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Request a Middleman Trade

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Request a Middleman Trade

New to trading and uncomfortable sending your possessions to a stranger before you get anything?  Maybe the trade is of relatively high value and you want a bit of extra insurance.  Whatever the reason, the DU Marketplace Staff is here to make you feel secure!  We offer to you traders our Middleman Trade Service!  Please be sure to read this page in full before requesting a Middleman Trade.


How does a Middleman Trade work?

  1. Both parties first agree to use a middleman, then the middleman agrees to act as middleman for the trade.
  2. After confirmation (through exchange of addresses), both parties send to their middleman and include their payment of the fee.
  3. Upon receipt, the middleman will inspect the contents and confirm that they are what was agreed upon.
    1. If the contents are not what was agreed upon, resolution of the problem must be worked out between the two parties.
    2. If the trade must be cancelled due to a dispute, cards and fee will be returned.
  4. The middleman will ship out only after they have received from both parties and contents are confirmed to be what was agreed upon.
  5. Once each party has received from their middleman, they may leave feedback for them and/or their trade partner.


First off, why use a Middleman?

Trade Bosses (or appointed middleman traders) are expected to be more trusted, responsible, and experienced members of the Marketplace community.

Under normal circumstances, you are assured to receive what you are owed with no problem when using a middleman.  


Why the fee?

Ever since I became a Trade Boss on DNF, I always anticipated this question.  Let me say now that no middleman is in this for profit (or at least shouldn't be).

  1. The fee sort of controls the usage of middleman trades.  Shifting responsibility to someone else should not come free, and a trader should carefully consider whether they need a mod trade.  
  2. Compensation for resources/money spent.  Each domestic middleman trade costs the middleman at least $5.  Some may cite gas used or time spent.  Yes, we do want to help make you feel safe, but we can't just frequently throw away $5.


Any other questions/concerns?

If you have any questions regarding middleman trades (or anything related to trades, really), please don't hesitate to ask.


Individual Middleman Rates/Policies



Base Fee: $3 per person (domestic)/$5 per person (international)

This fee is solely for the purpose of reimbursement for shipping expenses.  If paying the fee with Paypal, I can give you an exact quote, instead.

If the fee is an issue for you, talk to me, and I guarantee we can come up with a solution.

Fee is subject to change if shipping something that is either heavier than 8 oz. or requires Priority Mail service.  To give you a bit of an idea, the original Nintendo 3DS is about 8 oz.  Are you shipping a 3DS or just a couple cards?



I will always ship both ends of the middleman trade with Delivery Confirmation (tracking).

To ensure that both ends arrive to me, I ask that you ship with DC as well.  (Optional, but remember the point is to eliminate risk where possible.)

If you could add a note with details of the trade, that'd be swell.  (Again, optional)

I can middleman international trades so long as one party is located within the US.


My trade experience, for those a bit wary of me: 

  • DuelKing - DNF, Trade Boss since June 2014, 100+ feedback score (Unfortunately, DNF is dead.  I'm sure Zepharos could vouch for me)
  • Dolphin Overlord - Pojo, 150+ completed trades (Pojo's iTrader score doesn't take repeat traders into account, so 100+ different people)

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