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  1. Tungnon's First UNOFFICIAL TCG Tournament - Top 4 Decklists. 1st Place - @JoJoToast : Magician Pendulum Magician 1st.ydk 2nd Place - @Heavy Weapons Guy : Magician Pendulum Magician 2nd.ydk 3rd Place - @Azura Priest : Harpie Harpie 3rd.ydk 4th Place - @Indefinately Screaming Skull : Cyber Dragon Cyber Dragon 4th.ydk
  2. THE TOURNAMENT IS FINISHED! Thank you for partcipation! The top 4 are: 1st Place: @JoJoToast 2nd Place: @Heavy Weapons Guy 3rd Place: @Azura Priest 4th Place: @Indefinite Screaming Skull Check out this link for detailed result Click here if you want top 4 decklists! ============================================================== Tungnon's First UNOFFICIAL TCG Tournament. (Non-meta) Welcome to my first UNOFFICIAL TCG tournament. While this seems to be normal tournament, I try to avoid unhealthy meta game and support for diversity. Hence certain cards are not allowed in this tournament. Here is the list of participants. 1.DanPDG#2535 2.JoJoToast#5027 3.Scorpion#7087 4.Azure Knight#8639 5.Deadshot099#1056 6.714JAY702#4627 7.KatsCaps#4106 8.Azura Priest#8608 9.{TBH} North#2847 10.AlphaKretin#7990 11.Sayfeddine#4115* 12.Nine#0588 take Sean's place! 13.Kuro#1097 14.Indefinite screaming skull#6479 15.The Friendly Rodenut Mk-II#1731 16.Unyu#0119 Players whose are crossed out are disqualified because they didn't send me deck list. ---Tournament Settings----- Banlist : 2017.6 TCG BANNED ARCHETYPES : Zoodiac, True Draco BANNED TYPE: Dinosaur Allowed cards: TCG/OCG Tournament Format: Single Elimination ---------------------------------- Rules 1.Read Tournament setting carefully. Unable to follow it causes you losing by default. 2.In each round you need to win 1 MATCH DUEL. Each round has 24 hours and you need to contact your opponent by yourself. The list of opponents will be provided both here and in challonge. 3.You need to be in YGOPro Percy discord server in order to registration. 4.For registration, you need to register by DM Tungnon#0236 in discord. 5.After you register, you need to DM Tungnon#0263 a decklist in discord to let me check validity before the tournament starts. If you don't DM to me before tournament starts, you will be disqualified. 6.Attempt to cheating by changing card in middle of tournament or by other mean will make you disqualified. 7.If you are disconnected in middle of duel, you will be disqualified. This is not counted however if you have proof that it is server's fault you will rematch with the remaining time. 8.Read number 1-8 again. They are very important. 9.If you have a question, please make sure read the whole thing thoroughly then you can ask me. Click here for challonge link! Note: Dragonic Diagram is BANNED Thank you for your participation.


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