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  1. Updated trade list! Sorry to have just dipped for three months, but I'm trying to come back
  2. Request a Middleman Trade New to trading and uncomfortable sending your possessions to a stranger before you get anything? Maybe the trade is of relatively high value and you want a bit of extra insurance. Whatever the reason, the DU Marketplace Staff is here to make you feel secure! We offer to you traders our Middleman Trade Service! Please be sure to read this page in full before requesting a Middleman Trade. How does a Middleman Trade work? Both parties first agree to use a middleman, then the middleman agrees to act as middleman for the trade. After confirmation (through exchange of addresses), both parties send to their middleman and include their payment of the fee. Upon receipt, the middleman will inspect the contents and confirm that they are what was agreed upon. If the contents are not what was agreed upon, resolution of the problem must be worked out between the two parties. If the trade must be cancelled due to a dispute, cards and fee will be returned. The middleman will ship out only after they have received from both parties and contents are confirmed to be what was agreed upon. Once each party has received from their middleman, they may leave feedback for them and/or their trade partner. First off, why use a Middleman? Trade Bosses (or appointed middleman traders) are expected to be more trusted, responsible, and experienced members of the Marketplace community. Under normal circumstances, you are assured to receive what you are owed with no problem when using a middleman. Why the fee? Ever since I became a Trade Boss on DNF, I always anticipated this question. Let me say now that no middleman is in this for profit (or at least shouldn't be). The fee sort of controls the usage of middleman trades. Shifting responsibility to someone else should not come free, and a trader should carefully consider whether they need a mod trade. Compensation for resources/money spent. Each domestic middleman trade costs the middleman at least $5. Some may cite gas used or time spent. Yes, we do want to help make you feel safe, but we can't just frequently throw away $5. Any other questions/concerns? If you have any questions regarding middleman trades (or anything related to trades, really), please don't hesitate to ask. Individual Middleman Rates/Policies Phoenixian Base Fee: $3 per person (domestic)/$5 per person (international) This fee is solely for the purpose of reimbursement for shipping expenses. If paying the fee with Paypal, I can give you an exact quote, instead. If the fee is an issue for you, talk to me, and I guarantee we can come up with a solution. Fee is subject to change if shipping something that is either heavier than 8 oz. or requires Priority Mail service. To give you a bit of an idea, the original Nintendo 3DS is about 8 oz. Are you shipping a 3DS or just a couple cards? Shipping: I will always ship both ends of the middleman trade with Delivery Confirmation (tracking). To ensure that both ends arrive to me, I ask that you ship with DC as well. (Optional, but remember the point is to eliminate risk where possible.) If you could add a note with details of the trade, that'd be swell. (Again, optional) I can middleman international trades so long as one party is located within the US. My trade experience, for those a bit wary of me: DuelKing - DNF, Trade Boss since June 2014, 100+ feedback score (Unfortunately, DNF is dead. I'm sure Zepharos could vouch for me) Dolphin Overlord - Pojo, 150+ completed trades (Pojo's iTrader score doesn't take repeat traders into account, so 100+ different people)
  3. I'm currently finding Ghost Ogres at $4 each.
  4. CC is acceptable, but do you not have trades (or Paypal)?
  5. Red-Eyed Chemicritter - A little help, please? Chemicritters came out in Invasion: Vengeance and gave Geminis a huge boost. I fell in love instantly and have been tweaking the deck since their TCG release. I've played (mostly) pure Chemicritters and I'm currently playing a Red-Eyes Chemicritter hybrid. I'll probably make a thread for the former build later. This is the current build I've been taking to locals: Deck List: Monsters (16): 1x Red-Eyes B. Dragon 1x Summoned Skull 3x Chemicritter Carbo Crab 3x Chemicritter Oxy Ox 1x Darkstorm Dragon 2x Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact 1x Poly-Chemicritter Dioxogre 1x Poly-Chemicritter Hydragon 1x Red-Eyes Archfiend of Lightning 2x Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon Spell/Trap Lineup (25): 3x Catalyst Field 2x Dark Factory of Mass Productino 2x Dragon's Mirror 2x Red-Eyes Fusion 3x Red-Eyes Insight 2x Supervise 3x Terraforming 2x Twin Twisters 2x Burnout 2x Return of the Red-Eyes 1x Solemn Strike 1x Solemn Warning Extra Deck (15): 1x of all except Number 23: Lancelot, Dark Knight of the Underworld and Methydraco. Let's please not touch on the Extra Deck. The extra deck is NOT the focus here. Archfiend Black Skull Dragon First of the Dragons Meteor Black Comet Dragon Superalloy Beast Raptinus Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon 2x Number 23: Lancelot, Dark Knight of the Underworld Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy Number 39: Utopia Beyond Photon Strike Bounzer Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon 2x Vola-Chemicritter Methydraco The Red-Eyes cards do most of the work here. The strategy is to fill my graveyard with Geminis to either recover with Dark Factory or Summon with Return of the Red-Eyes. One Red-Eyes Insight into Red-Eyes Fusion usually accomplishes this task. With Return of the Red-Eyes, I can bring back any Gemini from my graveyard so long as a Red-Eyes stays on the field. The vanillas are there solely for Archfiend Black Skull Dragon. Without those two, I can only get it out with Red-Eyes Fusion is to have the materials on my field. Catalyst Field is very important in this deck. It's essentially Double Summon as a Field Spell. On top of that, I can banish a Gemini that has its effects to destroy a thing. This takes care of a threat/hindrance and saves one of my Geminis for the next turn. Because of how heavily I rely on this field, I've maxed out it and Terraforming. Dioxogre and Hydragon work either as an instant Rank 8 with Burnout or a LV 8 to summon with Oxy Ox to make Rank 8s. Hydragon serves no other purpose but to partner with Dioxogre/Burnout. Carbo Crab is the searcher/dumper and Oxy Ox makes Xyz happen (effect Special Summons a Gemini and makes all Geminis that SS'd monsters LV). They can also be paired up with Burnout, so I keep them at 3. While Burnout still plays a role in this deck, its role is less significant, so I've dropped it to two. Any tips/suggestions to make this deck faster and more consistent? Again, let's please not touch on the Extra Deck. Changing the Extra Deck does not solve my problem.
  6. Phoenixian Trade Thread! Whatcha need, fam? Greetings, DU Marketplace! Unless I've got some deck that I'd really like to build or at least get started on, I have very few specific needs and trade mostly for the fun of it or to fund my hobbies. If you need something from me, but don't have anything I listed that I'm looking for, don't sweat it! I'll gladly take a look at your collection. Just please, no videos... So before we get on to the lists, I've got a few basic rules: 0) Please abide by the DU Marketplace rules. 1) If I'm selling anything, I ask that it be worth sending with tracking ($5 minimum sale). For sales under $10, I'd prefer concealed cash if possible. 2) I reference TCGPlayer/eBay for values. Apparently there's a Card Database with value ranges? I can look at that, too, but I haven't found it. 3) I love filling my list with color~ A little background info, I've traded on DNF (DuelKing; Trade Boss) and Pojo (Dolphin Overlord). Over 3-4 years, I've completed well over 100 Trades on each site with little to no disputes against me. I've had a few minor slip-ups, but nothing that I didn't resolve quickly and responsibly. Phoenixian Trade Binder (Notables) If you want to take a look at the other cards, just keep scrolling. Cards are listed in order of Extra Deck (Fusion, Synchro, Xyz), Main Deck Monster, Spells, then Traps. Cards in red are listed on eBay. They will be available for trade until the item sells. If we negotiate an offer for such a card, I will not end the listing until the trade is confirmed. If you have trouble reading anything on my list because of the color, please let me know! Extra Deck Monsters Evil Hero Dark Gaia (GLAS Rare UNL) Evil Hero Lightning Golem (GLAS Ultra Rare 1st Edition) Gladiator Beast Gyzarus (DUSA Ultra Rare) Gladiator Beast Heraklinos (Ultimate; only trading towards a Secret Rare) Alsei, the Sylvan High Protector (LVAL Ultra Rare 1st) Evilswarm Exciton Knight (BLLR) Number 99: Utopic Dragon (2015 Mega Pack) Sylvan Princessprite x2 Main Deck Monsters Dark Necrofear (MC2 Promo) Dark Simorgh (Secret Rare Unlimited Edition; LP/P, ask for pics) Elemental HERO Prisma (FUEN Super Rare) Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit x2 (Supers; decked, a little HTG) Gladiator Beast Equeste (LCGX Secret Rare 1st) Gladiator Beast Laquari (LCGX Secret Rare UNL) Gladiator Beast Murmillo (LCGX Secret Rare UNL) Gladiator Beast Noxious x2 Gladiator Beast Samnite (Turbo Pack Super; LP/P, ask for pics) Infernoid Devyaty (BLLR) Kozmo Dark Destroyer (Gold Secret Rare) Mermail Abyssteus (BLLR) Photon Thrasher (OTS Pack) Test Tiger x3 (RYMP Common UNL) Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare (LCGX Secret UNL) Spells/Traps Cards of the Red Stone (Legendary Decks II Commons) Fire Formation - Tenki (THSF Super) Gold Sarcophagus (Legendary Decks Ultra) Pendulum Call (SD Common) Ties of the Brethren (decked) Gladiator Beast War Chariot (LCGX Secret 1st) Remove Brainwashing (Gold Rare) Return of the Red-Eyes x2 (SE Super Rare Promo and Legendary Decks Ultra Rare) Phoenixian Wishlist Miscellaneous/Side Deck Interests Paypal/Concealed Cash - Main interest, but I do still trade. It's just that getting paid really helps me out. Check Your Trade Binder/List Xx Cheap Main Booster Set Foils pre-BOSH (open to all, but I really like 5Ds or older foils) Xx Abyss Dweller (Supers; Collection want) Xx Mind Drain (The guys at locals love this card) Xx Summoning Curse Xx Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend (Collection Want) Sealed Product, maybe occasionally? (5Ds era Tins/SEs, no loose packs) Scrambled Deck Piece Needs/Rarity Bumps Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer (DUSA Ultra; have a Gold Rare) Dragon's Mirror (Super Rare from Pendulum Evolution) Gladiator Beast's Respite x2 (LCGX or RYMP) Xx Terraforming (Commons) Xx Staples (lower interest) Deck Ideas These are some deck ideas I've been tossing around. If you've got any cards/suggestions for the deck, that'd be awesome! Ice Barriers (mostly building this out of spite, but I do like them) Lyrilusc (have plenty Lyrilusc, Quill Pen of Gulldos seems like a good card for them) Koa'ki Meiru Lemuria Atlanteans
  7. Howdy-du, DU Forum! Hey there, DU Forums! I go by Phoenixian here, but anyone from DNF may know me as DuelKing. (Sadly, that name was already taken) I have a lot of fun trading and building less than meta-tier archetype decks. Not a meta-hater, just usually not entertained by them. I've had a bad history with tournaments (as in I usually never made it past the second round in single-elimination), but I may give them a shot again. Hope to have lots of fun here!
  8. Duelists Unite Marketplace Rules Welcome to the Duelists Unite Marketplace! Here you are free to buy, sell, and trade with fellow forum members. There is also a YGO Marketplace Discord, where you can discuss topics such as investments and why a card has gone up in price. Before you dive on in to the Marketplace, please take the time to read through these rules. (1) Trade Safely Duelists Unite Forum staff are NOT liable for any fraud that takes place. We do our best to make the forum a safe place to do business, but we have no control over your or your trade partner's actions. Proof of Shipping/Delivery Confirmation are highly recommended when possible. At the very least, this would be making the trip to the post office and requesting a meter strip (same price as a stamp). You'll get a receipt showing the destination of your mailpiece. (2) Feedback Rule Who sends first in a transaction is decided by your feedback score on the Duelists Unite Forum. The person with the lower feedback score sends first. The other person will send once they receive and confirm the contents. Your feedback score is +1 for every positive feedback, -1 for every neg, and +0 for every neutral. Once a deal is completed, both parties may exchange feedback. Leaving feedback is optional, but highly encouraged. Feedback may only be left for deals made on-site. Do not leave illegitimate feedback. (3) Trade Confirmation Trades are confirmed once both sides have exchanged addresses. Both parties must provide a complete shipping address, including name. Cards are assumed TCG English Mint/Near Mint Condition, unless specified otherwise. Confirm language/condition with your trade partner before sending damaged/foreign language goods. When it is your turn to ship, you have 10 days to do so. It is recommended you ship as soon as you can instead of holding out as long as possible. Each side is responsible for their end arriving. (4) Ripping Ripping is refusing to ship your end even after you have received from your trade partner. In other words, stealing. Ripping will not be tolerated and will result in a ban from the forum, not just the Marketplace. Confirmed rippers will also be added to a Ripper List. AntiMetaMan (or other staff), if you've got feedback on this, please let me know.


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