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Guest Domasis

Starvemytle the Fusion Phantom Dragon of Chaos (Needs Work)

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Guest Domasis

A fusion of two archetypes from two separate eras, GX and Arc-V. This uses the Supreme King Servant Dragon Starving Venom to copy Armityle the Chaos Phantom's 10000 attack point effect, and swing for devastating amounts of damage. The deck is capable of winning without Armityle, but I want to be able to turbo Armityle. I know, near impossible. All constructive criticism is welcome.


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Hey @Domasis, this is a very interesting idea and it's great to see people being really creative with deck ideas! I am no master when it comes to Sacred Beasts, but here are some possible ideas for an "Armityle Turbo" as you desire.

  1. To make it easier to have all three "Sacred Beast" on the field, it may be useful to try and use Elemental HERO Prisma which can either be Pendulum Summoned or Normal Summoned. It's effect can also be copied by Phantom of Chaos if it is in the grave. This is easily searchable or Special Summoned by cards such as A Hero Lives, E-Emergency Call, Reinforcement of the Army, and Summoner Monk just to name a few (and these are probably the best options unless you want to add Elemental HERO Shadow Mist as well). 
    1. Pendulum summoning 3 Prismas is an instant Armityle as you can use all three of their effects to dump the 3 "Sacred Beast" monsters. 
  2. This may be a little weird and perhaps I can be called stupid or crazy for this idea, but using Brilliant Fusion to Fusion Summon Gem-Knight Seraphinite is a way to dump Hamon to the grave which grants you an extra Normal Summon along with a target for Phantom of Chaos. The extra Normal Summon can be used for Dark Summoning Beast or Elemental HERO Prisma. Prisma can be dumped as well by using Brilliant Fusion if you would prefer that instead.
    1. I would like to note that Hamon is preferred over Prisma for dumping. A combo you can perhaps use is activate Brilliant Fusion, dump Hamon and Fusion Summon Seraphinite. Special Summon Elemental HERO Prisma by using A Hero Lives or by Pendulum Summoning it after searching for it to make its name either Uria or Raviel. From here you have a few options on what you can do from here. 
      1. Option 1: First use Foolish Burial to get your last "Sacred Beast" in the grave. Normal Summon (or Pendulum Summon if you didn't do so for Prisma) two Phantom of Chaos and use their effects on Hamon and the remaining "Sacred Beast" and you have the materials you need to summon Armityle.
      2. Option 2: Normal Summon (or Pendulum Summon if you didn't do so already) one Phantom of Chaos and use its effect to copy Hamon in the grave. Then, Normal Summon (or if you haven't used the Pendulum Summon then do that) Dark Summoning Beast from your hand by tributing the Gem-Knight Seraphinite. Use its effect to tribute itself to summon Raviel. You can also just Pendulum Summon both the Phantom of Chaos and the Dark Summoning Beast and use their effects.
      3. Option 3: This option is only viable if you have already set-up a Call of the Haunted in the previous turn OR if you have Temple of the Kings on field or in your hand along with Call of the Haunted in hand. You also need 1 Dark Summoning Beast in hand as well. Tribute Summon Dark Summoning Beast by using Gem-Knight Seraphinite as your tribute fodder, use its effect to summon Uria or Raviel then use Call of the Haunted to revive the Dark Summoning Beast to trigger its effect to get out the remaining "Sacred Beast" that you need. 
    2. You can also start by again using Brilliant Fusion or Foolish Burial to dump Hamon (if you use Foolish Burial then you can use either Uria and Raviel) then Pendulum Summon 2 Prisma and 1 Phantom of Chaos, 1 Phantom of Chaos and 2 Dark Summoning Beast, OR 1 Prisma, 1 Phantom of Chaos, and 1 Dark Summoning Beast.
  3. Sangan can be used to search for Dark Summoning Beast, though it's a bit slow so it's up to you whether you want to use it or not. However, do note that it can trigger its effect when it is used to summon Starving Venom Fusion Dragon (though as of my knowledge, that isn't quite possible in your deck as you don't have Polymerization or any other Fusion Spell).
  4. Mystic Tomato can be used to Special Summon a Dark Summoning Beast when it is destroyed by battle, but this is again slow and you run the risk of the Dark Summoning Beast being destroyed by battle before you get to use it so it requires that you set up something like Call of the Haunted or anything that stops your opponent from destroying it by battle such as any of the "Mirror Force" cards (though this doesn't stop them from destroying it by effect if they manage to survive). 

Sorry for making this so long, but these are some ideas that just came to mind at the moment. I'm sure there are other ways as well that may be better.


Best regards,

Sun Tzu ??


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