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Guest Gigagold

"Anti-Meta" Banishing Deck

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Guest Gigagold

"Anti-Meta" Banishing Deck

So, I am looking for help on how to make my "banish" deck, as I like to call it. I also want it in real life, thus I prefer to make it budget, so unless Pot of Desires and Ash Blossom are like, under 10 dollars, I don't want them yet.


My main win condition is going to be D.D. Dynamite.Vssd3Gg.png

without any siding. I will explain all of my deck.


Here is my list typed up:

Main Deck:


Monsters: 18

3x Banisher of the Light - A walking Macro Cosmos without legs! Imagine summoning this and then setting Bottomless Trap Hole... :)

3x Banisher of the Radiant - It's not very good, even with 2000 Defense, but it's a Macro Cosmos with legs, so why not? I can defend it with D. Prison.

1x Caius, the Shadow Monarch - You can target itself to give 1000 points of damage to your opponent. Plus, you target something on the field, so it's not like Delg in that it's just confined to the grave and deck.

3x Cyber Valley - I'll normal summon this and use its 1st effect if attacked. I'll use the 2nd if I normal summoned a D.D. monster card, attacked with it, and if the D.D. monster is still there after my next turn. The 3rd effect is usually used in a pinch to grab usually spell or trap cards. I don't know, I haven't play tested this version very much.

3x D.D. Assailant - It's earth, so it doesn't let Lightray Sorcerer be summoned, but it's still a good beatstick at 1700 atk and has a useful effect that doesn't target, so why not?

3x D.D. Warrior Lady - It's a D.D. assailant with 1500 atk and an optional effect that also doesn't target, so why shouldn't I?

2x Lightray Sorcerer - The ace monster of my deck right now, it lets me recycle a banished light monster into my deck and make my opponent lose a face-up monster, if they have any.


Spells: 12

2x Chaos Zone - A good field spell to special summon a D.D. monster, or grab (when it's destroyed and sent to the grave by my opponent) a banisher, lady, cyber valley... It only works good on the D.D. monsters.

2x Dark Hole - A must-have in this very inconsistent deck.

1x Dimensional Fissure - It's not that good as Macro Cosmos, but it still works.

3x Mystical Space Typhoon - A staple in this deck to get rid of Imperial Iron Walls.

1x Pot of Acquisitiveness - I know I include this in my side deck, but it's also in the main because I do need draw power... :/ The struggles...

1x Raigeki - Thank goodness I pulled this in my last LCJW pack! I include it in this deck specifically because it's my most competitive deck... 

2x Soul Release - I don't want to top deck this, but neither would I want to top deck a dimensional fissure. I include this, however, because if I do have board presence, and my opponent might have cards that like to be banished in the grave (Mezuki, Return of the Dragon Lords...), so why not do it for them? ;)


Traps: 10

1x Bottomless Trap Hole - Imagine Pendulum Summoning with this card set! Also, a Blue-eyes deck wouldn't like this, either. It's also just a staple in banishing things, so why not?

3x D.D. Dynamite - My main win condition, I try to burn out the opponent's life points with these. It's so much better than cemetery bomb in my opinion.

1x Deep Dark Trap Hole - This might not stop Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but I can't D. Prison an Armades, so I have this set....

2x Dimensional Prison - This is also a staple, but many decks to me can get over being targeted or not even letting me activate D. Prison...

1x Macro Cosmos - The best Banisher of the light/radiance there is. It's the best card to have in my opening hand, but if they MST it I'll be... depressed. Oh well.

2x Premature Return - Since I usually set a monster my first turn (besides Cyber Valley), this card lets me use my d.d. assailants and d.d. warrior ladies to recycle any monster in my banished zone besides Caius and Lightray Sorcerer to good effect. Especially if I already have one of those in my banished zone.


Extra Deck: 15 

This is honestly just for show, I just place my extra deck on the playmat to look like I'm professional. But then again, you never know when you might need it... (And I don't even have this extra deck... I've only got 6 XYZ monsters in my real life deck.)

3x Bujinki Amaterasu

3x Evilswarm Ouroboros

3x Leviair, The Sea Dragon

3x Number 70: Malevolent Sin

3x Tri-Edge Levia


Side Deck: 15

1x Delg, the Dark Monarch - I know it's controversial, but in this deck it might be good because it focuses around banishing. Yes, Caius banishes one thing on the field, but Delg banishes at the very least 1 card... Even though it can't attack... when it enters, I don't know. I might want to replace this with The Huge Revolution is Over. 

3x Gren Maju da Eiza - My 2nd win condition, I decided to side this because I want to focus on banishing my opponent's cards for D.D. Dynamite. It used to be that I included both, but I didn't want to risk my Gren Maju being Fiendish Chained... I don't know, maybe I'm being paranoid.

2x Lightray Madoor - If you notice, literally ALL my monsters besides my D.D. Assailants are light, so that's why I included Lightray Madoor as a "blocker" of sorts.

1x Lightray Sorcerer - I think this is the ace monster of my deck, and I truly believe in some ways in this deck it's a bit more applicable than Caius. I only mained Caius because I already had 2 sorcerers in my main deck.

1x Pot of Acquisitiveness - I really need the card draw, I know, but I sided this copy of the pot because it would lessen the impact of D.D. Dynamite if I chose the opponent's banished monsters, but I also believe that I wouldn't be able to summon Lightray Sorcerer (thus I limited my use of this pot to 1 in the main deck), because of how inconsistent this deck already is.

2x Debunk - Just to stop Ash Blossoms... Necro Gardna, I don't know, maybe Shiranui Zombies...

1x Deep Dark Trap Hole - I saw at one of my locals that while Deep Dark Trap may not negate the summon, if the monster in question does not have an enter the field effect, it is super effective like Blue-eyes Chaos MAX Dragon.

1x Dimensional Prison - If my opponent doesn't have cards like Number S39: Utopia the Lightning, I would main this in.

1x Premature Return - Just so you know, if I already have a D.D. Warrior Lady banished, I can banish a D.D. Assailant from hand, and then set the D.D. Assailant. Why not more of these?

2x The Huge Revolution is Over - Huge board wipes like Raigeki and Dark Hole and Torrential Tribute scare me...


Maybe Choices:

-Night's End Sorcerer - If there was a good way to consistently special summon him especially with this deck it'd be great, but I don't know.

-Black Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier - This is probably not going to be included, but I guess I could give him an honorable mention. Chaos zone probably won't have 8 counters... and he doesn't work with premature burial as far as I know.


*Side note: I REALLY wish Vanity's Emptiness wasn't banned...


Bad cards to fight against:

-Imperial Iron Wall...

-Chaos Hunter. I don't believe there is a card in my deck that could even destroy this besides Dark Hole and Raigeki... and then I'd have to side Debunk...


Cards to be considered:


Mirror force doesn't really fit the theme, but I should make room... I don't know, it's a super good all around OTK-preventing trap...


I would like this deck to be exactly 40 cards. I religiously stick to the minimum of yugioh.


So please explain why you'd take out what cards from what part of my deck and what I should replace it with.


With much thanks to reading this post,






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Guest Wanil

If you want this to be anti-meta, you probably need more cards that stop things. Stuff like Soul Release do not accomplish that and neither do monster banish sources which may be excessive if you cannot protect them as they can end up just being ran over. Maining some of your side deck cards would be closer to some sort of improvement. While D.D. Dynamite also falls prey to this, if that is your intent on a win condition then that is within reason to try out.


You run Dark Hole and Raigeki, so Mirror Forces wouldn't be unreasonable for the "theme" you have. If you wanted to compliment D.D. Dynamite specifically, then Blazing Mirror Forces would be an option too. And with some cards you have considered, I will have to say that Debunk is not particularly helpful; with your current build I see no reason for Ash Blossom to be a threat, Necro Gardna and co. are on par with Cyber Valley for minimal stall, and Zombies already hate this deck.



I have my own build, so I'll mention some budget options from it to you. Gravekeeper's Servant (if you don't know how this functions here I can explain, but for now I'll say if you insist on having almost 25% of your deck be banish sources, this should be relatively consistent), Fiendish Chain (it does its job decently enough), Karma Cut (costlier, but a little more practical than Soul Release), Thunder King Rai-Oh (budget Ghost Ash but it'd have a similar functionality to your D.D. Warriors...and on that end, you could use Neo-Spacian Grand Mole because SPACE for a theme since it is less expensive, but the card is only "okay"), D.D. Scout Plane (makes using Cyber Valley less draining on your resources and Premature Return something maybe actually worth considering because I would suggest to lose it otherwise), Safe Zone (with The Huge Revolution is Over, this too serves as a potential bait card but it also seconds as a means to keep your banish source guys around, and if that is too expensive for some reason then Dimension Guardian is an alternative), Necroface (easily spamable with Chaos Zone and is its own mini-wincon, though if you use this then consider Gold Sarcophagus too).

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