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Guest SurpriseDriveThanatos

Looking for a team/ Free Agent here.

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Guest SurpriseDriveThanatos
Looking for a team/ Free Agent here.

DuelingBook/YGOPro Percy username: AlltheSounds (YGOPro Percy)

Discord Username [w/ the #]: SurpriseDriveThanatos#7662
Your available activity: I'm a full time college student, so weekends are my main times (unless I have to grind for tests then...that's gonna be weird) but weekends tend be weird because people. My semster ends on December 15th so that should be good....I hope. Tuesdays are vv bad days since I don't get out of class until 5 PM CST.

What kind of decks you play [As in meta decks or w/e]: Primilary True King Dinos (with the yang zing engine but might take that out). I also play KaijuuShadollTrains (which might get nerfed in the upcoming link format) but I'm open to try new decks (except Zoodiacs; I tried and still didn't understand the deck).

Why a team should pick you up: Honestly, I'm not sure man; I'm just here trying to see if anyone would give me a chance or something.

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