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Ozone Champion League #2 [TCG/Unlocked] // Winner: Flaming_ice

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Ozone Champion League #2 [TCG/Unlocked]



Signing up:

  • Post ''in'' followed by your Dueling Book username and your Discord name and tag
  • First 64 people to join will be added to the tournament.
  • Add or PM Hash#2642 or DarkAfroAmericanTornado#4583 to be added to the Discord server



  • This will be a swiss tournament with top 8 cut.
  • Each round will have 3 days. Extension will NOT be granted.
  • Failure to finish your match in the given time will lead to the most inactive player getting the match loss.
  • You must follow the TCG Banlist: http://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/gameplay/detail.php?id=1155
  • This tournament is TCG only. OCG cards are NOT allowed in this tournament.
  • If caught using an OCG card, you will get a MATCH loss for that match.
  • Changing deck is ALWAYS allowed in between matches during an UNLOCKED tournament.
  • Cheating or any form of unsportsmanlike behavior will lead to disqualification and further action.
  • Disconnection is considered a game loss, NOT a match loss.
  • While not necessary, we advise keeping screens for proof of victories and disconnects in case of disputes.
  • Always take victory screenshots and send them to DarkBlackTornado on DB or DarkAfroAmericanTornao#4583 on Discord or `HashX.~ on DB or Hash#2642 on Discord
  • Failure in submitting victory screenshots might lead to problems.



  • Format: TCG
  • Siding: Yes
  • Match: Yes
  • Deck changing: Yes
  • Banlist: TCG Banlist



  • $20 for the winner
  • 9 days donation code for 2nd place
  • 6 days donation code for 3rd place



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