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  1. Cardfight Universe! Tag Fight Rules(And How to Set them Up!) Welcome to Cardfight Universe's Tag Fighting Guide!(I will Explain the Rules and How to Set it Up!) If you are wondering what this is click here: [Hidden Content] DISCLAMER(TAG FIGHT RULES WERE ABANDONED BY BUSHIROAD FOR YEARS SO I STRAIGHT UP MADE CUSTOM RULES IGNORING THE ACTUAL RULES OF CARDFIGHT VANGUARD G, THIS IS A CUSTOM FORMAT, NOT THE ACTUAL GAME.) Rules(I have based these rules on what they go on about from the anime and Bushiroad's actual rules have not been updated so i just recreated them for GFormat._ The team that reaches 9 damage in total first will lose the fight. The fighter who starts last can attack first. The turn is a Zig-Zag Team will fight in pairs. Player with the Highest Die Roll Goes First(Then it will go by LackeyCCG's Order) Fighters' opponent is the one directly in front of him/her. So fighter can only attack the one directly in front of them. Partners can guard and pay the cost(s)(And by Costs I mean ALL COSTS, Including Certain Cards from hand such as Heal Triggers and Stride Fodder) for their partner but cannot attack during the other member's turn. When guarding for your partner, you may NOT use Intercepts. Unit skills only affect the player and his or her opponent (for example, Silent Tom can be blocked by a Grade 0 from your opponent's partner). This also affects perfect guard units. However, skills that apply to all fighters, like Eradicator, Tempest Bolt Dragon and Dark Cat and Neo Alter Ego Messiah can affect the partner and the opponents partner as well. Players may pay the cost for Generation Guard for their allies. But Cannot Use their own when their ally is being attacked as the Generation Guard Specifically Says it Guards Yourself. If you and the Opponent you are directly facing have Grade 3 Units, you may Stride, even if the other 2 players don't have G3 Units. Generation Break is not Shared between Allies. How to Play Tag Fights on CardfightUniverse! The Host of the Game needs to set the Game to 4 Players to Declare that the game is a Tag Fight After that go each player fighting goes to Preferences/Appearance/Tableviewingandplaymatpreferences and clicks Browse Table Playmat Images Inside the Browse TablePlaymatImages pick the Playmat named TagField.png and then the default TagField Layout will pop right out for you! In LackeyCCG Players in Seats1&3 are Team1 and Players in Seats 2&4 are Team2 After you are done just go back to Table Viewing and Playmat Preferences and Select the DefaultPlaymat as your playmat again That's the end of the Tutorial Have Fun!
  2. Cardfight Universe! for LackeyCCG How to Install and Play Welcome everyone and welcome, after weeks of hard work. I am proud to present a new simulator for Cardfight!! Vanguard. I decided to do this as the other fanmade simulators for LackeyCCG on Vanguard have died down and haven't been revived in 3 Years so I decided to step up and take the plate. If you are looking for players to play with or want to reports bugs for this simulator, please join our discord server! Lets have our community grow! [Hidden Content] We will also report new updates as they come out on universe! AutoupdateUrl: [Hidden Content] Discord: [Hidden Content] 16 Step Guide on How to Download/Use Cardfight Universe! Step 1: Head Over to [Hidden Content] and pick one of the versions to download. Step 2: After you are done downloading, head over to your downloads folder and unzip lackeyccg. I suggest using Winrar or 7Zip: [Hidden Content] Step 3: Open up the LackeyCCG.exe file in the LackeyCCG Folder that you extracted Step 4: After you load into LackeyCCG, Look on the Top Tabs and Click on the Plugin Tab. Step 5: After Getting into the Plugin Tab, Copy this link and press Paste AutoUpdateURL: [Hidden Content] Step 6: Now it's time to add the plugin into LackeyCCG, Click the Automatically Check for Plugin Updates Button so that you can be prompted whenever Cardfight Universe gets a new update and to download the plugin, click the Install or Update from URL and wait for it to finish downloading. Step 7: After the Plugin has Downloaded you are now Prompted to Load the Plugin, if the prompt doesn't show up don't worry click the browse installed plugins to load one button and click CardfightUniverse and it should load the plugin as well! If the log shows any errors by some chance, just repeat steps 5 and 6 again. You can also download all of the images at once or you can have them download one at a time when you look at the card, it's up to you. Download speeds are very fast so I wouldn't worry too much about this. Step 8: The Deck Editor is Very Diverse in Lackeyccg, there is a number of filters ranging from text, clans, sets, and names, as well as a search bar for which you can use to search for card names, if you look up top in browse you can see that there are a bunch of pre-made trial decks and competitive decks for you to try out and play! Step 9: Now we are going to learn how to connect to each other! First Click the Server tab or Preferences Tab. Now it's going to ask you to put in a custom name so pick out your custom name and save your player profile. Step 10: Head back to the Server Tab and Click Connect to Game Matching Server to connect online to other players. Step 11: Now when you are connected you should be in LackeyCCG's Server Browser screen. In this screen you can either Host a Game or Join another Player's Game, be sure to check that they have cardfightuniverse as the plugin otherwise it won't let you connect to another game. You can host games in the default settings as well. Step 12: Now you are in the Actual Game Screen of Cardfight Universe! You don't see your deck right? Don't worry i'll show you how. Click on the Deck Editor tab on the top. Step 13: To load in a deck, select what deck you want to play in Browse and press Load Entire Deck to you in the middle to load the deck onto the game board. Step 14: Your Deck is Now Loaded, In Cardfight Vanguard in Lackey, the Starting Vanguard actually has its own deck slot so you should click on that tab and select your starting vanguard by left clicking it. Then by right-clicking on the card you can turn it face down with the flip option. In LackeyCCG cards are moved via drag and drop just like tabletop simulator. Step 15: Almost Done! I'll list some Highly Important Features while i'm here. To read card text press ~ to bring out a pop up text pop over the card. All Japenese Prerelease cards have text provided for them so that you can read the cards mid game. Right Clicking a Card lets you stand,flip,rest,placecounters,or move a card to the deck via a popup menu. There are a load of button commands ranging from the basic commands of Cardfight!! Vanguard including standing, soul charging, binding and more. All of this is listed in the readme file. You can open up the log to open a bunch of other useful commands like shuffle and draw5. Step 16: To update your program just click on the recenturls and find the cardfight universe url. if you clicked check for updates then the program will prompt you to update when a new update is out. Otherwise I will mention new updates in the Discord Server as well. Sorry for a stretched out guide, some people may need it honestly. Thanks for sticking with me till the end. All released cards that are revealed will be updated into the program with 1-6 days. Have a Great Day and Enjoy the Program!
  3. Cardfight Area for Cardfight Vanguard(Full Step Download Guide) Here's a guide to download the fanmade Cardfight Simulator Cardfight Area. Im putting this for future reference, if anyone wants it feel free to follow the guide below 1. Head over to [Hidden Content] 2. scroll down all the way to the bottom until you see something that looks like this [Hidden Content] 3. Click on "Full version" it will send you to a download site, from there just hit download. 4. downloaded will default be put into your downloads folder. 5. [Hidden Content] after using this handy dandy video to download and install winrar to your pc, 6. locate your folder containing your downloaded vanguard rar, the folder should look something like this [Hidden Content] 7. all you have to do is double click on your vanguard RAR file, it should open up and look like this. [Hidden Content] 8. KEEP IT OPEN, BUT DON'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT NOW. 9. from there, all you want to do is make a new folder on your desktop, or somewhere you can access quickly, and call it something like "vanguard" here's an example [Hidden Content] 10. open up that folder and bring up your now opened rar folder so that you can view both folder and RAR file, like in this picture here [Hidden Content] 11. from there all you want to do is highlight everything that is in the RAR file, and once everything is highlighted, drag them into your new vanguard folder. here is a GIF for that sequence, if you need to see it, [Hidden Content] 12. Once you drag it, it will take a minute to transfer everything from the RAR file into the vanguard folder. Let it do its thing, once it's done your folder will look like this [Hidden Content] 13. double click on Vanguard.exe or right click and open, you will open a screen like this [Hidden Content] 14. click on the big "CONNECT" click ok on all options, except for your nickname, change that to whatever you like, you will then see a screen like this [Hidden Content] 15. all this is, is choosing a sprite as your character. Once you select one, you can register and login with this screen directly afterwards [Hidden Content] 16. once all that is done all it is is your arrow keys to move and you are ready to play cardfight vanguard.
  4. Tiger's Roar Chloe!(Submission for Custom Card Contest) Tiger's Roar! Chloe Earth Atttribute/TranceunionType/Link/Effect Attack 3000 Link - 3 Effect: 1 Logicalist-Type monster + 1 or more Foriegner-Type monsters. Once per turn: You can target 3 face-down banished cards; shuffle all 3 into the deck and if you do, this card gains 1200 attack for every card linked to it. If this card leaves the field, banish it face-down and if you do, return 2 face-down banished cards back to your hand, except for “Tiger’s Roar! Chole”. Card Artwork by Bushiroad(L&L)
  5. Dueling Nexus - How to Add Custom Backgrounds! Code by Siren! Hello everyone Iceshade here! Im here to give you all a quick guide on how to install a Dueling Nexus background. This will only work on either Firefox or Chrome! First Search for the Stylish app on the chrome web store or firefox store Install/Add it Go to [Hidden Content] and search for Dueling Nexus rr After you've done that a Selection of options will be available for you to pick from, pick one that you like, for this i'll pick my own. Install it Now head over to Dueling Nexus Click Manage Styles and Enable your installed style And there we go it's done! How to Change the Background: Go to edit the file Edit the Url that is pointed in this image, KEEP IN MIND THAT IT ONLY WORKS IN 1920 x 1080 size pictures. Well that's all for me, don't need to do a guide for chrome as all of the steps are very similar piece by piece. Stylish can be used for multiple browsers and I bet people will create multiple more styles for you to pick through in the future! Good Luck
  6. Custom Starter Deck: The Soldier's Fierce Soul Experience the true power of Ritual Summoning with the Black Luster Soldier! Use Gaia the Fierce Knight and Curse of Dragonfire to Scare your Foes and Show your True standing as a warrior! Deck List: 1x Gaia the Fierce Knight 1x Black Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier 1x Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight 1x Lord Gaia the Fierce Knight 1x Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight 1x Arisen Gaia the Fierce Knight 1x Infernal Curse of Dragon 1x Skilled Blue Magician 1x Gaia, the Polar Knight 1x Gaia, the Mid-Knight Sun 1x Envoy of Chaos 1x Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands 1x Beginning Knight 1x Evening Twilight Knight 1x Sphere Kuriboh 1x Kuriboh 1x Clear Kuriboh 1x Super Soldier Soul 1x Black Luster Soldier 1x Black Luster Solder - Super Soldier 1x Pre-Preparation of Rites 1x Reinforcement of the Army 1x Fissure 1x Swords of Revealing Light 1x Terraforming 1x Super Soldier Ritual 1x Super Soldier Origin 1x Black Luster Ritual 1x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Scapegoat 1x Enemy Controller 1x Spiral Spear Strike 1x Ascending Soul 1x Gateway to Chaos 1x Defense Draw 1x Beginning of Heaven and Earth 1x Sakuretsu Armor 1x Super Soldier Rebirth 1x Spiritual Swords of Revealing Light 1x Super Soldier Shield Extra: Sky Galloping Gaia the Dragon Champion Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger Comics Hero King Arthur
  7. Custom Starter Deck: Hero Force! Experience the True Power of Teamwork through the bonds of the Elemental Heroes! Fuse monsters together to create the strongest beings of them all! Deck List: 2x Elemental Hero Sparkman 2x Elemental Hero Clayman 2x Elemental Hero Burstinatrix 2x Elemental Hero Avian 1x Elemental Hero Bladeedge 1x Elemental Hero Captain Gold 1x Elemental Hero Prisma 1x Elemental Hero Wildheart 1x Elemental Hero Ocean 1x Elemental Hero Woodsman 1x Elemental Hero Bubbleman 1x Wroughtweiler 1x King of the Swamp 1x Winged Kuriboh 3x E - Emergency Call 1x A Hero Lives 1x Fusion Recovery 2x Polymerization 1x Reinforcement of the Army 1x R-Righteous Justice 1x Skydive Scorcher 1x Miracle Fusion 1x Fifth Hope 1x O - Oversoul 1x H - Heated Heart 1x Dark Factory of Mass Production 1x Battle Fusion 1x Spark Blaster 1x Skyscraper 2 - Hero City 1x Skyscraper 1x Hero Signal 1x Mirror Gate 1x Hero Barrier Extra Deck: Elemental Hero Wildedge Elemental Hero Terra Firma Elemental Hero Thunder Giant Elemental Hero Flame Wingman Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster Elemental Hero Mudballman
  8. Custom Starter Deck: Junk Planet Embrace the True Power of Junk and Synchro Monsters! Use the powers of Junk Destroyer and Stardust Warrior to Achieve Victory over your opponents. Deck List: 1x Junk Collector 1x Quickdraw Synchron 1x Genex Neutron 1x Junk Servant 1x Junk Changer 1x Genex Ally Birdman 3x Junk Synchron 1x Junk Foward 1x Speed Warrior 1x Quilbolt Hedgehog 1x Doppelwarrior 1x Rush Warrior 1x Synchron Carrier 1x Synchron Explorer 2x Junk Anchor 1x Jet Synchron 1x Tuningware 1x One for One 1x Reinforcement of the Army 1x Synchro Blast Wave 1x Double Summon 1x Lightning Vortex 1x Monster Reincarnation 1x Tuning 1x Scrap Fist 1x Machine Assembly Line 1x Junk Barrage 1x Trap Hole 3x Good Goblin Housekeeping 2x Scrap-Iron Statue 2x Scrap-Iron Scarecrow 1x Imperial Iron Wall 1x Divine Wrath Extra: 1x Stardust Warrior 1x Junk Destroyer 1x Junk Archer 1x Junk Warrior 1x Jet Warrior 1x Accel Synchron
  9. Custom Starter Deck: Psychic Synchro Psychic Synchro: Bring out the true power of the Psychic Types and control the flow of the game! Deck List: 1x Psychic Emperor 1x Armored Axon Kicker 1x Genomix Fighter 1x Overdrive Teleporter 1x Psychic Snail 2x Silent Psychic Wizard 2x Pandaborg 1x Serene Psychic Witch 1x Psychic Commander 1x Mind Protector 1x Hushed Psychic Cleric 1x Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit 3x Krebons 2x Esper Girl 1x Psychic Jumper 1x Psychic Feel Zone 1x Psychic Path 1x Psychokinesis 1x Soul Exchange 1x Lightning Vortex 1x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Poison of the Old Man 1x Pot of Acquistiveness 1x Emergency Teleport 1x Teleport 1x Psychic Blade 1x Psychic Sword 1x Brain Research Lab 1x Psychic Reactor 1x Psychic Rejuvination 1x Psychic Trigger 1x Widespread Ruin 1x Psychic Tuning 1x Brain Hazard 1x Call of the Haunted Extra Deck: 1x Thought Ruler Archfiend 1x HTS Psyhemuth 1x Magical Android Starter Deck 003 - Psychic Synchro.ydk
  10. Custom Starter Deck: Archfiends Curse of Archfiends: Enhance your Experience by using these Deadly Fiends! Deck List: 1x Summoned Skull 3x Archfiend Soldier 1x Archfiend Emperor, the First Lord of Horror 1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness 1x Archfiend Commander 1x Archfiend of Gilfer 1x The Fiend Megacyber 1x Legendary Fiend 2x Archfiend General 1x Archfiend Cavalry 2x Mad Archfiend 1x Lancer Archfiend 1x Trance Archfiend 1x Cyber Archfiend 1x Darkbishop Archfiend 1x Battle Fader 1x Allure of Darkness 1x Instant Fusion 2x Night Beam 2x Swing Of Memories 1x Field Barrier 2x Card Trader 1x Falling Down 1x Axe of Despair 1x Archfiend Palabyrinth 1x Pandemonium 1x Trap Hole 1x Full Force Virus 1x Bottomless Trap Hole 1x Darklight 2x Powerful Rebirth 1x Wiretap Extra Deck: 1x Barox 1x Steelswarm Roach 1x Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon
  11. Starter Deck: Gadget Universe(TCG) Gadget Universe: Embrace the Universe of Gadgets and Fully Embrace the true power of these level 4 monsters. Deck List: 1x Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon 1x Ancient Gear Gadjitron Dragon 1x Ancient Gear Gadjitron Chimera 1x Gold Gadget 1x Silver Gadget 2x Giant Rat 2x Green Gadget 2x Red Gadget 2x Yellow Gadget 2x Kagetokage 1x Tin Goldfish 2x Ancient Gear Gadget 1x Boot-Up Soldier - Dread Dynamo 2x Double Summon(edited) 1x Nightmare's Steelcage(edited) 1x Fissure 1x Smashing Ground 1x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Shrink 1x Solidarity 1x Lucky Iron Axe 1x Trap Hole 1x With Chain 1x Dust Tornado 1x Widespread Ruin 1x Jar of Greed 1x Jar of Avarice 1x Rare Metalmorph 1x Stronghold the Moving Fortress 1x Safe Zone 1x Metalhold the Moving Fortress 1x Call of the Haunted 1x Seven Tools of the Bandit Extra: 1x King of the Feral Imps 1x Gear Gigant X 1x Tin Archduke Starter Deck 001 Gadget Universe.ydk
  12. Field of View Zoodiac Format Tournament! Hello everyone Iceshade here! I'm hosting a tournament on Dueling Nexus! This tournament will be taking place in the Dueling Nexus Discord! [Hidden Content] Remember to Read the Rules in Challonge!: [Hidden Content]
  13. I'd Like to see more support for Luck and Logic it's really fun :D.
  14. The Shitposters vs The Sugar Squad Winner the Shitposters: 2-0 Tag1Match1.yrp Tag1 Match2.yrp