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Guest TheAndals

[YGOPro2] How do I access non-Gideon servers? [frustrated]

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Guest TheAndals

So I've been trying to play on the Moon Server, apparently for whatever reason the current launcer you download at the discord channel is locked to Gideon only (despite it not being clearly stated anywhere besides a tiny pinned message in tech_support from 4 months ago that is referring you to a non-existent "old .zip file" in #welcome_downloads)


I tried playing against myself. I can connect to myself, I can start a duel, and for 8 seconds I can do everything, play cards, activate effects, do whatever. It even shows up on the other end. 

But around the 8-10 or so second mark the duel disconnects saying "Your opponent disconnected" (I am the opponent and I did not, obviously, disconnect)

This disconnection is persistent and does not happen on Gideon. Prior to being disconnected I can play just fine but its like there's something trigger a disconnection after around 8 or 10 seconds.


In tech support there's a pinned message saying the launcher is locked to Gideon Server only and we have to do a few steps to allow playing on other servers, it refers to files on a non existent "old zip" version that is no longer in #welcome_downloads. 
I am confused, tired, everyone I've been trying to get help from says that the pro2 version is basically given up on and that I should just move on but that's ridiculous.

Can somebody help? particularly Moon Server ( (Port 7999)


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