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  1. The Ultimate HQ Project

    Firts of all: AWESOME work, I appreciate it. Everyone involved with the project did an AMAZING job so far. But there is a problem. Some cards numbers are off. For example Atlantean Marksman came named as its code (00706925), but YGOPRO reconizes the card as 706925, so when I opened up the game, the card wasn't there and the game downloaded its own file for the card. Therefore, I had to rename your Atlantean Marksman to 706925 and delete the JPG file that the game downloaded. A bunch of cards are like this and I don't know how to fix this problem efficiently, since going through every card manually looking for the problem would be a "possible thing to do that is impossible", you know what I mean? For example Elemental HERO Wildheart has its original file named as 86188410, its code, but I have no idea on how the file for the card I've download from your project is named. PS: I've downloaded the Anime style for both TCG/OCG and Anime/Manga. I hope you can help me. Cheers!
  2. The Ultimate HQ Project

    Seems good! Let's see how it goes.