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Ochtrogan DAD Control

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This is a Deck that is based on getting searches from doomdog and sangan along with burning abyss monsters that can seach each other. Doomdog can search both lava golem and necrofear. Necrofear is easy to summon and when destroyed acts like snatch steal. Lava golem is a searchable out to 2 monsters. sangan searches half of the deck, you mostly get rid of sangan during opponent's turn to search almost everything out of the deck, which you can use during your turn. 
its easy to use the new virus card with scarm on the field which has 2k defense. With the white dragon and necrofear you can easily control amout of dark monsters in the grave to summon DAD which is really easy to pull off in this deck.
You have lots of consistency with all the searches and allures, everything searches each other.

This deck is something I came up with, I love control deck and I have passion for them. I was extremly happy about sangan's unban, even with errata, it's still great!

Ochtrogan DAD Virus Control.ydk

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