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Found 3 results

  1. YGOPRO 2 Dark Magician the Dragon Knight So I put 3 Dark Magician the Dragon Knight in my deck, when I want to edit my deck the monster is shown, when I play a game, it's gone! Obviously I can't use my Timaeus either. Can someone explain why my DM the DK disappears when I play vs a player? I have the most recent version of the game so something isn't right. Please help.
  2. dark magician deck support card errors please can someone tell me what is going on with the dark magician deck and support cards first the new support cark Dark magician the dragon knight wouldn't show up in duels in the extra deck (seems to be fixed) then the effects of magicians rod and dark magic inheritance stopped working (magicians rod seems fixed not sure on the other) now it seems the effects of eternal soul and eye of timaeus are not working now ???? if they were working before why the change now come on people lets get one of the most iconic cards (dark magician) and deck sorted and ironed out once and for all
  3. Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl Bugs I made a Dark Magician Girl deck and tried using it, but alas i cannot due to the main cards being bugged. Here are the bugs i found: Dark Magician Girl card #38033126 does not gain attack on the field when Dark Magician is on the field/in the graveyard. I'm unsure about the other artworks Arcana Dark Magician is not treated as "dark magician" in the game as it does not trigger any of my effects nor can i special summon it using "Eternal Soul" or any other DM Cards "Dark Burning Magic" does not let me activate even though Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl are on the field The last one is probably the most aggravating one considering that it is the heart of my deck in being able to win. Any fixes or updates, please let me know. Thank you!