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  1. Welcome! Nice to have a mafia player join here. We already talked on Discord a bit but I'm still going to welcome you. Also favorite anime? I'm a bit talkative myself and I feel like we'll get along and hopefully have a lot of mafia games in the future. Enjoy your stay here!
  2. Mafia Guide for Beginners When you begin to play Mafia you may begin to run into some veterans. As veterans they may or may not know various terms or abbreviations to make things quicker for them to type. As a new player you may sit there and wonder "What does all this mean?" Well this guide will help you get to know those terms and various other things about forum mafia. FoS (Finger of Suspicion): A player usually uses this term when they believe someone to be suspicious but they don't believe enough evidence is presented to take action. Roleblocked: This is also a pretty self explanatory term. It means a player was unable to use their ability due to another another player intercepting it with their ability of "roleblocking". Scum: This usually refers to any who are opposed to town but it usually refers to mafia. Lynch: Lynching is killing a player during the day phase by voting for them. It's very self explanatory and probably one of the most commonly used terms. Bandwagon: Bandwagoning is when a player is voted for and other players begin to vote for that player for no actual reason. Modkilling: This type of kill is performed by the host when a player breaks a rule in most cases they will be modkilled meaning it will presented as the player dying however the day will continue normally. OMGUS (Oh my god you suck): This is usually a "counter vote" when player A votes for Player B, Player B will vote against Player A simply because they were voted for. It's usually used when scum is about to get lynched they'll vote someone who has voted for them simply to vote for them. PR (Power Role): These usually refer to any role that is a majority factor in the game whether it be Mafia or Town. This usually make include Mafia's Godfather type role or Town's Mayor type role. Soft Claiming: Soft claiming is usually when you give a subtle hint to your role without outright saying it. Immune: When a player is called immune this usually means a player cannot be killed at night. HoS (Hand of Suspicion): This is similar to FoS except it shows that you have a very strong feeling that a player is scum and wish to show that you are watching them closely. LyLo (Lynch or Lose): Although it is not used often it is quite self explanatory. This terms means that if the town does not lynch a scum they will lose the game. Mislynch: This term refers to when the town lynches one of their own by mistake. MyLo (Mislynch and Lose): This is also quite self explanatory if you refer to the above term. This means that if the town lynches of their own they will lose. NK (NightKill): This is yet another self explanatory term. It means those who were killed during any of the night phases. Moving away from the general terms and abbreviations now we will move more into how a game is set up and what everything else means. First off a mafia game usually has 2 factions: Town and Mafia, However, in some games it can have a faction called Neutral. Neutral has a win condition that varies from both Mafia and Town's objectives. Of course these names can vary however the larger faction is ALWAYS Town. Town The Town's objective in a vanilla game is to lynch/kill all those who oppose them. This includes Mafia and on some occasions it may also include the Neutral faction. The Town do not know who each other are and thus must find other town and try to sniff out Mafia during the day. There are usually different types of Town roles such as Investigative, Killing and support. Mafia The objective of the Mafia is to wipe out all those who oppose them. This always includes Town and will sometimes also include Neutral roles. The Mafia usually consist of 1-3 members (This varies depending on the number of players or the setup of the game). The Mafia know each other's identity and are allowed to talk among themselves during the night phases to decide on who they will kill. Neutral Neutral roles vary depending on the game that is set up. A common Neutral role that is used is Serial Killer. Neutral roles can sometimes win with anyone or have to meet a certain condition to win. There are different types of Neutral roles. There is Neutral Benign (Wins with anyone usually), Neutral Killing, Neutral Evil, and Neutral Chaos. Phases In a game of Mafia there are different phases. For example we have Day Phase and Night Phase. During the Day Phase the players are allowed to post in the forum topic and vote to lynch other players, At the beginning of this phase it also reveals some things about what happened during the night such as who died. There's not much to say about the Night Phase except during this phase players cannot post, mafia choose who to kill and other players including town use their abilities. Lynching Lynching is a very important thing for the town as it may be their only way to get rid of mafia. Mafia can use lynching to their advantage as well by gaining town trust to lead them to wrong decisions. Lynching allows you to vote for one player you believe to be suspicious during the day phase and at the end of the day phase if they have the most votes they will be lynched eliminating them from the game. Abilites Almost every role in a game of Mafia has an ability. These abilities vary depending on which role you were selected as. Your ability can be either investigative, killing or supportive. You may also only activate your ability during a certain phase which is predetermined. Abilities have varying activation conditions as to whether they will work or not. Some abilities only activate on certain nights such as the Werewolf, a class that may only activate it's neutral killing ability on nights in which the full moon is active. Others will only activate if certain conditions are met such as the veteran who will kill anyone who visits him (town neutral or mafia) on a night where he is on alert. Finally some are abilities which don't need activating such as the Medium who can speak with the dead at night. Be careful with your role though as some roles only allow you to activate them a certain amount of times such as the Survivor who only has 3 bulletproof vests which he may put on at night, but once they're up they're done. Also, some roles may put you in danger such as Mayor who will announce himself as Mayor (a town role with extreme benefits when voting for lynch's) and will put a Mafia target on his back Finally some roles take time to set up and intelligence so be careful when using them. For example the arsonist will douse targets during the night and these targets will stay doused but unless he ignites nothing will come of it. So try to plan ahead when using these abilities. If you have any more questions regarding the game feel free to ask a Mafia Boss!
  3. I might be a bit rusty but I can always look and see if I have my old guides and get back to you. Also thanks for the welcome!
  4. New Guy Here Hey everyone! I'm Clear Hikoto but y'all can just call me Zayne or Clear. Been a while since I joined a community like this one so I'm still trying to readjust to everything. I'm a huge nerd and I of course play Yugioh. I also play Cardfight Vanguard for anyone who plays that. I enjoy reading, watching anime, manga, and video games. I used to be a huge fan of playing, hosting, and moderating mafia back in the day but that was a long time ago. There's not too much to know about me. If you have any questions feel free to ask me!