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Found 1 result

  1. Duelists Unite Marketplace Rules Welcome to the Duelists Unite Marketplace! Here you are free to buy, sell, and trade with fellow forum members. There is also a YGO Marketplace Discord, where you can discuss topics such as investments and why a card has gone up in price. Before you dive on in to the Marketplace, please take the time to read through these rules. (1) Trade Safely Duelists Unite Forum staff are NOT liable for any fraud that takes place. We do our best to make the forum a safe place to do business, but we have no control over your or your trade partner's actions. Proof of Shipping/Delivery Confirmation are highly recommended when possible. At the very least, this would be making the trip to the post office and requesting a meter strip (same price as a stamp). You'll get a receipt showing the destination of your mailpiece. (2) Feedback Rule Who sends first in a transaction is decided by your feedback score on the Duelists Unite Forum. The person with the lower feedback score sends first. The other person will send once they receive and confirm the contents. Your feedback score is +1 for every positive feedback, -1 for every neg, and +0 for every neutral. Once a deal is completed, both parties may exchange feedback. Leaving feedback is optional, but highly encouraged. Feedback may only be left for deals made on-site. Do not leave illegitimate feedback. (3) Trade Confirmation Trades are confirmed once both sides have exchanged addresses. Both parties must provide a complete shipping address, including name. Cards are assumed TCG English Mint/Near Mint Condition, unless specified otherwise. Confirm language/condition with your trade partner before sending damaged/foreign language goods. When it is your turn to ship, you have 10 days to do so. It is recommended you ship as soon as you can instead of holding out as long as possible. Each side is responsible for their end arriving. (4) Ripping Ripping is refusing to ship your end even after you have received from your trade partner. In other words, stealing. Ripping will not be tolerated and will result in a ban from the forum, not just the Marketplace. Confirmed rippers will also be added to a Ripper List. AntiMetaMan (or other staff), if you've got feedback on this, please let me know.