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    Yu-Gi-Oh!, video games, anime, manga, music (Mostly rock and metal), trying to learn programming so I can help AntiMetaman with Pro2 and DU, learning things, reading, writing, singing, translating cards and games when I have the time, will add voice acting here when I get a good enough mic. :P

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  1. Akipuff

    Yu-Gi-Oh! VI

    I haven't been around for a long time so I just saw this... It's "abridged", not "abrigaded". The "P" in "Priority" should have been lowercase. It's "immediately", not "immidietly".
  2. It's my 19th birthday! :3

  3. Akipuff

    Akipuff's Birthday!

    It's my birthday!! :3
  4. Akipuff

    Hello Everyone

    There are Skype and Discord. I could also invite you to the team Discord.
  5. Akipuff

    Hello Everyone

    Darkus!! Welcome! I'm sorry I removed you from the team list for being inactive, you ever contacted me. ;_;
  6. Akipuff


    Heyyy, best friend~ Thanks :3 It has been long. Since September. lol I'm sure I'll enjoy my time here. :3 We should play sometime! When are you free?
  7. Akipuff


    Hello, I'm Akipuff. My birth date is March 1st, 1998. I'm saying my birth date instead of my age because it's my birthday soon so I'll feel weird when I see this post after that. Right now, I'm a student in high school, a senior, so I'm not free to play Yu-Gi-Oh whenever I want, but I try to play as much as I can. You can message me here or off-site if you are interested in playing with me. I don't bite. :3 I mostly play plant decks. You can ask me anything and I'll answer honestly. ^^
  8. Heyyy, friend!

    1. AntiMetaman


      Heeey!! I wonder where you disappeared haha. We should catch up.

    2. Akipuff


      We should!

      I had to take a break from YGO because of school, I have the university entrance exam on the 12th.

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