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Guest Resugen

Official TCG Tournament - TrueNobles

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Guest Resugen

So after literally ages that I haven't played Yugioh I found the Noble Knights archetype and I just fall in love with the cards, the machanics surrounding it and everything that is on about the deck. 


Unfortunately, though, I started playing in a really meta HEAVY time and I had to face a lot of True Kings and True Dinos as well as some D/D/D's. I was so in love with the deck I went and bought of all the cards to be able to play in real life too. 


After hundreds of trials and errors I wouldn't want to give up on the deck and therefore I managed to conclude to what I consider a Solid build to play and compete even with current meta decks.


The build is (and we will talk about everything after this):



Cards to be experimented with are:


Breakthrough skill : I have 2 copies but if you feel there is a need for a 3rd go for it somehow. I just think this is a stable card for the deck because monster effects literally destroy Nobles.

Pot of Duality: The only card that might be able to go away for another copy of Breakthrough and My body as a shield. 

TrueNobles Deck profile.png

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Hey, I saw you tried to put this under Official TCG Tournaments, but unless this deck previously topped at an official TCG Tournament it would be better to put this just as "TCG". Thanks!


Best Regards,

Sun Tzu

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