl. “Take it.” The girl could only stand in awe. Who was this man? Why would he give her a duel disc? So many questions ran thought out the girl's head, but that would have to wait for another time. She had the power now, the strength to fight. Quickly placing the duel disk on her arm she prepared herself. No one could bring themselves to do or say anything as event unfolded I front of their eyes. Sarina was quite puzzled, she knew who this man was. She had seen him on the television. He was no other than Seto Kaiba, but that raised a bigger question. Why was he helping them? “What wrong now girl.” The man in a white and black coat spoke. She looked up to the man then back down to the duel disk on her wrist. “It… It’s telling me I don’t have the right amount of cards to play” she replied. “You don’t have the total cards to play, this is just too funny” the boy laugh out. “How many do you need, answer me now girl” Kaiba asked the girl. “Only three more sir” Adeza regrettably answered looking back down at the floor. “Good, then you can use my three cards to complete you deck.” The man pulled three cards from his coat. “Now go show that punk how strong you are.” The girl looked at the cards the man had just handed to her. She could not believe it. They were three Blue-Eyes White Dragons. “Now then let the duel begin.” Seto Kaiba spoke out once more. Adeza with a completed deck position herself in front of the boy. “Get all the free cards you need, you could never beat me.” The boy boosted positioning himself a good distends from the girl. “I’ll go first.” The boy drew his first card. The area glittered with lights form the now activated duel disk, as if they had entered a new world. “My move, I summon Zure, knight of dark world to my side of the field.” A black knight appeared with a blue cape and metical blue sword in hand. “Now I play Dark world Dealings, with this card each player draws one card, then each player discards one card.” The boy called out as he drew his card. “Now I discard my Grapha, Dragon lord of dark world, but there's more. With my Grapha now in the graveyard I can use his special effect by returning my knight to my hand so I can special summon my Grapha from the graveyard now rise my monster.” Just like that the blue knight vanished and a much larger monster took its place, this one much more terrifying. The large black dragon made its way to the field its body black and covered in metallic looking armor. “I end my turn. How about that ready to quit yet girl.” “No way had he summoned a monster with 2700 attack on his first turn.” To the blown girls surprise. What can Adeza do to that she thought to herself? There’s no way? She doesn’t have a monster in her deck that has that many attack points. Adeza drew her next card in silent. “I summon my White Magician Pikeru in attack mode.” A small girl with pink hair and a white dress with pink symbols all around it appeared. “Don’t make me laugh. What’s that thing going to do to my dragon with only 1200 attack” the boy replied. Adeza didn’t bother to answer she just played her next two card Trail of the Princesses and One-shot wand raising the little magician's attack to 2800 attack points. “What, what’s going on is that duel disk broken? How did that monster's attack raise to 2800. That’s impossible.” Everyone observing the duel had the same exact questions. Well except for kaiba. Sarina on the other hand remembered that Trail of the princesses and One-shot wand both had an attack boost when equipped to a spell-caster monster, 800 to be exact for a total of 1600 attack point boost. Her monster was now more powerful. It could destroy the dark world monster and destroy it did. “No way” The boy shouted out. ”You’re going to pay for that.” The boy’s Life Points dropped to 3900. “My turn is not over now that my monster destroyed your monster. My One-Shot wand second effect actives. By destroy itself, I can draw one card.” The silver haired girl drew her card. “And since my magician destroy a level 5 or higher monster I can use the effect of Trail of the princesses to tribute my Pikeru to special summon Princess Pikeru.” Adeza’s monster vanished in a bright light only to be replaced by a monster that looked almost the same, just this time she had a staff on her hand and was accompanied by a small seep looking animal. “I lay on card face down and end my turn.” The girl finished off. The boy’s friends were shocked, how did she pull that off. “It’s my turn now. So I draw and summon my Zure, Knight of dark world. Once more I use my Grapha special effect to return my Zure to my hand to special summon Grapha from my graveyard.” The oversize dragon appeared to the field once more. “Now I play my spell card Dark world lighting, this card lets me destroy your face down card by discarding one card. So I discard Renge, gatekeeper of dark world. Your card is no more just like your life point will be.” Adeza’s face down card was destroyed. “That thing is back; so quickly. It was just one turn ago that it was destroyed, and without the boost of her spell cards that monster is now the strongest one on the field.” The golden eyes in sock. “Yes his back, but I’m not done yet. Now I play Card Destruction, this card has both players discard their hand and draw the same number of cards they sent to the graveyard.” Both players discarded their hand and drew new cards. “Now I play Gates of Dark World which raises my monster's attack points by 300, making his attack 3000. Now Grapha attack her monster.” With only 2000 Attack points the little girl’s monster didn’t have a chances. It was destroyed and Adaza took 1000 points of damage. “I end my turn” the boy finished off. Adeza’s LP 3000 Boy’s LP 3900 Adeza drew her next card. 3000 attacking monster, no monsters in my hand. What do I do? She tough to herself. “You know what must be done girl” A voice in her head rang out. It was them the duel monster spirits within her deck. She looked back at her hand. Soul Release the card she drew. How fitting that this was the card she pulled. Just as the card text said, she had to release her soul. The air around the player suddenly became darker, the heterochromia girls green eye turned a golden color. A gold so bright it almost blinded the boy’s vision. “First I play Soul Release banish 5 monsters from the graveyard, and the cards I pick are the 3 Blue-eyes White Dragons and 2 more monsters.” All five monsters were banished. “You don’t scare me, you’ll never win, play all the useless cards you want.” The boy cried out as if he was scared. “Play my cards I will.” The silver haired girl whispered. “Now come forth my continuous spell Temple of the Kings.” She cried out in a much higher pitch voice, as if to command the card by just her will alone. A large temple sprung forth covered in darkness with a black altar in the center. “This spell lets me activate one trap card the turn it was set, and so I set on card face down and use my temples effect to activate Return form the Different Dimension. By paying half my life points I can special summon as many of my banished monsters as possible.” With a gust of wind three Blue-eyes White Dragons descended onto the field. One could only stand in fear as if the dragons themselves bent to her will alone. The on lookers all stood in awe, this little girl did the impossible, she brought out not just one, but all three of the legendary dragons. Kaiba himself was a bit amused, he was no stranger this kind of play style, it most surely peaked his interest. Now what will this little girl do. “Now I play Graceful Dice this card let me roll a six sided die to gain attack equal to the result by 100.” A pink little monster took the field with a blue die. Quickly tossing it on the ground rolling a few times before coming to a stop, the result, a six. With that the dragons attack changed to 3600, more than what is need to destroy Garpha and the reminding boy’s life points. “Now Blue-eyes destroy his dark world monster along with his life points, White Lightning attack.” The three dragons attacks almost simultaneously ending the duel. (This chapter was harder then I thought, the duel was fun to write though. Well once again let me know what you all think.)
  5. Hello there, Kwata, that's hard to say sorry. Thanks for the reply. You're my first person to reply and that make me happy, I hope you have time to check out my fanfic over at the fanfic area, and tell your friends.
  6. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX the Chaos Dragon Princess. Chapter 1: A day, the odd Orphan Shrine Priestess, The Chaos Dragon’s (1 years ago) Summer hot days, on the outskirts of Domino city a young girl by the name of Adeza live within the Dusty old temple walls. With other children, the temple doubled as an orphanage. There she and the other children live their lives under the care of the shrine priestesses of the Temple. Near the back of the temple two girls are playing a card game, by the name of Duel monsters. With large Cherry blossom trees all around, a duel was taking place. The girl with an azure looking blue eye on her left and a deep forest green on her right; her silver hair extend to her waist as she wore a traditional red and white miko, or shrine maiden outfit. This looked a little too big for her. She calls out. “I Summon Luster Dragon in attack mode and lay a face down. Then end my turn" "OK, now it's my turn, so I draw a card." A girl with blue eyes, shoulder length reddish brown hair dress in the same outfit as the first. “Now I summon my Fairy's Gift in attack mode. I also equipped my monster with One-Shot Wand to raise its attack points to 2100 Attack." She smiled. The silver haired girl, with a look of amazement jumped up from where she was sitting. "Now my Fairy has more attack then your Luster Dragon monster. Fairy's Gift attack Adela’s monster." The silver haired girls Life point dropped by 300 points, which Adeza subtracted from a piece of paper that both girls were using to keep scour of the Life Points for the game. "Now I use my wands second effect, by destroying it, I can draw 1 card." The girl drew a card. “I end my turn," she spoke out. Adeza drew her next card, "First I activate my Pot of Greed and draw 2 cards, now I activate my trap card A Rival Appears!, by selecting your face up monster I can special summon 1 monster form my hand that has the same level as the selected monster; So I special summon Divine Dragon Ragnarok from my hand. Now I play my field spell card Mountain. “Adeza played the Mountain spell card then shifted her sitting position.” Now I sacrifice my dragon to summon Luster Dragon # 2, and equipped him with my spell card Megamorph. When my life points are lower than my opponent's life points the original attack of my equipped monsters is doubled, making my dragon's attack 4800. With my Mountain field spell, my dragon's attack points raise even higher, to 5000 attack points. Now my Luster Dragon # 2, attack Fairy's Gift." Minerva, the second girl, the one with reddish brown hair sat in shock. "That was an amazing play Adeza, my life points are now only at 400." As she looked at Adeza. "What... why do you have that look on your face." She moved back a bit. “Reilly, what is it." Adeza now smiling at Minerva's actions. "Oh it nothing, I just activate my Dragon's Gunfire. I can only activate this card if I control a face up dragon type monster; I inflicted 800 points of direct damage to my opponent's life points." Minerva's life points now at zero. "Your luck with Duel Monster is impressive as every my little princess" Mainerva stood up as Adeza blushing at her friends comment. "Now come, we have worked to do. We better do it before the priestess finds out that we were playing and not working." Adeza nodded in agreement and stood up. Both of them pick up their cards and place them in an old worn out box. “I’ll go put this back in our hiding space and you go get the cleaning supply's." Mainerva said, looking into Adeza's hierogamy eyes. One eye a deep forest green that you could just get lost in the mystery within it. The only thing stopping the Trans was her other eye, an azure sky blue eye; with a mystery of its own. Adeza now walking back to the temple with a bucket of water on her right hand and a couple of rages on her left. Thinking to her about the duel. The day was already late in to the afternoon she thought, they were only supposed to take a few minutes on their brake. Which turned into a duel that lasted quite a bit. She turned the corner of the temple passing the hallway over to the main room where she walked in to other children cleaning. They were busy away cleaning the floors, windows and may dragon looking statues. Yes it was another normal looking day, there were even people looking around at the children, this was an orphanage after all. Adeza pad no mine to it and continued walking pass everyone. Once she got over to where she was cleaning before and placed the bucket of water down she stated to clean. That was when Mainerva came in behind Adeza tacking the poor girl from behind, Mainerva being taller than Adeza easily toke hold of her. "You look so cute today, just like Cinderella.” Mainerva whisper in her ear. Setting the girl down. "It’s time to eat my little princess” Adeza now standing towards the taller girl with her head down looking very red on her face. "Kay, Let me just put the cleaning supply's up and I'll be right there." She turned away from the girl; picking up her supplies and walking away down the hall to where other kids were at putting away their supply's as well. It wasn't long of a line, most of the kids had finished. Once she was done, she continued walking down the hallway every now and then looking to the outside. It was a good day she thought to herself. Minerva watching Adeza walking away thought to herself, "why is it that she is only herself when she is dueling." The tall brown haired girl walked towards the dining room of the temple. Passing by others she smiled, stopping every so often to say something. At the table with her meal she sat looking for her friend, when she spotted her, she called to her. “Adeza, over hear" The silver haired girl looked at her friend, with a plate in her hand she walked over to the red head. Siting at the table they began the prayer before dinner. The meal had ended; dishes were being washed by the other children. As Adeza and Minerva walked over to there to their room, which they shared. “So my princess ready to go to the baths with me." The blue eyed girl asked. She had already picked out the outfits that the two would have on afterwards. Adeza lying on her bed looked at the girl, her face red once more. No matter how many times the taller girl said it. She would always blush when it came to her. At the shower which looked like a traditional Japanese bath house, had one large hot spring style bath and near the front where several shower heads with a place to sit on. Minerva washing Adeza’s back asked. “Are you all set for next week’s dance?" The taller girl asks, as she continued to washing the silver haired girl. “You know, it's going to be great." The red head smiled. “Kiyohime or Purity Princess. Is a story about a princess who fell in love" Adeza blush with the words; Minerva continued. “She loves a young priest. After he rejected her, she went to studied magic, and transformed in to a gigantic dragon, killing her lover... Oh! What a sad story." Adeza with a sad look on her face smiled at Minerva. The next day was a cloudy one, Adeza wearing the same red and white outfit she wore yesterday. At the back of the temple, she walked up a hill over to where a secret Dragon Shrine was at, you could only find this temple if you pass the main shrine though the back and up a few steps that look like they would go on forever. Only to yelled to an opening in the tree line. She was sent there by the Shrine Priestess to pick up some supplies for the festival next week. The Dragon shrine, not big in size was still something to see. Its presents calling who ever might come across it. A large dragon at the center surrounded by stones about half its size, which made a good place to sit on. She thought to herself that it was an amazing site to see. "What is my life's propose? Why am I here? Where will my life take me?" All this questions and no answers, she thought. “Is it power you desire?" a weird voice out of now where rang out. "The power to choose you own path, your own DESTINY." The voice continued. Now sounding like it came from the large Dragon statue. Adeza a little frighten replied, “who are you? Where are you? Show yourself." Out of the grayish dragon statue came out a dragon spirit. "It is I, Eclipse Wyvern," A white dragon with two wings, black spikes running down its back, red scales covering some of its body looking like fire all around it. “Do you wish for power?" It asked once more. Adeza now somewhat calmer then she was a second ago spoke out. “You..." She stumbled on her words, the red dragon looking right in to her two different color eyes. "Are you a duel monsters spirit?" She asked. "YES! Yes I am." It announced proudly. "Not just any spirit, but a Chose Dragon Spirit. I am one of seven; we were the guardians of this temple long ago." The dragon now on the floor its wings spread out. “So what will it be girl?" “Yes" She answers without a thought. “I mean..." “Very well, but first you must beat us in a duel." A new dragon appeared out of nowhere. This one with fiery orange hair and blue green in color; all around its body silver armor covered it's body, almost like its bonds where on the outside, protecting itself. “I am Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End" It spoke out. “I will be your opponent." The Dragon who calls itself Eclipse Wyvern now with its head down to Sybille respect. Adeza without even realizing it pulled out her deck, she had pick it up from her hiding place hoping to come up here and look at her cards. Something she did often when she had some time to herself. Out of the ground a rock came up in front of the girl, it’s just about the size of a playing mat. It even had what looked like carvings on it to symbolize where her deck went and other positions, like the monsters zones, spell and trap zones. Even a place for the banish zone. "This well be simple, I will be your opponent. My life points are my attack points, if you are able to summon a monster with higher attack points then me, you would win the duel. If I am to decrease your life points to zero before I am destroyed. I would win the duel." The Second dragon announced. “Now let the duel began" Adeza drew her five cards. 'Let’s see I have Megamorph,' Adeza told herself. 'But how do I know if my life points are lower than his life points,' she thought. 'But that does not matter I have a Mirror Force with me, this duel is over. Mirror Force destroys all attack position monster your opponent controls when they declares an attack.' “First I draw, and then I lay one card face down. Now I summon Baby Dragon In attack mode." With Adeza surprise a small yellow dragon with green eyes appeared out of her card. "What!!! My dragon came to life." The girl steeped back a few steps. "Not to worry it will not attack you" The red and white dragon spoke. "It is here to protect you; all of the monsters you summon will come to life and fight to the death for you." "It’s still your Turn." "OK then I ends my turn" Adeza still a little confused. "That it is." With a loud Rorer the dragon move it wings “Then say good bye to your Baby Dragon" The dragon who calls itself an Emperor, attacked the small yellow dragon. The small dragon's wings so small that it look like it would not be able to fly with its own power let alone due battle with a large fierce dragon like the Envoy of the End. "Then I activate my trap card, Mirror Force." Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End's attack hit an invisible wall. "This duel is over," It bounces the attack back at the dragon, and when the dust steeled the lager dragon still stood. "His still there, but how, “Adeza now a little more confused than before. "Like I said, you must summon monsters with higher attack points than me. I will not be destroyed any other way." The silver armored dragon replied. “Now I believe it is your turn now." Wiping its tall around. "Then I draw a card" Adeza with a disappointed look on her face. "I summon Divine dragon Ragnarok in defense mode and move my baby dragon in to defense mode as well. Then I end my turn." "What a disappointment, very well then I'll attack your Baby Dragon once more" With that Baby dragon was destroyed, leaving just one monster to protected Adela’s life points once more. "I guess it’s my turn, so I draw. I activate Pot of Greed and draw two cards" Adeza drew her cards. “I use Polymerization; to fusion Divine dragon Ragnarok with my Lord of D. to fusion summon King Dragun in attack mode." A large golden dragon with a white spiritual looking fur around its neck and black wings appeared on to the girl side. At the same time Adeza right eye began to glow from its original forest green into a bright golden color. Adeza felt different, like she was under control. Suddenly she could see the answer to her victory. Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End looked over to Eclipse Wyvern. Mentally hinting to the smaller dragon, that she was the one who they have been looking for. “I see it. My victory!" The girl said out loud. Breaking the two dragons from there gaze. “Now I use King Dragun special effect, once per turn, I can Special Summon one Dragon-Type monster from my hand. So I summon Luster Dragon #2 from my hand." A second lager dragon appeared; one with deep green color and stood on two legs. "Then I use the spell card Gift of the Martyr. By sending one monster on my side of the field to the graveyard. I can select one monster on my side of the field. It gains the attack of the monster sent to the graveyard until the end of this turn." Luster Dragon #2 roared as it disappears. "I send my Luster Dragon #2 to the grave. My King Dragun attack is increased to 4800 attack." The golden dragon grew in size, becoming the size of the dragon she was dueling. "Attack my dragon." Adeza spoke out. King Dragun attacked Chaos Emperor Dragon, his attack hit the large dragon. Once again the dust settled, the Emperor dragon still standing once more. The girls’ monsters vanished in to the air. Adeza on the floor breathing heavy, her green eye back to normal. "What just happen?" "You've won the duel." Eclipse Wyvern spoke out, with what looked like a smell on his face. "Yes you certainly did" Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End replied. "Now as I promised, the power you won is yours." In front of the girl Severn Duel Monsters cards appeared, Lightpulsare Dragon, Drakflare Dragon, Eclipse wyvern, Darkstorm Dragon, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End, and the Five-Headed Dragon. "With the Seven Chose Dragons; you will have the power to defeat any enemy, no matter how strong they are." Adeza stood in awe, with the Chaos dragons now in her hands. “So what now, what do I do?" She asked the two dragons. They talked for what felt like a really long time. “We will be with you, when you need our help, we will be there." The smaller red dragon said. “Now, sometime has passed, so you should get going. Humans will start to look for you if you stay to long." Both dragons dissipater in to the cards the silver haired girl had in her hands. She placed them in to her deck and counted her cards. She now had 37 cards, only 3 more to go for a full set. Getting the supplies together she went back down the path only to find that Minerva was standing at the paths exit. She did not look to happy. Minerva walked over and embraced her." Wear where you, when I was told you went to get supply I thought that it would be a quick task." She looked in to the girls eyes. "I'm ok, I just sat down to rest for a bit and lost track of the time." Adeza said looking up at the taller girl. “I have the supplies; I should really go turn them into the others." She spoke out. Minerva let go of the girl with a worried look on her face. "Kay then, but don't take too long my little princess. Sarnia has your yukata ready for you to try on." Adeza walked away towards the front of the temple. Minerva new she was lying to her, but why? What was that light she saw before? And why could she not go pass the path towards the Dragon shrine? It like something was stopping her? Well its ok for now, at least the girl was safe. Thinking to herself as walked back to the temple. (UM... well let see what should I put here? First things first. What do you guys think, is it good? I hope so. I've been working on this for some time now but never got around to posting it anywhere. I thought of putting it on fanfic but didn't have the confidences to do so. So when I found out about this website from a yugituber .I said why not, and boom here it is. Well I do hope you guys like it and any comments on it are a plus. Thanks for the future.)
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