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YCS-Styled Quarterly TCG Tournament

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ELY Quarterly

Welcome to ELY Quarterly! This is a massive multi-server tournament hosted by £xtremelylit YGO. With several rounds of Swiss followed by Single Elimination top cut, event coverage and prize support, this is one of the most ambitious amateur Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments ever held. The tournament will be hosted on Challonge with free entry, and participants can use whatever dueling platform they want, however all participants must consent to the use of Dueling Nexus, as it is the most accessible. The winner will receive first pick of a large set of Steam games, with the rest being filtered down to other participants based on their final standing. If there is a problem during a game, contact an organiser with proof and action will be taken accordingly. This tournament is also only the first of many: Come back in 3 months for ELY Quarterly #2!

---Tournament Settings-----
➤ Dueling Platform: Whatever participants agree on, however everyone must consent to the use of Dueling Nexus.
➤ Banlist: Most recent TCG banlist. TCG cards only.
➤ Duel Mode: Match [Win 2 of 3 games]
➤ Format: Swiss, Single Elimination for top cut.
➤ Decklists must be submitted to an organiser.
➤ Make your registered Challonge Name the same as your Discord Name or you will be disqualified from the tournament.

Time/Date: It begins on Saturday, March 30th, 10am EST and will continue for a few days as the rounds progress.

Challonge Page: Located in £xtremelylit
Tournament Organisers: captainfisting#3093 , Fappybutt#0327 , Ech#8868 , ZoraTheMaster#7223

---Signing Up--- To sign up, you need to join our discord at
https://discord.gg/EX6p3Yn where you will receive additional information on how to properly sign up.

---Prize Pool---
- 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place each receive a copy of Chivalry Medieval Warfare - 1st Place will get first pick of two games from the following list, 2nd Place will get their choice of one of the remaining games Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder

Sniper Elite 3
Tom Clancy's The Division
+ Survival Expansion - Ubisoft Store Key
Yakuza 0
Just Cause 3 XXL Edition
Alan Wake's American Nightmare
Animal Super Squad

Q: Where's the Challonge link? A: It's in the server listed. If you'd like to participate, join the server and look for the channel named #tournament-news
Q: What cards can I use? A: The tournament will be played with the
TCG Banlist and TCG Cardpool. No OCG cards allowed.
Q: Who do I submit my Decklist to? A: You can submit it to any of the 
Tournament Organisers listed in the above message.
Q: What are the prizes? A: The top-cut players will each receive 1 Steam Game pre-selected by the Tournament Organisers. Additionally, the runner-up will receive any 1 game of their choice from a list, and the 1st place winner will receive 2 games of their choice from a list.
Q: How long will this tournament last? A: This is a cross-server Swiss tournament with single-elimination for the top cut. As such, this tournament is expected to last a long time. We will keep you guys updated through both this channel and #tournament-news over in ExtremelyLit for more details.


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