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Guest KingKoryo

ideas for rebuilding a magicians deck

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Guest KingKoryo

ideas for rebuilding a magicians deck

So I built this yugioh Deck, on ygopro 1. still practicing with it and it does work. But I need ideas for card replacements within the deck. 



Dragonpulse Magician 1

Xiangke Magician 1

Preformapal Pendulum Xorceror 1

Performapal Odd-eyes Light Phoenix 1

Performapal Odd-eyes Unicorn 1

Archfiend Eccentrick 1

Nobledragon Magician 1

Maxx C 1

Mist Valley Apex Avian 3

Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon 3

Oafdragon Magician 3

Dragonpit Magician 3

Fairy Tail - Luna 3

Performapal Skullcrobat Joker 3

Magical Abductor 3

Wisdom-Eye Magician 3



Duelist Alliance 3

Pendulum Call 3

Terraforming 2

Sky Iris 2

Igknight Reload 1

Odd-eyes Fusion 1



OE rebellion Dragon 1

OE Absolute dragon 2

OE Raging Dragon 1

OE MeteorBurst Dragon 1

OE Vortex Dragon 1

RE Flare Metal Dragon 1

#11 Big Eye 1

Utopia Beyond 1

Utopia The Lightning 1

Utopia 1

Trapeze Magician 1

Tornado Dragon 1

Castel 1

Abyss Dweller 1


I have been told countless times by someone who is supposedly a Master of deck building to remove: pendulum Sorceror, Unicorn, Phoenix, Igknight Reload, all 3 luna's, and all 3 Magical Abductors.

Then copped outwith rebuild the deck myself, but I am not a Pro Deck Builder. Please help give advice.

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Forgot the Extra Deck xD

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Guest Wanil

I never found the Performapal stuff necessary at all (though Skullcrobat Joker is fine) and when the Magicians got their Zarc support that became moreso the case.

Igknight Reload is optional. Magicians are one of the most consistent decks out there and can plus a bunch with the hand though, so as a Pendulum deck it is one of the ones that need it the least. The only real benefit to it is with the hope you get lucky and draw into something like Avian when you want it (and it can't fix your hand if you get a card like that and nothing to work with it). You can have 1 if you really feel like you need it, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Luna is annoying, but not effective, in a build like this. Like with the last thing I mentioned, try 2 out if you really want it as that should be within search parameters and it wouldn't entirely debilitate your field if you went all out with them. You could try and give Timebreaker Magician a go too if you only care for the removal and not so much how the removal is done.

You don't use enough Pendulum monsters that you can cycle through to get the most out of Magical Abductor, so it's slow. Like I mentioned Zarc Magicians...if you use Iris Magician, you can get Pendulumgraph of Ages, then replace Iris Magician and you got 3 counters right there...likewise with any extensions like with Astrograph Sorcerer, you got a set-up to get another 3 counters for use with the next turn. As it stands...your most efficient means to do something relies on Sky Iris and save for a 1-time fusion or outside support that has nothing to do with it and as such is inconsistent that will always be delayed in use, and the other thing involves Pendulum Sorcerer which while fine runs out of steam pretty quickly and is counter-intuitive.


I am not entirely sure where you want to go with this. The main thing I would bring up would be is to maybe try Tune Magician; Oafdragon lets you re-use it and it makes Xyz Summons a lot easier if you don't plan on Synchroing (also, if you DO go with such an addition, maybe add in 1 synchro that it could summon over one of the various Odd-Eyes in the extra or the bonus Utopia monster or something). Magician's Hands continuous spell cards can compliment your Avians too.

Lesser things to mention...if you want Magical Abductor, consider Pendulum Fusion (can be searched off Duelist Alliance) so you can cycle through your cards more. If you want to stick with Luna, as bad as the idea sounds...maybe consider Smile Universe...if your strategy is to completely shut down someone with her and Avian then the drawback should be irrelevant. Odd-Eyes Rebellion can do so much damage that it can mitigate that anyways. Perhaps try out Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon if Luna is appealing to you.


Really, I think most of this would be preference on what to have...the Performapal stuff makes this a particular variant, so that much I would say is not quite preference, though in that case I wouldn't call this only "Magicians".

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