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  1. Wanil

    Royal decree vs trap stun

    It would probably be helpful if your question was a little more clear with what it was asking. Even if the wording of the cards are similar, they will end up doing the same thing for the most part; Trap Stun applies its effect throughout the whole turn, so even if someone use a card like Typhoon from the hand after it was activated it would still be negated. After Trap Stun stops applying its effect, with Royal Decree being a continuous effect that doesn't only apply during activation (say with Call of the Haunted), then Royal Decree will continue negating the effects of trap cards. Unless there is more of an answer you are seeking, all I can say is that chaining Trap Stun does not accomplish anything other than making it even harder for them to stop the negation of traps throughout the turn.
  2. A question before the start of a larger project I am posting here, since I don't think the Magic the Gathering part of the forum is intended for this sort of thing...and I don't see any statuses so I'm not sure if that'd be read...anyways, since I brought that up that does lead me to asking something. Would it be okay for me to make threads which try to convert Yu-Gi-Oh cards into MTG ones? What I would focus on "types" in both games and work off from there. For example, Fiends in YGO = "Demon" in OCG, and MTG has a "Demon" type, then I can (to an extent) get to archetypes with a type for a name, such as Archfiend = "Daemon". There would be non-archetype cards thrown about too, and while there are primarily creatures each type would have at least 1 Plansewalker, but that's the jist of what I would do. I would not anticipate help for this or anything, which prompts me to ask about this before I get to working on so much. (And this'll include the Gem-Knight "types" too, which could be like colored Elementals and other stuff i.e. Pyro = Red Elementals.)
  3. If you want this to be anti-meta, you probably need more cards that stop things. Stuff like Soul Release do not accomplish that and neither do monster banish sources which may be excessive if you cannot protect them as they can end up just being ran over. Maining some of your side deck cards would be closer to some sort of improvement. While D.D. Dynamite also falls prey to this, if that is your intent on a win condition then that is within reason to try out. You run Dark Hole and Raigeki, so Mirror Forces wouldn't be unreasonable for the "theme" you have. If you wanted to compliment D.D. Dynamite specifically, then Blazing Mirror Forces would be an option too. And with some cards you have considered, I will have to say that Debunk is not particularly helpful; with your current build I see no reason for Ash Blossom to be a threat, Necro Gardna and co. are on par with Cyber Valley for minimal stall, and Zombies already hate this deck. I have my own build, so I'll mention some budget options from it to you. Gravekeeper's Servant (if you don't know how this functions here I can explain, but for now I'll say if you insist on having almost 25% of your deck be banish sources, this should be relatively consistent), Fiendish Chain (it does its job decently enough), Karma Cut (costlier, but a little more practical than Soul Release), Thunder King Rai-Oh (budget Ghost Ash but it'd have a similar functionality to your D.D. Warriors...and on that end, you could use Neo-Spacian Grand Mole because SPACE for a theme since it is less expensive, but the card is only "okay"), D.D. Scout Plane (makes using Cyber Valley less draining on your resources and Premature Return something maybe actually worth considering because I would suggest to lose it otherwise), Safe Zone (with The Huge Revolution is Over, this too serves as a potential bait card but it also seconds as a means to keep your banish source guys around, and if that is too expensive for some reason then Dimension Guardian is an alternative), Necroface (easily spamable with Chaos Zone and is its own mini-wincon, though if you use this then consider Gold Sarcophagus too).
  4. With stuff pertaining to Water monsters, I would figure there have been decks geared towards functioning similarly with its intended support such as Bahamut + Toadally Awesome to name a most recent kind of thing. With Links, no need for something like levels I suppose opens up options, but it might not be bad for someone to potentially be given suggestion for a sort of integration with their decks too. I am sure some stuff can remain relatively "budget". With the Earth monsters, would various Machine decks be manageable for this? Like Gadget variants (i.e. Machina where you could resupply the heftier costs of Fortress, among other things) or Geargia (I do not know all the contents of the structure deck, but I would think this is still relatively inexpensive and the archetype already has a resupplying-like vibe to it and this too has level mixes to allow for differing kinds of swarming). And for anti-meta stuff (seeing as Monarchs are brought up)...it might just be how I built it, but I would think that Yosenju Kaiju would be a manageable deck. This would give the option to normal summon spam too if you really wanted to get some random link monsters out too, I figure. The Kaiju themselves can even gravitate to the aforementioned Greydles. So if someone wants to start off in one way or another, then getting some of those big beasties might be a good start. For what has been brought up here, having seen 2/3 of the decks mentioned frequently enough I can say that the OP itself has made solid suggestions. I am not too keen on Magnet Warriors personally, but it's functional and inexpensive.
  5. It is a bit hard to navigate the links (as there are multiple) but after a couple of minutes I got to the question. I find it a bit odd that this has unofficial archetypes, making me think this just copied off the wikia pages, but I suppose if this is to be sent to Konami then the point to vote for such an option would be to express we'd like it to be real. I think niche sub-archetypes (like Artorigus and Dyson or Blaze Accelerator) could have probably been left off the list though, as I figure if Konami where to support the main branch of an archetype then they'd keep the sub stuff in mind. I am at the Fs right now, but I'll make my post now before something may happen...
  6. This section seems empty so... I don't really know what kind of topics are supposed to be made here...but I've been interested in this sort of stuff lately-ish. I'll elaborate on that. The first online instance of something I did like this was when Youtube had these group chat things people could join, but that was...sloppy, and that is defunct by now. Any other thing like it...was akin to the other topic in this section. Right now, I am interested in 2 specific kinds of RP. I have this peculiar sense of shyness with...Pokemon, so on Pokemon Showdown I devised a sort of "story" with the various teams I have and would care to share that "story" with others. The other thing I have interest in, but I doubt I would actually carry out, would be some sort of D&D thing if only because this sort of "story" would be better in a format like that; being someone with no experience, and having some idea that it is terribly slow-paced, makes me reluctant though. So uh yeah. That's all I'd really say there. I'd be potentially up to do more "casual" RP stuff, again like the other topic in this section, but I only feel comfortable doing that with other people I know so I'll just leave it at that. Was this topic pointless...maybe...
  7. I never found the Performapal stuff necessary at all (though Skullcrobat Joker is fine) and when the Magicians got their Zarc support that became moreso the case. Igknight Reload is optional. Magicians are one of the most consistent decks out there and can plus a bunch with the hand though, so as a Pendulum deck it is one of the ones that need it the least. The only real benefit to it is with the hope you get lucky and draw into something like Avian when you want it (and it can't fix your hand if you get a card like that and nothing to work with it). You can have 1 if you really feel like you need it, but I wouldn't recommend it. Luna is annoying, but not effective, in a build like this. Like with the last thing I mentioned, try 2 out if you really want it as that should be within search parameters and it wouldn't entirely debilitate your field if you went all out with them. You could try and give Timebreaker Magician a go too if you only care for the removal and not so much how the removal is done. You don't use enough Pendulum monsters that you can cycle through to get the most out of Magical Abductor, so it's slow. Like I mentioned Zarc Magicians...if you use Iris Magician, you can get Pendulumgraph of Ages, then replace Iris Magician and you got 3 counters right there...likewise with any extensions like with Astrograph Sorcerer, you got a set-up to get another 3 counters for use with the next turn. As it stands...your most efficient means to do something relies on Sky Iris and save for a 1-time fusion or outside support that has nothing to do with it and as such is inconsistent that will always be delayed in use, and the other thing involves Pendulum Sorcerer which while fine runs out of steam pretty quickly and is counter-intuitive. I am not entirely sure where you want to go with this. The main thing I would bring up would be is to maybe try Tune Magician; Oafdragon lets you re-use it and it makes Xyz Summons a lot easier if you don't plan on Synchroing (also, if you DO go with such an addition, maybe add in 1 synchro that it could summon over one of the various Odd-Eyes in the extra or the bonus Utopia monster or something). Magician's Hands continuous spell cards can compliment your Avians too. Lesser things to mention...if you want Magical Abductor, consider Pendulum Fusion (can be searched off Duelist Alliance) so you can cycle through your cards more. If you want to stick with Luna, as bad as the idea sounds...maybe consider Smile Universe...if your strategy is to completely shut down someone with her and Avian then the drawback should be irrelevant. Odd-Eyes Rebellion can do so much damage that it can mitigate that anyways. Perhaps try out Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon if Luna is appealing to you. Really, I think most of this would be preference on what to have...the Performapal stuff makes this a particular variant, so that much I would say is not quite preference, though in that case I wouldn't call this only "Magicians".
  8. People bring up various criteria for a favorite here, so I suppose I'll do just that and go off of what was said since I am bad at coming up with favorites. Favorite Legend, Mythic, and "Other": Regigigas for looks + memes and Cresselia for gameplay (#scumbag Psycho Shift + Rest), Meloetta for looks + memes and I'll PROBABLY like Marshadow the most with gameplay, then with the others...well I like half of the Ultra Beasts for looks + memes (Pheromosa I like for gameplay as an actually good mixed attacker to also mention) and I like Tapu Lele the most for gameplay (though I also think it's the nicest looking Tapu; I want that shiny). Favorite Badmon: Dunsparce for gameplay, as if Meloetta did not tip you off...I like me some Serene Grace and boy does this have a movepool for that. Now with dem memes...Sunkern is so dopey and bad and its evolution has some nonsense that can go along with it...though it competes with Unown for it having a pointless existence beyond spelling things with the meme dream team. Favorite Starter...and Various Evolutions: I have a care for Bayleef for being the first one that I liked, though I do not care for Meganium as much. For looks + memes I would certainly go with Decidueye and for gameplay Greninja is an easy pick for me. Some games bring up an Eevee for some people to start off with, and I for one like most of the forms that comes with so those are all good too. I would also be one of those people that like me a Mega Gardevoir...if Wally gets a Ralts, I'm counting it. Though now that I brought up Megas, let's branch off starters to mention...I like Alakazams for looks + memes and Gengars for actual gameplay. Favorite Pokemon through generations: I think I'd either have a Grass, Fairy, or Psychic gym if I was a leader. Vileplume/Bellossom or Ninetails or Alakazam/Starmie, Jumpluff/Meganuim or Azumaril or Wobuffet, Cacturne/Cradily or Mawile/Gardevoir or Claydoll/Chimecho, Tangrowth/Leafeon or Togekiss or Bronzong, Whimsicott/Amoonguss or Audino or Sigilyph/Renuiclus, either of the ghost grasses or Sylveon/Diancine or Female Meowstic/Delphox, literally ANY of the grasses in Sun & Moon or Riombee/Mimikyu or...well there aren't any Psychics I like there but looking over the Pokedex...heck...Water or Poison or Ghost could be a gym theme of mine too...Cloyster/Lapras or Nidoqueen/Muks or Gengar...even Tentacruel, any Water Pokemon that isn't Qwilfish and the starters or Ariados/Crobat or Mismagius, Milotic/Crawduant or Roserade/Dustox or literally any of the ghosts in that generation (though Shedninja might be unfair as a gym Pokemon), literally any of the Water Pokemon or Drapion/Toxicroak or Frolass/Drifblim, Seismitoad/Carracosta or Scolipede or literally any of the ghosts again, and the gen after that starts to get weird...I like me some Team Skull pokes I'll say and...darks are likely to be a thing I'd talk about, but I've said enough. Yeah if the last thing did not reaffirm what I said to you, I don't know what to say. There's plenty of Pokes that I like and I can't make up my mind on any absol(ute...that Poke is pretty cool, would be added to that last list I withheld on) favorites. Generation VI probably has the largest number of Pokemon I dislike though I can say that much...even if my least favorite of all time isn't in it. But that's not what this topic is about, so I'll leave it at that.
  9. Still is 2017, so I may as well post my wish list with my new bouts of posts even if this thread has been quiet for a while. No predictions here. Just opinionated dribble that I expect hardly anyone to agree with. Tyrant Neptune unbanned with Instant Fusion taking the hit: I could accept TN getting hit like it did, even if I had a personal problem with the decision, as TCG was still keen on allowing other questionable Instant Fusion cards around (primarily Norden). But then ON A LATER BANLIST friggen Norden gets hit in TCG ANYWAYS. If he was hit at the same time, fine, whatever. But just THE TIMING of this leads me to think that Konami was making stupid decisions. A hit(s) to the Predaplant engine: Part of Instant Fusion's problematic nature can only get worse with this garbage existing. That card is one of the lesser things to search off of this. I am not going to compile a list of what it can get, as I imagine most of you can figure that out yourselves or are already aware of it. I will say that if a tend is continued with this super generic search method, as Cyberdark Inferno may hint at, then I suppose anything done to this would be utterly pointless. Taketomborg hit over Terrortop: Without the borg, the top is a Cyber Dragon Tour Guide which is actually pretty mediocre. There is no flexibility in the effect, which is provided by borg, as you are not getting near free summons off a pair of summons you may do. Duke and Ohajikid need set-up to do anything useful, the latter of with making the top be a non-factor, which goes against the point of getting this pair of summons off ASAP so that isn't too bad. Tri-Eyed Dice is not going to ruin the game and Yo-Yo has an inversed problem as Ohajikid. Nothing that you would search with the top is nearly as bad as the borg. The archetype itself can appreciate the top more anyways. Solemn Strike hit over Maxx C: We have alternatives for one, but not so much the other, and the trap is a bit too god at what it does anyways. I like to have my variety in choices and the bug is rather unique in what it does. The bug can stay on the list I suppose when keeping in mind upcoming changes to the game affecting other cards to stop summons with but not so much this, even if I do not find it all THAT bad, though I'd like it to be semi'd at least. Kaiser Colosseum and Chicken Game unbanned: Quiet Life is an alternative to Vanity's, not Kaiser, and I would argue that spell is worse than Kaiser if you can make effective use of it. Wouldn't think that to be necessarily bannable though, so neither is Kaiser as far as I'm concerned since it really does require one to have to play around a fair bit to maintain to its most effective means of use. Maybe it could get some changes to relate to Zones or something if it would really be that much of a worry, seeing as the card has incredibly dated text anyways...but there's a problem with considering that course of action which I'll get to later. Chicken Game was also an overreaction. If it being a part of an engine noting LP differential is a problem, then I think having it be limited would suffice in preventing most of the problems that may arise with it. It is not so good on its own that I figure many would search a lone copy of it either thus it shouldn't be very consistent in an abusive manner. Upstart is also at 1, so there's that. OCG has both of these cards at 3. They did not see Kaiser as a problem, and from what I recall...Chicken Game was a part of a Monarch FTK which may be why they hit stuff that relates specifically to it (as opposed to the TCG which has more cards hit). Erratas are not the most likely if they see no need to change the cards, so I could only hope that TCG picks up on their trail and gets to changing those at some point. Move up the Inzektor stuff (and maybe other things around the Wind-Up + Dino Rabbit era): Zoodiacs are basically a better version of that archetype. There are plenty of differences sure, but newer times are going to make that be the case. All the rank 3s and intensive ways to summon them aren't as bad as they could be. I think some leeway could be granted to some of the stuff hit around the time. I wouldn't mind Rescue Rabbit going up seeing as we have the nonsense that is Rescue Ferret existing. That's about it. I have not been keeping track of too much with the game. I have been trying Trickstar's and their burn potential can be quite obscene so I wouldn't mind a hit to...tech options for them...which isn't saying much. Yeah I do not have much of an opinion. Maybe do something with Clashing Souls because it's stupid from a design standpoint (even if it isn't doing anything). Maybe unban the Morphing Jars as I don't see too much of a problem with them (there's FTKs yeah, but at least one of those can be fixed by getting rid of a card that basically nobody uses...OCG has little problems with them too). Maybe unban Lavalaval Chain as with the Link rule stuff I personally think it to be far worse than before and with other self-mill stuff...I don't think Mathematician would be a big problem, and I personally think that a limit to That Grass Looks Greener completely goes against the point of the card in the same way one to Final Countdown is (BTW, unlimit FC). I'd like various traps to go up in use, too.
  10. Subterror Nemesis Defender was only any bit playable as there was a lack of any usable achetypical hand traps for the deck, but its effect required more set-up than should be needed and the field effect was pointless. So out comes this card (which I do care to mention that it is not a "nemesis" like the other lower leveled members, whatever that means) and it is certainly an improvement. It can even compete with Subterror Nemesis Warrior in some aspects, meaning this card is pretty good. The negation effect works well with doing tricky things with the spell/trap support and it's good regardless of that. The special summon effect is notable for being able to flip down non-Subterror monsters, so for hybrid decks (Shaddoll/Tarotrei/Ghostricks etc. though with the mentioned examples, the card's typing and level can be beneficial for the non-ritual deck to some extent) it can get you nicely set-up seeing as unlike Warrior you aren't going to lose anything for attempting it. Part of me makes me wonder what could have been if this had the Wind-Up's restriction text instead of a hard OPT. Wouldn't have much more to say on this though.
  11. That was fast. "I only have my title state things are the same as ever for an inconsequential reason, but it seems that has spread beyond as though there is simply a natural inclination towards old patterns forming even with minimal interaction." I'd ask a question to follow that up, but I'll withhold on that. But to sort-of answer the sort-of questions above..."I am from a place most likely similar to where the character in my avatar is from". As with the previous forum, AntiMetaman had made the correct guess there. It was Dueling Network forums. Most "specific people" I'd look for that were there...would be not the most renown of them, so I imagine it unlikely for them to be around here. Like, I brought up Trinity 位 as that much I would be capable of affirming my place of being, as well as potentially extending that into one other person, as such any potential interaction would be inconsequential without things going a certain way so I won't go on with that for the time being. I got some time to spare today. I think I'm going to start actually browsing these forums now. No idea why my background changed from its saved settings to the default, but I digress.
  12. Yeah I was there...haven't been doing too much with a certain card game lately, hence part of why it took me a while to get on here. But that's about all I got to say unless there's questions...for some reason. I would have a question of my own. In my first post, I notice the name of this thread right in it. Does that just happen or did I overlook something...because I don't like the look of that so for future reference I'd care to know how to avoid that.
  13. It's nice to hear a response like that. The greeting is a welcome thing, for what it's worth. If I knew who "specific people" were in Discord or what have you, I'd consider using that medium. I'll scour around here for the time being though. I'd be more direct about my "plight", but it's a subject I'm not the most comfortable discussing with people I do not quite know. Your name rings a bell and yet the chimes do not echo through the mind that is mine. Sorry again...
  14. Unsure What To Call This It has been quite a while since I have posted on a forum of any kind. With the last one of which I cared for...that I never expected to have done knowing my reason to be a part of it initially, it has since been gone. I recall the user Trinity 位 (assuming this isn't someone with a similar name) to have advertised this site a time ago, but during then I figured there not be a "need" for this sort of thing with me anymore. That still holds true...yet change has come in a way which leads down a path most uncertain. I come here to see people, as had been my reason to reside longer elsewhere for times longer than perceived. Specific people to be more exact. Perhaps the one I named would be but one example, but maybe not. Unlike my reason to partake in a forum before...I have little drive and time to partake in much here. So..."if you know who I am, I would care to hear from you". I imagine this post to be seen as selfish, or anti-social, or even vain, but my options are fewer than ever so it comes to this; the same effort for a different type of "vain". If you would call me out on this behavior, please don't, as I have already addressed my awareness for it and would have to bring up that this would not be a continual display of thought, ergo it shouldn't necessitate "fixing" as it'll do that on its own accord. Maybe I will browse here from time to time. Who knows. I could open up and actually try to be active. As it stands though, I have my doubts. Not the best introduction, I imagine, but I am too disconnected to come up with anything "better"; apologies.