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  1. Custom Orica decks for sale

    Custom Orica decks for sale Offering 100% high quality plastic customizable backs (other then the images show) both backs and fronts of the decks available in both in the more yugioh size 2.25x3.5 and the magic size 2.5x3.5 various styles Note these are meant for collectable or a cost effective bulk alternative for proxy deck thus not meant to pass for the real thing 72 card deck:[Hidden Content] 54 card deck:[Hidden Content]
  2. Example of a DOR board with Grid Zones
  3. Duelist of the Roses Style Modern Format ruling Each Player can only Set/Summon/Activate 1 card per turn. (This significantly slows down the gameplay and combos compared to TCG/OCG. Decks like Paleozoic or Trap heavy decks would be affected by this a lot, so I think in order to adapt it for current gameplay, Spell and Trap Cards should not have a limit of 1 card per turn.) Fusion Summon can be conducted without Polymerization if a Player has the correct Fusion Materials in their hand. (If this rule existed in TCG/OCG, it would break the game as it is even better than Contact Fusion. This rule was something unique to DOR. However, DOR was invented a very long time ago before Synchro's and before all of the different kinds of Fusion support we have today. Hence, to adapt it to current gameplay, we have to remove this rule.) Each turn, you get 3 Summoning stars which can be used to Normal Summon monsters that otherwise would require Tribute. (This rule was developed in 2001 because Tribute Summoning during that time was not easy. In the current game, we have sufficient support for Tribute Monsters such as the new Monarch support. Hence, this rule will be removed for the modern adaptation. Also Tribute summons like normal summons default around Deck Leader/Master.) Each Player can only control up to 5 Monsters and 5 Spells/Traps (not including Pendulum Monsters activated as Spell Cards or Field Spell Cards as they have their own zones) at any time. You can change the battle position of a card the same turn it is Set/Summoned (including Flip Summon) (This ruling would be too abuseable with multiple modern archetypes) Once per turn, during your Main Phase: You can move (either hostile or non hostile) each card you control to an adjacent unoccupied Card/Grid Zone (not Card/Grid Zones that are diagonal to it) and if you do, you cannot change that card's battle position. You cannot move a card that has already changed its battle position. During the battle phase monsters may also move but not spells and/or traps all attacking moves must be done during battle phase, any monsters that get an additional attack during the battle phase may make non hostile moves additional instead. Monsters that can attack directly must be on the same file in line with the Deck Leader and have a move left to make (example additional attacks) You can only Set/Summon/Activate a card in an unoccupied Card/Grid Zone adjacent to your Deck Leader. All cards can be set in Defense or Attack position. (and if necessary should be validated) Monsters Special Summoned using a non-Continuous Spell or Trap Card are Summoned in the Card/Grid Zone where the Spell or Trap Card was activated (ex. Monster Reborn). Monsters Special Summoned using their own effects (where nothing leaves the field) are Summoned to an unoccupied Card Zone adjacent to your Deck Leader (ex. Level Eater, Speedroid Terrortop, etc.). Monsters Special Summoned from a card effect (Monster, Spell, or Trap Card) that does not leave the field are Special Summoned in an unoccupied Card/Grid Zone adjacent to the Monster(including diagonal Card/Grid Zones) whose effect was activated (ex. Tin Goldfish) or in the same Card Zone that the Monster previously occupied (ex. Kaibaman). At the start of the Duel, each Player selects 1 Card from their collection; that Card is treated as their Deck Leader and is placed in the bottom-most center Card/Grid Zone as a direct attack Deck Leaders cannot be Tributed or destroyed by battle. Deck Leaders are unaffected by all card effects (except ones that mention the deckleader). The Main Deck must be at least 40 cards after selecting a Deck Leader. If a an Equip spell is activated, activate the effect of that Equip Spell Card and place it underneath that monster. (This does not count as an Xyz Material and can still be destroyed like a normal equip and counts towards spell and trap limit. An Xyz Monster cannot detach an Equip Spell Card. To differentiate this, one can optionally tap (put in Defense Position) the Equip Spell card when it is attached.) Monsters may only attack/move cards in adjacent Card/Grid Zones (not Card/Grid Zones that are diagonal to it). If a face-down Spell or Trap Card you control is targeted for an attack and is flipped face-up: You can activate that Spell or Trap Card if its activation conditions are met otherwise the spell or trap is destroyed (Similar to the anime version of Magical Hats.) Monsters must be in adjacent connected Card Zones when used as materials for a Synchro, Xyz, or Contact Fusion Summon. The Special Summoned Monster is Summoned in a CardGrid Zone that a material previously occupied. Fusion and Ritual monsters are Special Summoned in the Card Zone where the Ritual Spell or Fusion Spell (ex. Polymerization) was activated. (Contact Fusion is when monsters can be Fusion Summoned from sending the materials from the field alone (ex. Gladiator Beast, Ritual Beasts, etc.). In the original DOR, Ritual Summon could be done from sending materials from anywhere on the field and the Ritual Monster would be summoned on the Card Zone where the Ritual Spell was activated. Fusion Summon could happen without Polymerization directly from the hand. Even though each Player is only allowed a maximum of 5 monsters, it would not make sense to Synchro or Xyz Summon using monsters from anywhere on the field.) You cannot move a continuous spell and/or trap the turn you activate it or normal spells or traps that stay on the field (This ruling made little to no sense and leaves monsters able to act as mobile MST's) Ranked up Monsters gain a movement after they are summoned and are summoned on the previous ranked Monster. Monsters or any cards movement by another card effect (example senet switch) are not counted as having moved on their own Pendulum Summons default around DL/DM Card effects that affect spell and trap and/or Monster card zones zones (example: Ground Collapse) effect Grid/Card Zones accordingly (unusable for any card to pass over) but do not affect the spell and trap limit or Monster limit. Monsters that can attack multiple monsters at once or per turn may do so if they have not moved (or can attack multiple times via effect) during that turn otherwise and may remotely attack monsters. These are the basic rules. Note that the rules in red were removed and the ones in green were added. All other rules can be used as normal without affecting current game mechanics.
  4. Duelist of the Roses Style video matches Here are some DOR style videos from my channel the first one a TableTop Simulator playlist The second one a real life play list if you enjoy like and sub to the channel (keep in mind the game play is "modern" DOR which means the rules have been adjusted according to the the currently established rules on the forum)
  5. You dont really sounds like you want pendulums in the first place the question is dedicated zone not whether you personally like them
  6. I have debated back and forth with AntiMetaman about said topic whether there should continue to not be dedicated Field Spell and Pendulum Zones in DOR. My argument is primarily that field spells and pen scales are separate mechanics from other spells and traps and monster zones and should be treated as such in DOR accordingly. So to resolve this debate I came up with the idea of voting asking those interested in DOR what their thoughts were regarding that. Use separate Zones for Field Spells and Pendulum Scales like in the original TCG/OCG such as shown in the picture below: Allow for Field Spells to be activated as Continuous Spells on any Card Zone and affect the adjacent Card Zones (like the original DOR). In addition, Pendulum Scales can be activated on any Card Zone and a Pendulum Summon is performed on Card Zones in between the two scales in the same row or column. This is what the field would look like: