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Dawn of the Abyss - Registration Thread

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Dawn of the Abyss - Registration Thread

Dawn of the Abyss


The world changed. It was never easy - the strong Duelists had influence and were celebrated like Heroes, even if the where arrogant repulsive creeps,

while the weak ones live on the streets. 


But now everything is different...People disappear. Some ended with injuries in the hospitals, if they could afford it. Others were never seen again. 

And then strange rumors about "Burning Abyss" cards exists...


The best Duelists in the country got medals, which showed their high positions. They should take care of the strange events in the country.

But many of them are missing. They vanished without a trace...


And at this point you come into play. 




Dawn of the Abyss is a Yu-Gi-Oh! RPG, which gives you the free opportunity, to create  a own  character and to duel. As a citizen in the town

Try Belle, you could live your live, reveal secrets or fight all your way to the top!


If you have no experience with RPG's - no problem. It's friendly for beginners. Who has additional questions or critic can PM me. 


That the RPG doesn't get mixed up, you should pay attention to the following scripts:


Actions and Events: Normal scripture. Example: He/She draws/drew a card from his/her deck. 


Language: In quotation marks. Example: "I challenge you!"


Thoughts: In cursive. Example. "Damn, how can i get out of here?"


Monster Name: In bold Letters. Example: Koa'ki Meiru Bergzak


External communication: In brackets. Example: ( PM me, if that's okay for you! )




So, post you character with Name, Age, Look, his/her Deck and a short description. I don't give you any guidelines for this. Here we go!




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Name: Johanna (Nickname JoAnn or Joan)

Age: 17

Deck: Angels

Johanna is a life-loving Person who always laugh no matter how tricky the Situation is. It often disturbs the People in her environment. Her parents aren't Duelists, so they don't live in good Conditions. Because of her life-like Nature, she can't take anything seriously that nobody know, what she plans. When she feels bad or is afraid, then she gives her Angel-Deck her whole Trust.


Name: Clark Magellan

Age: 16

Deck: Australia Deck

He and Johanna are Friends since they were little Kids. Clark is sometimes a Poser and shows off to be cool. He really taker care of Johanna, it seems like as if he loves her. 


Name: Enwich Williams

Alter: 19

Deck: ???

A weird man who steals rare cards of defeated Duelists and trades them at a stranger for a reward. Enwich calls him respectfuly "General".


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Is the RP Still active? Can I join.

Name: Adeza Kiaba

Age: 16

Deck: Blue-eyes/Dragons

Once an orphan at a shrine temple Adeza found her wings, her song, and her power to duel destiny itself.

Adopted by the Kiaba family soon after the events that would be called The Mirror's Reflection, and The Dragon's of Chaos act. 

Adeza now finds herself in a new town. She was shy at a time and it does come back at every now and then; but that won't stop her, that's why she took up singing. She wishes to help people in any way she can, much to Seto Kiabas' protest she went off on her way.

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