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Ozone Live #189 WORLDS

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Ozone Live #189 WORLDS

Signing Up:

-Post ''in'' followed by your Dueling Book username or pm 1HashX.~ on DB

-First 8 players will be added to the tournament.


General Rules::

-Failure in starting your match will lead to the winner being the person who was less inactive.

-You must follow the YUGIOH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 BANLIST : http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/specialevents/2017_YGO_WCC_FL-EN.pdf


-Cards from COTD, as well as TCG exclusives and OCG exclusives are NOT ALLOWED.

-Changing deck is ALWAYS allowed in an unlocked tournament.

-Cheating or any form of unsportsmanlike behaviour will lead to disqualification or further appropriate action

-Disconnection is a game loss (NOT a match loss)



-Format: WORLDS

-Siding: On

-Deck changing: Yes

-Match: On

-Disconnections: Game loss

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