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Lost in Illusions

Ozone-YGOPro Clash #16

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1. Post your username on this thread to register, first 32 players to register will be added to participate list

2. You are ALLOWED TO CHANGE YOUR DECK after every match if you wish to.

3.BOTH players must record replays of all rounds and the winner uploads all replays to me in Discord PMs. (Ex. Yugi vs Mai 2-1, Yugi vs Mai 2-0) 

4. This tournament will be NON-LIVE. Each round will last 48 hours, and you and your opponent may duel anytime during this period, but the duel must be completed in the 48 hours given. If by the 48 hours the duel is not completed (while you're not dueling), the win will be given to the most active player.



Forbidden List: TCG (Most recent available )

Allowed : TCG

Format: Single Elimination (This is subject to change with the number of participants/extenuating circumstances) 

Duel Mode: Match

Location: USA Server, Percy 

Challonge bracket: https://challonge.com/vh7tacct

Discord (Chat here): https://discord.gg/5M6XtEj

FAQ: http://duelistsunite.org/Rogue/Tourny-Rules.html

Additional Information: PM me anytime!




$5 for the winner, prize will be sent via paypal only.

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