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Found 37 results

  1. Version 1.6


    Requirements At least 2 GB of RAM (game uses 800 MB) Register to download: http://tiny.cc/duregister Demo: Features Read Steiner - Ability to go back in time during a duel to see previous actions. Monster 3D Projections Scaleable UI (card pictures, field, etc.) Replay system (ygopro 2 replays never crash including old ones, can convert to ygopro 1 replay, can play ygopro 1 replay) 3D animations for attacks, summons, and other miscellaneous (can be toggled on/off) Ability to look at graveyard, banished zone, and extra deck at any time. Supports New master rules and can connect to Gideon server Changes All Chinese translated to English 100%. (ex. side deck, rock paper scissors, end of duel saving replay) Works with 32-bit Windows Offline AI removed (It doesn't work. We will try to add windbot as an option in the future). Card Log removed (this was obstructing the duel screen and it is unnecessary info.) Pendulum 3D effect fixed (Used to work in previous version but stopped working after Links.) Deck Lists upon hovering over deck during duel removed. (This is too much info. In real life players should remember cards and cannot write down anything. Otherwise it is considered cheating.) Strings fixed (Sometimes when card effects were activated, words would appear cut off.) Credits Froge / Miaowu / lllyasviel (Main developer) Fluorohydride / Argon Sun (Developer of YGOPro) KeYongYu, DailyShana, Edo9300, VanillaSalt (collaborators of ocgcore) IceYGO / Maxou (YGOSharp, Windbot) Snrk, wSedlacek (updater) AntiMetaman (pics, artwork, closeups, textures, translation, pack and language databases) Khris (compilation, tweaking, translation) Gideon (Gideon server) Mercury (Mercury server) Lord of Nightmares, Juan-K, deisuke, Tea82, Aire/Ace (artwork, closeups) Future Goals & Projects Fix offline AI (windbot) and Puzzle Mode Add Anime cards (core is already able to use anime cards, but option to filter by ot is needed in deck edit) LAN mode (Currently ygopro 2 can connect to a LAN game using ygopro 1 as the host) Add Music Everest (Ranked server based off Mercury server with deck statistics) YGOPro servers you can connect to:
  2. During duels, the game doesn't let me make the moves I want to make. Instead, I'm forced to activate every single card and effect I possibly can before I can change Phase. For instance, if I summon a monster and I have Dark Hole in my hand, I HAVE to activate Dark Hole before I can do anything else. I can't go to Battle Phase or end my turn. If I don't make these moves forced upon me, I'm just stuck. Please help!
  3. this is new server work on ygomobile and ygopro2. default banlist is World, u can still play tcg, and ocg banlist by inputing the password IP: chronos.tk Port: 7911 Version: 0x133D Warning : Pay attention this is new server made by my friend. i need assistance u guys testing this server. tell me if u find any bug or error there. if u dont input any password or u dont specify id room , u will be directed to any existed room with specified rule made by hoster in order to avoid this issue , u can type #idnumber to make room with id u choose example u want banlist "world" and make room with id 23 the password should be B2#23 Here the PSW Arguments u need to input (**Limited to 19 characters**): #[0-2147483647] = Room Code, if declared, in the case of a room with that code already exists, you will join that room, ignoring the other arguments, if a room with that code are not present, a new room will be created with this code, using the configurations of the arguments present in the PSW. [Create Only] (Will be ignored in searching) M = Match Duel S = Single Duel T = Tag Duel C = Ignore banlist (No Check Deck) F = No Shuffle Deck A = Fill the room with bots (Enables Ignore banlist) N = Enables the use of Master Rules 3 (New Master Rules is default) L(Value/2000) = Set the starting LP of both players (The LP will be the input multiplied by 2000, so L2 = 4000) H(Value) = Set the starting hand card count of both players D(Value) = Set the number of cards to draw on each player draw phase G(Value) = Set the time limit for each player, in minutes R(Value) = Set the card limitation, can be 0: OCG Only, 1: TCG Only, 2: All Cards B(Value) = Set the banlist, can be 0: TCG, 1: OCG, 2: World, 3: Traditional, 4: Anime PSW Examples: MNL2G7#2345 = Will search for room 2345, if not found, will create room 2345 as Match Duel with master rules 3, 4000 Life points and 7 minutes for each player; T = Will search for any tag duel room, if not found, will create a new one with random code; 2451 = Will search for room 2451, if not found will create it with default configurations; [Empty] = Will search any new master rules room and join, if not found, will create a new one with default banlist is world; feel free ask me in discord if u wanna to talk . my discord id is gakmikir#6989
  4. [YGOPro2] Unable to Pendulum Summon Just as the title states when the conditions are met, cards within the scale from the hand to the normal monster zones or extra deck to the extra/link monster zones cannot be done. Neither Pendulum monster in the new pendulum/spell zones presents the option to special summon. Only the pendulum effects are available.
  5. Guest

    Hello, LINKS YGOPRO2

    Hello, LINKS YGOPRO2 Hi guys can someone tell why cant I summon links in YGOPRO 2 ? i can add them to the deck, and i can summon some, but I cant summon Decode Talker, and some others...
  6. Guest

    updater will not give new cards

    updater will not give new coards title pretty much sums it up.. but ever time i run the updater its just doing the normal. i even tried deleting all the pics and stuff from the folders and nothing. just give me what i just deleted. that's it. is there a way to fix this with out re-downloading YGO2 ?
  7. i can't pendulum or link summon on YGOPRO2 Hi, i have a problem when i play vs the ia. The problem is that i i can't pendulum or link summon. I need play vs the ia to test my decks
  8. YGOPRO 2 Darklord Bug Hi, I am having plenty of fun with this game. Could you please address the bugs in Darklord cards? I cannot use the effects that activate in the hand. This means no Ixtab, no Mastem and no Amdusc. This pretty much shuts down the deck. Some assistance, please! Thanks
  9. Guest

    Bug - The True Name

    Bug - The True Name Hey there! so i was testing around a deck that i came up with and i found that the card The True Name does not show your deck, it shows some random cards like Summoned Skull or Neos. I tought it was some misstake or something, but after some tests i found that the bug is still there.insert code hereinsert code here. I'll put here a ss, hope you can fix this soon!
  10. Ygopro2 brilliant fusion not working/ updater fail So was enjoying this incredible game when all of a sudden unnoticed brilliant fusion started not to work meaning couldn't activate it.. then certain cards in my extra deck I couldn't summon like beelze... so then I thought maybe it's because of an update needed .. went to update now the updater is failing at the end while it's updating "scripts" then a big white screen pops up with a whole bunch of stuff... whoever reads this thanks for you time and help 👍
  11. Rokkett / Varrett Spell Cards Not Work Neither of the Varrett / Rokkett / Vullett spell cards (Squib Draw and Quick Revolve) seem to be working. They don't seem to have any targets.
  12. Guest

    Ygopro2 MAgibullet bug

    Ygopro2 MAgibullet bug Ive been playing ygopro a few days now playing magibullets with no issues till now. When i went to play the deck everytime i attempted to activate a magibullet effect it wouldnt let me. it wouldnt even promp for me to attempt to. instead it just acted like it didnt exist. This only has been happening with magibullets so if anyone knows whats causing it or how to fix it please tell me.
  13. Subterror Fiendess lets you SS in Attack Was playing Subterrors just now and noticed that, when using her effect to Special Summon other Subterror monsters, Fiendess allows you to SS in either face up Attack or face up Defence Position. Her effect states she summons them in either face up or face down Defence Position only. Not sure if this issue persists with other Subterror cards, like Nemesis Archer and Nemesis Warrior but thought it needed fixing.
  14. Guest

    YGOPro 2 Puzzle Mode

    YGOPro 2 Puzzle Mod Does anyone know how exactly the puzzle mode works. I can easily add cards to my hand by activating the ra card, but I cant add cards to the extra deck for example. And how do I get rid of the Ra-cards once I#ve finished my puzzle?
  15. Game crashed a few times mid duel So whenever i try to special summon a monster to the opponent's field, the game crashes. It just closes the game and says something like, "the game has crashed. contact the developer". Here is info. All crash info.zip
  16. King's Consonance not working. [Hidden Content] Was dueling online the other day on YgoPro2, I had a Red-eyes Black Flare Dragon (lv 7) and Flamvell guard (tuner lv1) in my graveyard, lv8 Crystal wing and Stardust spark in extra deck, and no monsters on the field. The opponent attacked me directly and I never got the option to activate my King's Consonance. In the replay below my friend and I dueled online to retest (milling till i get the card), I get to the King's Consonance near the end of the replay and still didn't let me have the option to use the card. The card works fine on percys, so wondering if the problem lies with the new link zone? Thanks for your time. King's Consonance .yrp3d
  17. Guest

    I,d like to download YGOPro2

    I,d like to download YGOPro2 Please teach me the link .
  18. Traslation problem. Hi! i have a little problem since i updated the game. the translation of the attributes, monster type and other things are in chinese. how can i fix it? trat's the only thing that's in chinese. and i allready change the CDB from the backup folder.
  19. [YGOPro2] Lyrilusc - Turquoise Warbler not working The eff when its SS from the hand its not working as intended(SS another Lyrilusc from hand or GY)
  20. New Banned for YGoPro2 Hi guys, I'm new here. Just downloaded YGoPro2 and would like to know how can I find the files with the new banlist to change the default one? Thanks a lot P.S.: Tried to search but the search bar give me error^^
  21. problems Card Asaltorrapaz - Falcon Strange Hello friends, I have problems with the last update I do not work this letter, Asaltorrapaz - Falcon Strange, leaves the letter but has no image, I keep it on the deck and does not recognize it .. try to download it with the program of Latest image, but nothing ... Another problem is that I am in duel Online and it sticks and the timer happens and passes until I run out of time to play or I lose the duel for it .. some way to fix it, it is server, or how I can increase the time of duel.. Thanks
  22. [YGOPro2] 2 bugs 1st I couldn't change the ui to the old one when I run the YGOBaker 2nd watch this picture as you can see the screen is stretched when I enter full screen mode also looks like the mouse has a fake position on the screen I'm using windows 10 with these specifications by CPU-Z & GPU-Z GPU CPU in Attachment Thanks in Advance DESKTOP-PV7L1CS.html
  23. Ygopro2 - Astrograph Sorcerer Ygopro2 - Astrograph Sorcerer effect is not working to summon Supreme king dragon Zarc!
  24. Design (issues/suggestions) In the image bellow i will explain some ideas i have in mind •So first of all the phases in the duel while having the monster projection on filed is useless and can't be used,so i propose to move it down to be able to use while having monster projections. (You can keep it in between the fields while the monster projections aren't on to keep to the basic duel design) •The "T6 Main phase 1" move it in between the LP/time bar to remove unnecessary words ,while hovering the hand cards... •As for the hand shower These are just my suggestions but,clearly the monster projection is overlapping with the duel phases which is an issue that needs to be dealt with.
  25. [YgoPro2] Report window The report window has to be much wider (or have adjustable width), since currently the left and right columns overlap, and also the right column is hard to read with so much wrapping.