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Dueling Nexus style  

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  1. 1. After the tournament, should there be a second tournament for Dueling Nexus players

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this'll be a new tournament where there will be 16 participants dueling with specific prototype decks hand made by me in my own deckbuilding challenge. it will be hosted on YGOpro2, but a poll will be placed after the tournament to have it on the Dueling Nexus.


Format: Single Elimination (MR4)

starts: February 15, 2019 1:00 pm EST

Simulator: YGOpro2 or Dueling Nexus (on a later date)


additional Rules: in this tournament, these rules apply:

  • Each deck will/must be hand made by Me or one of the co-hosts/admin

- If there needs to be any changes, then it must gain approval by me before applying said changes.

- Side decking is optional, but recommended. (it'll be in a match format)

- If there are to be changes, then it CANNOT change the deck’s main theme/purpose.

  • Each duel will be a MR4 formatted match per round.

-Any deck that lost before the semifinals will either be scrapped or traded away to a random person.

-If traded, then they’ll be free to change anything in the deck as they see fit.

  • No cheating allowed. Meaning no throwing the match, rigging it to win, having the opponent purposely lose, playing against a robot, etc.

- Cheating is an automatic loss, and a slight disadvantage in future tournaments.

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