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Dawn of the Abyss RPG

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Dawn of the Abyss RPG

Picture is Trey Belle in the presence with a slightly futuristic touch and partly enormus inventions. 






Then silence...


That must have been heard in the whole City. Everyone looks up from his work, his homework, his phone. Everyone is whispering. After a few minutes all citizens return back to what they 

did before. Everything is normal again.


Except for the ones, who are looking for the source to the sound.




Johanna bit happily in the Donut with sugar-frosting, which she had bought herself. For that she had dueled with a boy on the street for real money. To battle for money was his idea,

she didn't like the thought, not to duel just for fun.


She strolled happy along the street, watched the people at their activities and thought of all the cute Monsters which she still wanted to include in her Collection. She found a little wooden 

bench, sat down and thought. "Am i more successful with my search when i participate in a Tournament?" She took another bite of her Donut. "Or should i maybe leave the Town?"  She 

took one more bite of the Donut. Then she jumped off the bench and ran to the next newspaper stand. 


"Hey, Mister, can you tell me, how i can participate as fast as possible at a Tournament?"


The friendly man behind the counter looked down to her. 

"Well, the Stellar Arena begins in a week."


"That sounds funny. What is the Stellar Arena?


He looked perplexed at her. "You don't know the Stellar Arena? That is the Duel Tournament, which is held every year to find new top Duelists. The winner gets Glory, Honor and Wealth.

That is an important part of our Society."


She nodded. "Oh...okay." "Of course I don't know that, because i only hang with my head in the clouds."


"And how can i register there?" she asked.


"You just have to go to the Arena...and bring a lot of Talent."


"Okay, thank you for the help." Lost in thoughts she went off. "When i participate in the Stellar Arena, then maybe i can find a new trace...Yes, i don't have another choice! I'm so excited!"


Humming a song she walked down the street. 


"Alas, my love, you do me wrong, to cast me off discourteously...and i have loved you oh so..."




A loud Bang stopped her song and she looked around. "What was that?" she asked aloud. "That sounded after a lot of Tumult." She turned back and walked to the place where she supposed 

the source of the Bang.








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A few others had heard the noise too and headed to it. A boy by the name of Mil was in the Park, the Police Officers Azuma and Gabriel sat in their Police car, the 2 best

friends Kayle and Judy were in a store and Vinnie laid in bed and made a nap. 


Johanna came around a corner...and was so frightened, that she trembled. 


In the middle of the road a gigantic crater appeared. He would be large enough to place a inner city apartment in it. Around the crater stood a lot of people, some of them ran 

back and forth, left the place, talked excitedly in their phones or climbed in the crater.


"What may have caused such a large crater? And why?"


She ran to the edge of the hole to look in.


A car fell with a half into the crater. The ruined water pipes made the large notch wet and the ground began to become muddy. In the crowd she could see a few people. 

One stepped into something, another one had been kneeling beside him. In the distance were sirens of a Ambulance car and a Police car. 


"I can't see anything from here!"


She slowly climbed over the edge of the crater, but slipped immediately off and stumbled awkwardly down. The men were tumbling around a black box, which they obviously

tried to open. She approached curiously, but was disappointed as she saw, that it was only a kind of dice. He had a slot that a credit card would fit in and at the side was a

indentation, which looked like a Duel Disk. When would these idiots notice that?


She watched the others for 20 minutes, until someone came up with the idea, to put his Disk in the indentation. It was a little boy with blond hair. Johanna guessed, that he

was 12 years old. 


A loud whistle sounded. All the people were frightened, because it was really noisy. The black box glowed and opened a sort of flap on the top. The blond boy shouted with

excitement and put his hand into the opening. 


Suddenly his body twitched and a moment later he laid motionsless on the ground.




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"Damn, can't the people move aside?" Azuma yelled and slapped with her hands against the steering wheel while Gabriel opened the window on the passenger's side leaned out and called out loud. "Hey! Move your butts off the road, guys! Police!" The people looked around frightened and made space. The 2 Police Officers sighed and Azuma kept on driving. In the meantime, the streets were full with so many persons, that Azuma couldn't drive excessively fast. They received the Information by radio that something crashed in the street next to the Park. There still aren't injured persons but nobody can know, what will happen. Azuma bit her lip nervously. After a felt eternity, they finally arrived the Park. There was a huge crowd on the street in front of the car. Azuma turned off the engine and climbed with Gabriel out of the car. Other Police Officers or Fire Brigade Forces weren't yet on the Scene but the sirens in the distance could be imagined, that they were on the way.  They both fought through the masses and shuddered, as they saw a large crater. "As if someone had cleared the street with an ice spoon"  Gabriel thought. He was horrified as he saw, that several people tried to climb in the crater or were already in. And it seemed, as if a little boy played with a black box at the bottom of the crater. 


"Alright. guys, first step away from the edge of the crater. We don't want that anybody get hurt. Help is there soon so stay calm. Is somebody injured?" He paused briefly and looked at Azuma. "Azu, you go in the crater and bring the people out." "No problem." she answered. 


While Gabriel tried to soothe and keep away the crowds from the crater, Azuma entered the crater. More and more persons stood around the black box, on which the blond boy was busy with. "Get out of here, the crater isn't safe, you could..." Azuma couldn't finish her sentence, because a loud whistle sounded. Azuma covered instinctively with her hands her ears. 

A bright, luminous light appeared from the box. From the corners of her eyes she only saw that the boy put a hand into the opening, twitched and laid down like dead on the ground in the next moment. Azuma took the hands off her ears and walked over to the boy. 


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    “Driver, why are we moving so slowly?” I asked just barley wakening up from my nap. “It was a long drive form the next town over and I was not a fan of flying. So I asked one of Seto’s drivers to drive me. It was going fairly well until now.”
    That when I heard a loud banging noise, shortly after a loud whistle sound echoed. It was nearby and up ahead, I could see what looked like police lights. The driver informed me that there seemed like an accident had occurred. Without thinking I opened the car door and told the driver to deliver my luggage to my hotel. Something didn’t fell right and I had to go see for myself; so I ran over to the sound of the noise. Upon further inspection I found out that there was a large crater and I could see people all around. There was a police officer asking people to step away from the craters edge and another one inside with a boy who looked passed out. 
    “They need help” I thought to myself. So I quickly looked for higher ground, once there I briefly looked over myself to see if I looked presentable. I was dressed in a one-piece sky blue summer dress with a red almost metallic looking ribbon on the back, two smaller red ribbons on the shoulders to keep up the dress, and a large identical red metallic ribbon tide my silver blue hair together at the base near the tips; my pale white skin, heterochromia eyes, the left being blue and right eye being green completing the look. “Ok everything looks good.” I told myself.
    “Everyone” I yelled out “Please do as the police officer says! Come this way and step away from the crater” 
    “I hope this works” thinking to myself, “this crater doesn’t seem normal."

(I will try to post as much as I can and as frequently as I can. Thanks for letting me join this rp. I hope it will be a fun one and more people join, this seems like it could be a lot of fun!)

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