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Found 4 results

  1. Version 2.0.1


    I'm pleased to announce the release of YGOMobile in English. This is the first mobile adaptation for ygopro for android that supports new master rules in English. I am releasing it in collaboration with the below developers with an English translation and pics. This can connect to the same servers as YGOPro 2 which means you can duel on your phone against a player on YGOPro 2 or vice versa! This version is based off purosefallen's core. Register to download: http://tiny.cc/duregister Features: Supports New Master Rules Connects to both Gideon server and Mercury server All latest cards since Oct. 6th, 2017 Credits: purosefallen (main developer) https://github.com/purerosefallen/ygopro-222DIY fallenstardust (main developer) https://github.com/moecube/ygomobile Gary Mabin (former developer) https://github.com/garymabin/YGOMobile Fluorohydride (Developer of YGOPro) KeYongYu, DailyShana, Edo9300, VanillaSalt (collaborators of ocgcore) Gideon (Gideon server) Mercury (Mercury server) Khris (translation, compilation) AntiMetaman (pics, artwork, textures, translation)
  2. Able to select which link monster I wish to summon when I have the required materials. However, the game freezes entirely once I select the monster. Not letting me select material and summon the monster. Device is a Samsung Galaxy J3, No problems before but links have just recentlt started acting up.
  3. this is new server work on ygomobile and ygopro2. default banlist is World, u can still play tcg, and ocg banlist by inputing the password IP: chronos.tk Port: 7911 Version: 0x133D Warning : Pay attention this is new server made by my friend. i need assistance u guys testing this server. tell me if u find any bug or error there. if u dont input any password or u dont specify id room , u will be directed to any existed room with specified rule made by hoster in order to avoid this issue , u can type #idnumber to make room with id u choose example u want banlist "world" and make room with id 23 the password should be B2#23 Here the PSW Arguments u need to input (**Limited to 19 characters**): #[0-2147483647] = Room Code, if declared, in the case of a room with that code already exists, you will join that room, ignoring the other arguments, if a room with that code are not present, a new room will be created with this code, using the configurations of the arguments present in the PSW. [Create Only] (Will be ignored in searching) M = Match Duel S = Single Duel T = Tag Duel C = Ignore banlist (No Check Deck) F = No Shuffle Deck A = Fill the room with bots (Enables Ignore banlist) N = Enables the use of Master Rules 3 (New Master Rules is default) L(Value/2000) = Set the starting LP of both players (The LP will be the input multiplied by 2000, so L2 = 4000) H(Value) = Set the starting hand card count of both players D(Value) = Set the number of cards to draw on each player draw phase G(Value) = Set the time limit for each player, in minutes R(Value) = Set the card limitation, can be 0: OCG Only, 1: TCG Only, 2: All Cards B(Value) = Set the banlist, can be 0: TCG, 1: OCG, 2: World, 3: Traditional, 4: Anime PSW Examples: MNL2G7#2345 = Will search for room 2345, if not found, will create room 2345 as Match Duel with master rules 3, 4000 Life points and 7 minutes for each player; T = Will search for any tag duel room, if not found, will create a new one with random code; 2451 = Will search for room 2451, if not found will create it with default configurations; [Empty] = Will search any new master rules room and join, if not found, will create a new one with default banlist is world; feel free ask me in discord if u wanna to talk . my discord id is gakmikir#6989
  4. Guest


    YGOMOBILE CARD PICS I have a question about the ygomobile a ygopro link variant for mobile ,if i can use a card pics and updates from pc version to ygomobile or not or if there's a new update after august 10th,because there's a few cards like fire prison that doesn't has a picture and description.
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