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Found 42 results

  1. KillaSage


    Yfomobile Hey guys, I'm playing the mobile client and I'm encountering some unknown cards (cards that don't have an image, just a question mark) since the card works and doesn't crash my client I'm guessing I'm missing the pictures, so where do I find em or am I wrong, in that case can someone help?
  2. JadenYukiBaby


    YGOPRO2 Hello everyone ım new in this site and ı am trying to download new ygopro 2. I followed all the videos and ı have downloaded winrar and tried to work the program. Well after hours of work finally ı did it. İt works BUT i cannot see any artwork on the cards ı am just playing with white artworked cards. All the simulations are great i can create decks and play but there is no sense to play without seeing the cards so this is a huge problem for me ( I cannot see the animations of the cards neither). So if anybody knows the solution ( maybe i did a mistake when ı downloading) please help me.
  3. YGOPro2 updater Hey all, it might already be asked, but I couldn't find it, so here I am. I downloaded and extracted YGOPro2 with Updater just dandy, but running the updater has me concerned. It ran perfectly A-OH-KAY, until it reached "...\config\strings.conf". There it has been stuck for about half an hour, if not more. Is this normal, or am I missing something? Hoping it can be resolved. Kross
  4. Guest

    Invalid Deck

    Invalid Deck I had already played several games with this deck, but suddenly I started to show this message, I do not know what to do My deck "Invalid Deck"
  5. I can't place pendulum monsters I can't place pendulum monsters in the pendulum can i get some help
  6. Apprentice illusion magician bug Apprentice illusion magician's eff to add DM from deck to hand does not trigger when she is summoned both by her eff or navigation. Please check out if you have time. Great Work regardless!!! X
  7. WindWitch - glass bell Bug Hi, Bug when Windwitch - Glassbell is ss from deck. Its eff does not trigger to add another wind type from the deck. Thanks again . x
  8. Eye of Timaeus BUG In online mode (gideon server), Eye of Timaeus cannot be searched by cards that say "S/T that includes dark magician in its name". This includes dark magical circle, magician's rod, and the other quick spell whose name I forgot.
  9. Guest

    Connection issue

    Connection issue Alright so I am currently in Tanzania, east Africa and trying to play ygo pro 2. I have the game and whenever i try to start an online duel i either get a disconnected message in the bottom left corner or I get a name error telling me to change my name in the game. Any help would be appreciated
  10. TINDANGLE HOUND BUG! SHOWING THE WRONG EFFECT! Was playing a game and came across this bug with Tindangle Hound...The effect should read "FLIP: You can target 1 other face-up monster on the field; this card gains ATK equal to that monster's original ATK, then change that monster to face-down Defense Position.Each monster your opponent controls loses 1000 ATK for each monster linked to it. If this card is destroyed by battle or card effect and sent to the GY: You can target 1 Set monster on the field; change it to face-up Defense Position." Instead it reads "FLIP: You can Special Summon 1 Flip monster from your hand or GY in face-down defense position, except "Tindangle Angel", then if this effect is activated during your opponent's Battle Phase, end the Battle Phase. You can only use this effect of "Tindangle Angel" once per turn." Apparentley it is reading as Tindangle Angel. This is a HUGE problem as it cuased major complications in the gameplay. PLEASE FIX THIS! 09-27「20:34:45」.yrp3d
  11. Aquaactress cards aren't working It seems like all the Aquaactress cards do not work, this includes the aquarium cards. Aquaactress tetra and guppy's effects do not appear, the effects from the aquarium cards seem to not work either.
  12. White Aura Biphamet and Battle Tuned, aren't Working Hello, im here to report some bug. As the tittle shows, the cards White Aura Biphamet and Battle Tuned arent working. When i summon White Aura Biphamet, his effe doesnt show up, and when i activated battle Tuned, the card just goes to gravy and dont let me remove a tuner monster from gravy to add him atk to another monster.
  13. YGOPRO 2 Darklord Bug Hi, I am having plenty of fun with this game. Could you please address the bugs in Darklord cards? I cannot use the effects that activate in the hand. This means no Ixtab, no Mastem and no Amdusc. This pretty much shuts down the deck. Some assistance, please! Thanks
  14. YGOPRO2 New Counter Fairy Cards Glitchy New Counter Fairy Cards Glitchy Hi, Reincarnating Parshath automatically selects Arch Parshath as its tarhet when it resolves. It should give the user the choice to pic any of the other parshath monsters in the deck or extra deck. Some assistance, please! Thanks
  15. Ojama Duo Glitch Ojama Duo only summons 1 token if the opponent already has one monster in their field. Also, it one cannot activate the effect it has in the graveyard
  16. Connor

    Ojama Duo Glitch

    Ojama Duo Glitch Ojama Duo only summons 1 token if the opponent already has one monster in their field. Also, it one cannot activate the effect it has in the graveyard
  17. YGOPRO 2 Darklord Bug Hi, I am having plenty of fun with this game. Could you please address the bugs in Darklord cards? I cannot use the effects that activate in the hand. This means no Ixtab, no Mastem and no Amdusc. This pretty much shuts down the deck. Some assistance, please! Thanks
  18. Guest

    Bug - The True Name

    Bug - The True Name Hey there! so i was testing around a deck that i came up with and i found that the card The True Name does not show your deck, it shows some random cards like Summoned Skull or Neos. I tought it was some misstake or something, but after some tests i found that the bug is still there.insert code hereinsert code here. I'll put here a ss, hope you can fix this soon!
  19. Ygopro2 brilliant fusion not working/ updater fail So was enjoying this incredible game when all of a sudden unnoticed brilliant fusion started not to work meaning couldn't activate it.. then certain cards in my extra deck I couldn't summon like beelze... so then I thought maybe it's because of an update needed .. went to update now the updater is failing at the end while it's updating "scripts" then a big white screen pops up with a whole bunch of stuff... whoever reads this thanks for you time and help 👍
  20. YGOPro2 monster summing bug while playing YGOPro2 I experienced 2 bugs: 1) in one game I could not summon lightning over utopia. 2) I could not summon arcanite magician using harmonizing magican + timebreaker magician
  21. (Bug) Artifact Vajra unable to special summon from hand on direct attack. Had Vajra in hand, opponent killed my one monster. then attacked directly with a second monster, no effects on the field would have stopped the summon and i was never given an option to special summon on the direct attack. Also in same duel I was unable to fusion summon via Ancient Gear Hounds effect and because of these two problems and me trying to figure them out I timed out. -lastReplay.yrp3d
  22. I found three Link monsters with a shared faulty effect. The monsters that need fixed are Excrawler Neurogos, Excrawler Synapses, and Excrawler Qualiark. All three all supposed to Special Summon two Crawler monsters from the graveyard in face-down defense position when they are removed from the field by an opponent's effect or destroyed by battle. However, this effect does not activate on any of them if they are destroyed by battle. EDIT: This in Ygopro 2. I forgot to specify that.
  23. Guest

    Ygopro2 MAgibullet bug

    Ygopro2 MAgibullet bug Ive been playing ygopro a few days now playing magibullets with no issues till now. When i went to play the deck everytime i attempted to activate a magibullet effect it wouldnt let me. it wouldnt even promp for me to attempt to. instead it just acted like it didnt exist. This only has been happening with magibullets so if anyone knows whats causing it or how to fix it please tell me.
  24. Subterror Fiendess lets you SS in Attack Was playing Subterrors just now and noticed that, when using her effect to Special Summon other Subterror monsters, Fiendess allows you to SS in either face up Attack or face up Defence Position. Her effect states she summons them in either face up or face down Defence Position only. Not sure if this issue persists with other Subterror cards, like Nemesis Archer and Nemesis Warrior but thought it needed fixing.
  25. Game crashed a few times mid duel So whenever i try to special summon a monster to the opponent's field, the game crashes. It just closes the game and says something like, "the game has crashed. contact the developer". Here is info. All crash info.zip