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  1. Welcome to the forum @Wanil ! It's fairly obvious English isn't your first language. I don't mean to insult you it's just your post has the tell tell signs of Google Translate level translation. If you would be comfortable with sharing I'd be curious to know where you are from. You also mentioned a forum you were part of at one time. I'd like to know if I've heard of it.
  2. Was canceled but I'll do another attempt tomorrow
  3. I've got accounts on both Percy and DevPro. Honestly, I haven't been using YgoPro variants very much since I started Warring. I also use LackeyCCG with the LackeyDGz plugin for Goat Format pretty often now since a lot of DGz and Goat players in general favor it.
  4. I'm currently keeping up with the 4 big DC shows currently on the air: Arrow, The Flash, The Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl
  5. Howdy Folks! Hi I'm Chumley I think I'm a nice guy but I often times come off as kinda weird. I've been known to annoy some people. If I end up annoying you I apologize. I'm a prolific reader, I love Yugioh and I'm currently warring on DGz, I have interest in Goat Format, History is one of my passions and my College major, I LOVE music across a wide variety of genre, I'm a huge anime fan, and I'm currently rather active in playing and hosting Forum Mafia Games I'm the very same Chumley as the Chumley on Pojo,'m currently Head Tourney Master), DevPro, and Yugiohforums. I'm known infamously as TheGoldenTyranno on Duelistgroundz and am currently on the warring team ESPN. I was Chumley on YgoPro TDOANE but now I am Tyranno Hassleberry there. And I am was that weird dude Chumley1 on Dueling Network and I continue that legacy as Chumley1 once again on Duelingbook.
  6. SundayNight Tournament Series | 11 / June / 2017 I'm hosting a tourney signups permitting. Games will be played on Duelingbook and signups are here: [Hidden Content] Note: This was today but I'm going to delay it till tomorrow