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Cardfight Universe! for LackeyCCG How to Install and Play

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Cardfight Universe! for LackeyCCG How to Install and Play

Welcome everyone and welcome, after weeks of hard work. I am proud to present a new simulator for Cardfight!! Vanguard.


I decided to do this as the other fanmade simulators for LackeyCCG on Vanguard have died down and haven't been revived in 3 Years so I decided to step up and take the plate.

If you are looking for players to play with or want to reports bugs for this simulator, please join our discord server! Lets have our community grow! https://discord.gg/2B5G3bX

We will also report new updates as they come out on universe!

AutoupdateUrl: http://iceshadecfvonline.s3.amazonaws.com/updatelist.txt

Discord: https://discord.gg/2B5G3bX


16 Step Guide on How to Download/Use Cardfight Universe!

Step 1: Head Over to http://lackeyccg.com/ and pick one of the versions to download.


Step 2: After you are done downloading, head over to your downloads folder and unzip lackeyccg. I suggest using Winrar or 7Zip: http://www.7-zip.org/download.html


Step 3: Open up the LackeyCCG.exe file in the LackeyCCG Folder that you extracted


Step 4: After you load into LackeyCCG, Look on the Top Tabs and Click on the Plugin Tab.


Step 5: After Getting into the Plugin Tab, Copy this link and press Paste AutoUpdateURL:



Step 6: Now it's time to add the plugin into LackeyCCG, Click the Automatically Check for Plugin Updates Button so that you can be prompted whenever Cardfight Universe gets a new update and to download the plugin, click the Install or Update from URL and wait for it to finish downloading.


Step 7: After the Plugin has Downloaded you are now Prompted to Load the Plugin, if the prompt doesn't show up don't worry click the browse installed plugins to load one button and click CardfightUniverse and it should load the plugin as well! If the log shows any errors by some chance, just repeat steps 5 and 6 again. You can also download all of the images at once or you can have them download one at a time when you look at the card, it's up to you. Download speeds are very fast so I wouldn't worry too much about this.


Step 8: The Deck Editor is Very Diverse in Lackeyccg, there is a number of filters ranging from text, clans, sets, and names, as well as a search bar for which you can use to search for card names, if you look up top in browse you can see that there are a bunch of pre-made trial decks and competitive decks for you to try out and play!


Step 9: Now we are going to learn how to connect to each other! First Click the Server tab or Preferences Tab. Now it's going to ask you to put in a custom name so pick out your custom name and save your player profile.


Step 10: Head back to the Server Tab and Click Connect to Game Matching Server to connect online to other players.


Step 11: Now when you are connected you should be in LackeyCCG's Server Browser screen. In this screen you can either Host a Game or Join another Player's Game, be sure to check that they have cardfightuniverse as the plugin otherwise it won't let you connect to another game. You can host games in the default settings as well.


Step 12: Now you are in the Actual Game Screen of Cardfight Universe! You don't see your deck right? Don't worry i'll show you how. Click on the Deck Editor tab on the top.


Step 13: To load in a deck, select what deck you want to play in Browse and press Load Entire Deck to you in the middle to load the deck onto the game board.


Step 14: Your Deck is Now Loaded, In Cardfight Vanguard in Lackey, the Starting Vanguard actually has its own deck slot so you should click on that tab and select your starting vanguard by left clicking it. Then by right-clicking on the card you can turn it face down with the flip option. In LackeyCCG cards are moved via drag and drop just like tabletop simulator.


Step 15: Almost Done! I'll list some Highly Important Features while i'm here. To read card text press ~ to bring out a pop up text pop over the card. All Japenese Prerelease cards have text provided for them so that you can read the cards mid game. Right Clicking a Card lets you stand,flip,rest,placecounters,or move a card to the deck via a popup menu. There are a load of button commands ranging from the basic commands of Cardfight!! Vanguard including standing, soul charging, binding and more. All of this is listed in the readme file. You can open up the log to open a bunch of other useful commands like shuffle and draw5.


Step 16: To update your program just click on the recenturls and find the cardfight universe url. if you clicked check for updates then the program will prompt you to update when a new update is out. Otherwise I will mention new updates in the Discord Server as well. Sorry for a stretched out guide, some people may need it honestly. Thanks for sticking with me till the end. All released cards that are revealed will be updated into the program with 1-6 days. Have a Great Day and Enjoy the Program!

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