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Fan-Favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! Archetype Research

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Fan-Favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! Archetype Research

Hi there,

     We decided to start a research in the community to find out what is the most loved archetype in Yu-Gi-Oh!. 15 Days from when this was posted, we are going to submit results to KONAMI.
     Thanks for participating!

          You can Vote for your favourite Archetypes here (multiple choice): http://bit.ly/2tdOo3w

Have a nice day!


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Guest Wanil

It is a bit hard to navigate the links (as there are multiple) but after a couple of minutes I got to the question.


I find it a bit odd that this has unofficial archetypes, making me think this just copied off the wikia pages, but I suppose if this is to be sent to Konami then the point to vote for such an option would be to express we'd like it to be real.

I think niche sub-archetypes (like Artorigus and Dyson or Blaze Accelerator) could have probably been left off the list though, as I figure if Konami where to support the main branch of an archetype then they'd keep the sub stuff in mind.


I am at the Fs right now, but I'll make my post now before something may happen...

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