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Found 1 result

  1. Yu-Gi-Oh series 10 HQ Japanese image 9890 cards 「ストラクチャーデッキR-ロード・オブ・マジシャン- 」 (SR08) updated ! 遊戯王 第10期仕様 高画質 日本語画像 全 9890 枚 「Structure Deck R: Lord of Magician」 (SR08) まで収録 ! New Cards Samples : 新規カードサンプル Full card images / 全カード画像 : 10/03/2019 1024x640 (177x254) DOWNLOAD Default Size ( Suits all YGO Programs ) 1920x1080 (323x470) DOWNLOAD Medium Size ( Windows Adjustable YGOPRO ) 1920x1080 (484x700) DOWNLOAD Large Size ( YGOPRO 2 ) 1920x1080 (544x544) DOWNLOAD Field Images Japanese Cards Samples : 日本語カードサンプル Credits : 協力 KeYongYu: Special thanks to him (Original creator of DataEditorX, his program is the entire reason why this process is so easy, you can download his MSE editor and create your own proxies along with your cdb. HuangYuNan: The YUGIOH 544x544 images that I used for this project very first time. He is the one who collected 7000 over yugioh's images alone and share it on the internet. Japanese ADS Website: The Japanese data base that I used for this project. AntiMetaman: The one who inspired me to start the project, He made only English proxies before, he was too busy doing my Japanese proxies request, so I decide to start my own Japanese card HQ Project. Yu-Gi-Oh!_Wikia: Images and data mostly use for my project. 1157981433 Deviantart: The highest quality Yugioh images that I found online. Baidu Tieba: High quality Yugioh images post by Chinese. I use this website's image to make BETA proxies. Maliku Ishutaru: Replacing censored images from the project. Jam Balaya: Continue the project for 10 months.