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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the HQ Project! Here you will find the highest quality proxies for every card in the game (anime+manga+tcg+ocg) in different templates (series 9, full art, anime style, vanguard style) in different languages (english, chinese simplified, japanese, italian). There's also an Alternate art pack as well as Rarities+Foils. Donate here: paypal@duelistsunite.org Using these proxies will solve the thumbnail problem if you use at least 720p (1280x720 window). To those that Yugitube, this will make your videos a little better because you can record replays at 720p directly without stretching. Artwork will be gathered from all the best artists in the credits below. In addition, I will use my personal high-resolution (813x1185) MSE template to make proxies. ATTENTION: (9/27/17): The project has been discontinued. Sorry. I just don't have time for it anymore. Update 6/3/17: Series 10 design has been perfected. The link monster and artbox have been fixed specifically. This will be the last stable update for Series 10 for a long time. All new and future will be in the 'update' folder in the Original (813x1185) size. However, the Series 10 Original packs for current cards will not be found in the mega folder anymore. If you are interested in purchasing the Series 10 813x1185 pack for all tcg/ocg cards (8630+), then contact me on discord or pm me here on the forum. Update 5/25/17: Series 10 updated for tcg/ocg and anime/manga. Some things were fixed like level/rank stars, name position, etc. Update 5/1/17: Series 10, Anime style, Full Art v1, Full Art v3, Vanguard, and Rose styles are in the mega folder. A Series 10 pack of 813x1185 will come later which will be even higher quality than before. All sample images below are now outdated. Also, I will not put updates in the Update folder always as before. You guys are on your own for updates. You can make the pics yourself using the MSE template: Use the updater now if you want the hq pics. How do I use these pics in YGOPro? *READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING!!* Samples (coming soon): Credits (I recommend to watch/follow all these artists.): Disclaimer: