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  1. We don't need an updater anymore as the client auto-updates as soon as you open it. The updater is now obsolete.
  2. Nicely said. Very well researched and detailed.
  3. AntiMetaman


    By clicking online, going to the right server and typing 'ai' in the password. Everything is explained in the faq on discord.
  4. AntiMetaman

    Card Images

    The original original art? That's private. You can get the card pics for free though.
  5. Guest

    I don't know how to download YGOPRO2.

  6. Guest

    hey man i'm trying to download your project "The Ultimate HQ Project" but the link is broken could you fix the link? thanks for your time have a good day!

  7. AntiMetaman


    There is no updater yet. A future version will have the updater but for now you have to update manually. If you downloaded the latest version though, there's nothing to update. You just gotta get the pics yourself.
  8. Version 1.6


    Requirements At least 2 GB of RAM (game uses 800 MB) Register to download: http://tiny.cc/duregister Demo: Features Read Steiner - Ability to go back in time during a duel to see previous actions. Monster 3D Projections Scaleable UI (card pictures, field, etc.) Replay system (ygopro 2 replays never crash including old ones, can convert to ygopro 1 replay, can play ygopro 1 replay) 3D animations for attacks, summons, and other miscellaneous (can be toggled on/off) Ability to look at graveyard, banished zone, and extra deck at any time. Supports New master rules and can connect to Gideon server Changes All Chinese translated to English 100%. (ex. side deck, rock paper scissors, end of duel saving replay) Works with 32-bit Windows Offline AI removed (It doesn't work. We will try to add windbot as an option in the future). Card Log removed (this was obstructing the duel screen and it is unnecessary info.) Pendulum 3D effect fixed (Used to work in previous version but stopped working after Links.) Deck Lists upon hovering over deck during duel removed. (This is too much info. In real life players should remember cards and cannot write down anything. Otherwise it is considered cheating.) Strings fixed (Sometimes when card effects were activated, words would appear cut off.) Credits Froge / Miaowu / lllyasviel (Main developer) Fluorohydride / Argon Sun (Developer of YGOPro) KeYongYu, DailyShana, Edo9300, VanillaSalt (collaborators of ocgcore) IceYGO / Maxou (YGOSharp, Windbot) Snrk, wSedlacek (updater) AntiMetaman (pics, artwork, closeups, textures, translation, pack and language databases) Khris (compilation, tweaking, translation) Gideon (Gideon server) Mercury (Mercury server) Lord of Nightmares, Juan-K, deisuke, Tea82, Aire/Ace (artwork, closeups) Future Goals & Projects Fix offline AI (windbot) and Puzzle Mode Add Anime cards (core is already able to use anime cards, but option to filter by ot is needed in deck edit) LAN mode (Currently ygopro 2 can connect to a LAN game using ygopro 1 as the host) Add Music Everest (Ranked server based off Mercury server with deck statistics) YGOPro servers you can connect to:
  9. AntiMetaman


    Hi welcome to DU! Enjoy your stay. Keep a lookout for tournaments and try to join one.
  10. AntiMetaman


    Hi welcome to DU!
  11. Because you're using the offline ai.
  12. Well the rules are mostly common sense. Welcome to DU! We do have a card making section on the forum. Feel free to post your cards there. If they are good, they can be selected to be put on the Gideon custom server.
  13. AntiMetaman


    Hi welcome to DU!
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