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  1. this may be a bit late, but the tournament's now closed, and in place, a newer, different tournament is in development. the new tournament will be completely different from this one. further details will come soon.
  2. this'll be a new tournament where there will be 16 participants dueling with specific prototype decks hand made by me in my own deckbuilding challenge. it will be hosted on YGOpro2, but a poll will be placed after the tournament to have it on the Dueling Nexus. challonge.com/9k02r5pw Format: Single Elimination (MR4) starts: February 15, 2019 1:00 pm EST Simulator: YGOpro2 or Dueling Nexus (on a later date) additional Rules: in this tournament, these rules apply: Each deck will/must be hand made by Me or one of the co-hosts/admin - If there needs to be any changes, then it must gain approval by me before applying said changes. - Side decking is optional, but recommended. (it'll be in a match format) - If there are to be changes, then it CANNOT change the deck’s main theme/purpose. Each duel will be a MR4 formatted match per round. -Any deck that lost before the semifinals will either be scrapped or traded away to a random person. -If traded, then they’ll be free to change anything in the deck as they see fit. No cheating allowed. Meaning no throwing the match, rigging it to win, having the opponent purposely lose, playing against a robot, etc. - Cheating is an automatic loss, and a slight disadvantage in future tournaments.


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