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Competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! Online™ - YGOPro Live

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Competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! Online presents the the first YGOPro Live


Sign-ups are now open!


• Join the Discord Server https://discord.gg/bFcNUnH
• Post your YGOPro name in the #sign-up channel

• The tournament will start on November 10th, Saturday at 1 PM. 
• The tournament seeding is based on the official CYO rankings: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ik2CXC_xAjIYO8ktnoe98c53IwMchsrvZkvQLLtkPUA/edit#gid=0


• Single Elimination LIVE tournament

• Decks must be legal under the current TCG banlist
• Changing decks between rounds is allowed 
• Matches will be played on YGOPro
• 10 Minutes of inactivity will result in a GAME loss, and 15 minutes of inactivity will result in a MATCH loss.
• Cheating, lying  or unsporting conduct will result in disqualification
• Disconnection during a match results in a loss
• In case of disputes, please contact the server staff

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